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food stuff to think about
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Published: 13 years ago
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food stuff to think about

as revealed by the great jeffersonzuma:


Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 13:25:27 +1000
Subject: Robert von's Answers to Questions for the 'Wizard' of Food,
Nutrition & Ormus ( A big bite)

Questions from Michele George. Answers from Robert von.

Question -- "How did he discover the synergy among various foods?"

A lot was taught to me about beets in the beginning but the more I
learned the more I sought and prayed for answers to know their
significance and within one year of my first year in nutrition I had
discovered all their secrets (that was a longgggg time ago). A lot of
people in the backdoor of nutrition taught me how to use them, but
not how to remove their detox side effects.

And for those of you who are doing Ormus to cure diseases or MMS to
cure disease, you will note that despite being cured after a month or
two only if even that, yet the whole 2 months you feel like death
warmed over, right? But your disease is NOW GONE! So, now you take
the next 2 months to get back to normalcy and get your energy back,
correct? But the disease is gone; energy is around the corner within
a month or two for most of you, once you are no longer detoxing.

For those of you who are avid readers, you will find that beets are
often mentioned in every book that mentions bowel detoxing, or liver
detoxing, or kidney or blood or thyroid or skin or heavy metal or
parasite or other detoxing or for fixing DNA! Great, but why mention
beets if they never tell you how to use beets and then give dire
warnings regarding beets? This is actually quite simple to answer --
because they are afraid to use them because of the detox side effects
which are the same detox side effects you get from detoxing parasites
or worms or using (sometimes) Ormus or herbs or lots of greens like
kale and etc. But the detox side effects with beets are worse; much
worse, if you let your liver clean up after your eating of beets. So,
don't do that! Don't take beets if you are anemic, just fix the
anemia first and don't take beets if you are pregnant, unless I'm
there to supervise.

So most every book on detoxing from heavy metals to internal organs
to blood to parasite to "receptor sites" detoxing, will all mention
beets something like this: "oh gee, by the way, if I haven't
mentioned it yet, beets are the most powerful liver detoxifier on
earth, or the most powerful increaser of stomach acid on earth, or
the most powerful digestive aid on earth or the most powerful blood
cleanser on earth or the most powerful estrogen/insulin/etc receptor
site cleanser on earth or the most powerful etc. But even though they
are the most powerful, have nothing to do with them, thank you and
have a nice day." How is anyone supposed to get anywhere in nutrition
if this is all they say on beets?

So how did I get anywhere when it comes to nutrition or to beets? How
did I get anywhere with other combination of foods like beets with
apples and or cinnamon and or MSM (organic sulfur - probably not wise
to take when taking Ormus, by the way) and/or lemon oil (from
pressing) and/or super energy greens (as opposed to detoxing greens)
and/or etc.

I learned all this then by prayer and by experimenting with nutrition
experiments on myself and having the help of those, so many years
ago, who were in the back door of nutrition.

The other combinations were also taught and learned as I did
nutrition experiments on myself every other week or so. This afforded
a great latitude in the ways I could understand foods and how to
combine them so that I suffered no detox side effects OR so that
foods of any form would never weigh me down.

For example, corn is the only vegetable on earth that will compensate
for the potato with enzymes. No other vegetable on earth will be able
to get any enzymes thru to the body when potatoes are eaten, since
the lowly potato powerhouse will envelope and eat all nutrition
(enzymes/vitamins/minerals) from any vegetable that is eaten with it,
all before your body has a chance to digest or get at other
nutrition, except when it comes to eating corn (nothing frozen or
canned, everything off the land).

Corn is the only way to make the potato (or potato with
steak/chicken) to not weigh you down. (So, for example, this is an
excellent reason to eat a potato with meat, (since it will not absorb
protein - the EXACT opposite of what is taught in every food
combining book in the world).

Let's give another example: What are potatoes? They are Blood
Purifiers. They will eat all poisons from your intestines and help to
remove filth from the blood but because it does this by way of
absorbing, it will absorb all enzymes and vitamins and minerals from
anything you eat with it vegetable-wise. Make sense so far?

So, if you are to eat potatoes with steak or whatever (chicken, lamb
etc) you can ask most anyone, they will tell you how weighed down
they will feel afterwards. It's like turkey on Thanksgiving, it's nap
time. But if you eat the potato (or potato with meat) WITH corn, now
you do not feel weighed down afterwards. Why? Because the pancreas
got it's enzymes from the corn, so the pancreas didn't have to work
to digest the meal the way it usually does (instead it was smooth
sailing for the pancreas). So now the pancreas uses a lot less
enzymes to digest this meal, the pancreas doesn't have to work hard,
i.e., this meal no longer drains your pancreas to make enzymes to
make stomach acid to digest a huge meal now. I said that 3 different
ways, did you understand it now?

The lowly potato can help to pH balance a person just in its own
right (help to do this, not actually do it completely), NOTTTT
because it added any calcium or supernutrients to your body! But
because like apples it picked up the garbage left behind in the
intestines and blood! This is why sickly and weak people and those on
detoxes feel amazing relief just eating a potato alone by itself sometimes.

So, now you have two choices for pH balancing:

1) You can eat a potato to remove filth and excess acid from the body
because potatoes are absorbers; the organic form of bentonite clay is
the best way to describe them, OR
2) You can eat super barley greens or massive calcium rich teas or
herbs to pH balance you - thus the body instead now pH balances
itself by using up its nutrients (mainly calcium secondarily
potassium, sodium, magnesium and iron) to counterattack filth or acid
or poison in the body so that you remain pH balanced.

Potatoes only help to pH balance, make it easier to use other things
to pH balance you, they will not pH balance you completely by themselves.

Now does pH balancing make a little more sense? Either remove the
filth from the body with items that remove such filth (potatoes,
apples, etc) without using up nutrients, or you use up your own body
nutrients to neutralize filth (or get them from superfoods hopefully)
before it harms you. What would you choose? I would do both, putting
potatoes in my diet 1 - 2 times a week. Something like that.

You measure someone using a pH strip on their urine, then they eat a
potato. Now they are less acidic. Potatoes are specifically for
absorbing all things evil in the body. They are poison removers but
they come with a catch; if you eat potatoes with any veggie (except
corn) your body will have to work doubly hard to digest both potato
and veggie and yet get NO nutrients nor enzymes at all from the
veggies! But had to work to digest those veggies anyway for nothing!
So, eat your potatoes with corn, so that there is no burden on the pancreas.

Next is that the truth behind food combining is quite laughable -
saying that proteins and starches (uh, say chicken and rice) must
never be eaten together because they will rot in the stomach.
LOLOLOLOL. OMG, this is so silly it's scary. They ONLYYYY rot in the
stomach of people with low stomach acid (everyone in an
industrialized country basically).

Let me explain, what they said really and should have said explicitly
is: "this only applies to industrialized countries where they eat
filth all day and have no stomach acid like a normal person would;
therefore they should not eat these items together". But to say it is
science to say "no protein with starches" just because we American
are sooo messed up internally because of endless fatigued pancreases
and no stomach acid - this is not science, it's absurdity. EAT your
veggies with your beans and rice and meats! Then no more stomach acid
problem and relief for the pancreas again. Chew VERY well, then no
more stomach acid problem, and relief again for the pancreas!

Since saliva predigests and DE-ACIDIFIES so that you DO NOT NEED
calcium etc to be used up in pH balancing you. Why? Because it was
NOT acidic food in the first place. Why? Because you chewed your
acidic food well enough till it became NON-acidic! Thus relieving the
pancreas even more so!

Well, this food combining info could use a much more huge explanation
but I will stop here. I am not a vegan but I do eat a lot of raw
foods, I follow what you might call a Bible diet, if that helps.

The point is that food combining does not in general even apply to
raw foods, and what's with the no vegetable with fruit nonsense.
Anyone ever heard of a salad before? (i.e., vegetable with fruit?)
That's why food combining is total confusion not just to you but to
the people writing the books on food combing! This whole industry is
just full of disinformation and confusion, on purpose. But to get
thru that confusion is really not so hard.

A little experimentation, sending things out to analysis labs, and
the help from people in the back door of nutrition is all you need to
wade thru an endless array of lies, in a world where their only true
religion is: Suppression of Truth.

Question -- "Are the great combinations of foods only within the
vegetables and fruits or does it extend to the grains, dairy and
meats as well?"

Well, well, well, look at this question. Isn't' this amazing. What an
interesting question. It most certainly does extend to the grains
dairy and meats as well. For example there is no enzyme product on
earth that can compare to the powdered pancreas of lamb or beef for
enzyme quantity and quality and repair of our own pancreas with the
relief it supplies.

Also there is an ancient recipe of the ancient Jews, called Pulse.
Let me tell you the story; this is quite amazing. First in reading
about this yesteryears ago I was intrigued to know the ingredients
and at first guess it was seemingly obvious. It had to have powdered
berries in there and nuts NO DOUBT. But I knew the only way something
could be THAT powerful was with only one thing, SEEDS!!! Why? Because
they are natures multivitamins. So filled with nutrients are some
seeds that when eaten raw they are like taking a shot of wheat grass
juice for side effects it produces. Sure, that's not pleasant,
although it is easy to eat, especially sprouted seeds, .

Now if you notice what I just said, the side effects, you would've
instantly guessed too, like me, that they had to have been put into a
strange combination of ratios. It's the only way you can take in that
much nutrition without side effects. This is like saying, the nuts
and berries would be there for the sole purpose of making this
combination work by way of taking away all side effects of eating a
massive amount of multivitamins and absorbing it without problems! So
if the recipe were ever found, it would have to show not only all the
ingredients but exactly the different ratios of seeds to berries and
nuts to seeds and etc etc, and different interactions. In fact, the
more I thought about this, the more I prayed about it, and told God
"well if this recipe is around I'll need the recipe with the ratios
intact" etc. lol.

Well, few years after this, I was praying about it and said, "you
know what, there's no way I'm the first to search for this recipe".
"Show me who found it and let me in on it!" Not long after that I
came across a radio infomercial where a man is talking about
searching for the recipe for Pulse that seemed to bring back the
youth and fatness to the cheeks of Daniel (from the book of Daniel in
the Bible). When Daniel ate it, instead of eating pork as all the others ate.

Well, this man searched for it for 17 years and finally gave up, but
2 years later received a call from Harvard University saying one of
their benefactors had made a huge purchase and needed a translator to
translate all the papyri (he was an expert in translation of ancient
Greek and Hebrew). He agreed and then began the story. When he
arrived, he faithfully went through one papyrus after another, and
then when he came to this special one, it was very odd. It read like
a recipe list. So he translated it word by word and before he ended
the translation he was already in tears. He knew what he was reading.
It was the ancient recipe for Pulse!

As he told the story over the radio he recounted the strange way the
Hebrews had gone out of their way to recount the necessity for being
careful to make sure you got all the ratios correct of berries to
seeds to nuts to etc. Yes, I kid you not. Now tears were streaming
down my face.

Anyway, his products are now available at this location below for
Pulse bars and though the powdered berries are inferior in my
opinion, at least you have a good idea of what the ancient Hebrews
ate in the old days and it's ability to youth you, to an extent
anyway--they aren't beets after all! I will one day Contact Don
Tolman and get the exact recipe and make it correctly with premier
ingredients, (he's no longer with the original company anymore). But
until then, you can go here an knock yourself out with some Pulse.
- (that's 801 not 800)
801-655-5500 - ref #559073

Now as for other combinations, did you know there's a combination
with 2 different types of starches combined with a special common
spice that annihilates sugar cravings so that you can choose between
either this or a Kit Kat and almost everyone choose this recipe over
a Kit Kat, even if they are massive sugar cravers? And it's nottt sugary!

Did you know there's another sugary concoction I make with white
honey (no actual sugar) that tastes soo good and soo sweet (yet at
same time balances blood sugar levels so well) that in 3 weeks of
eating this, at least once a day, you can't stand to eat anything
sugary at allll anymore - for like weeks at a time! It contains 2
grains combined with 2 or 3 fruits of a special variety!

Did you know that 90% of all the grains organic or not in the USA are
sprayed down with mercury in the silos, unbeknown to the organic
grain growers and that it is a federal law that those silo'ers cannot
be sued for this.

Did you know that one child with DEATH allergies to wheat was then
given pure wheat that was 100% NON-Genetically Modified, and NO
mercury sprayed on it, and he had NO reaction whatsoever, sigh, but I digress.

Did you know there's a type of oil made from milk called "butter
oil"; NOT butter but butter oil. Taking 12 gallons of raw milk
centrifuged to make one CUP of this oil. and this oil in combination
with Cod Liver oil is so ultimately powerful it will harden every
cavity in your mouth (that wasn't drilled out yet) in about 3 months,
but at least regrow tooth enamel on outside of teeth in about 2-3 weeks?

Take 1tsp each, 3 times per day.

- His recommendations on preparation of the mentioned foods, i.e.
raw, steamed, blended, slow cooked, etc.

I will send that info along to Denis to disseminate. along with this
email I'm sending to him to disseminate. at least info for how to
cook via boiling.

But for doing steam cooking it gets a little tricky. Did you know
that boiling veggies or steaming them for more than 15 mins is more
than enough to kill all enzymes, thus killing your food and all it's

But here's the problem and benefit with steaming: Steamers are
technologically deficient and never cook on all sides evenly, so in
general we benefit because the veggies are still half raw. But if it
were a good normal steamer (commercial version) then steaming longer
than 15 minutes would kill all your enzymes and thus the veggie too.

So if it's a quality commercial steamer then it's same thing as
boiling as far as a veggie is concerned, so find a nice piece of
trash steamer (that's any steamer in a dept store or kitchen store
will do) and you will be ok. If you don't eat your veggies pretty
much al dente (little hard).

Raw is always superior in terms of the amount of enzymes they contain
and in amount of vitamins and minerals, however, there are many, many
weak and sick people and they cannot digest anything raw, because
their pancreas can't take it. So it is necessary to cook them
(correctly to retain enzymes) just to get their nutrition without
having to use up much in the way of stomach acid and pancreas
enzymes! Thus providing nutrition, (though less nutrition than raw)
but not having to pay for that nutrition like you would with raw.

So let's say that again, if eaten raw, then you have a lottttt more
fiber and a lot more work for the pancreas to do to create stomach
acid to digest those items. You have a lot more work for the bowels
too! But if cooked, then it requires very little stomach acid or work
for the pancreas (or bowels) and yet you still get enzymes and
vitamins and minerals. Do you see the logic of this? That is; there
is, in fact, a benefit in cooking veggies sometimes too, especially
for the weak and sickliest people!

Also all raw foods will detox you and if you were unlucky enough to
not know about apples, then you might end up going down the drain -
from eating healthier than you ever had in your life, and not know why!

Cooked foods will not detox you very much at all (uh unless it's
asparagus or beets, then still have to eat apples after--go figure)

As for slow cooked I do nothing slow cooked except beef liver and
onions. (Liver is the highest source of almost every known nutrient
to man). Note: beef or lamb liver, like any other piece of an animals
body for those that eat meat, liver does NOTTT store toxins, anymore
than any other piece of steak does, so that as much toxins as is in
any steak will also be in any piece of liver. This is an amazing
fallacy that is only recently started to be pushed by Drs.--like
there is nothing else to talk about on earth. Crazy. The liver
filters out all toxins, and if there is not enough bile with which to
carry it out of the body the liver will simply dump it, concentrated,
back into your blood stream - it will never store it! That's what we
have fat gain and water retention for! lol.

The subtlety of cooked vs. raw and how to boil or steam is strangely
not well known or understood and yet it is sooooo easy to understand!
This is just a small sample of examples and hopefully I've helped at
least a tiny bit with this subject. I hope! See attachment for more
info on cooking via boiling - to see if you completely comprehend how
to retain enzymes when boiling, and thus, retaining vitamins and minerals.

PS I will say it again, just because of the way I am, I eat a lot of
raw veggies and fruits - but that's just me. It's ok to have them
cooked even if they are inferior, after all, even cooked (if cooked
correctly) they'll still YOUTH YOU, and isn't that the whole point?
So how is cooking things so evil if they will still bring back flesh
to your cheeks and erase signs of aging? Inferior it might be, but not evil.

Question -- "Does he have a website we can visit or a way we will be
able to see the "Hexahedron" and anything else he may have
constructed? If he doesn't, maybe he can post the info on the ormus
group files, photos, etc. That will help us to follow his
explanations, just in case it might be a little over some of our
heads. Speaking for myself, of course. :-)"

Over your head? I doubt it, but I have no website yet - but will
shortly. I've been harassed by friends and colleagues to get one,
hehehehe, and Denis was the last straw lolol. So I was like, website
here I come, consider it done. Give me some time like till next
teleconference and I will get one up, God willing. I have been kindly
offered help in this regard. As for the hexahedron, information on
the site can be found at the inventors site but please buy it from me:

Question -- Thanks for your efforts in the conference calls. Just
when I wonder who might be our next guest, you come up with someone
amazing. Could it be the "Law of Attraction" of our wonderful
universe when we give it a chance to work?

Appreciate being invited very much and hope I was able to help
everyone at least a little.

>> __Mini Beet Protocol
>> The MBP is pretty simple… I used this in Mexico for all the endlessly
>> fluoridated people and allll their sicknesses, and it not only made it
>> so that the endless amount of fluoride they were consuming via bathing
>> was reversing ( to extent of mold and fungus in and under toenails and
>> fingernails disappearing within weeks if mold etc had been there < 10
>> years) (bathing forces chlorine, bromine and fluoride into your body
>> 10 to 30 times more than if you drank 8 cups of the tap water per day)
>> but that at same time the same super powered elements of beets were
>> manifesting in their faces… one 28 year old woman, who had crows feet
>> and fat on her face even though skinny, had friends and neighbors give
>> her the worst stare about 3 or 4 weeks after starting this and when
>> she finally burst out to ask why they were all snearing and snarling
>> at her, they said that it was soo vain to go and get plastic surgery
>> or face lift or whatever it is she did…to which she burst out
>> laughing… in telling me this story she knew I would get a kick out of
>> it…b/c it was nothing but the mini beet protocol which she had done
>> faithfully every day for previous 2 months that did this… (she became
>> pregnant one month later after trying everything in the world to get
>> pregnant previously and failed for last 6 months – she told me she
>> attributed this to the faithful doing of this MBP – I guarantee she
>> was right, since it will clear estrogen receptor sites, and heavy
>> metals as well leaving it easy for body to not only produce estrogen
>> but also to receive it since estrogen receptors are now cleaned...)
>> So beets not only remove heavy metals , but also they youth you to
>> point of removal of wrinkles and lines and fat from body (to an extent
>> at least - most esp. from strange places like around side of lips and
>> under and over eyes and under cheek and helps with turkeyneck removal
>> though much better to use Salads with this for turkey neck removal (ie
>> romaine lettuce always with tomatoes for that) and love handles and
>> under the butt and sides of hips fat deposits and you can kiss
>> cellulite goodbye), but also balances hormones and cleans the brain of
>> bleached items that have deposited there (in back of brain) over a
>> lifetime (bleached starch, bleached sugar/salt/flour therefore you
>> should get decent sea salt instead)…cleans the dendrils of the brain
>> at a super fast pace so that erases cocaine, nicotine, alcohol, sugar,
>> etc from the addictions list of your life… and they will reverse
>> engineer your whole body back to what it should’ve been had it grown
>> correctly with right nutrients and no poisons therefore it will
>> de-poison you, clean your liver and kidneys, force out every stone
>> (kidney, gallbladder etc) in your body, restore your methyl levels
>> back to decades earlier…and not only destroy the greatest maker of
>> endless free radicals (malformed red blood cells made by the body
>> despite not having enough ingredients to make that blood cell in the
>> first place) but also force the making of new blood cells too (this
>> time correctly made red blood cells) [Note: malformed red blood cells
>> output about 100+ free radicals per minute of their existence…they are
>> free radical factories, they need destroying fast!!]…it is a massive
>> decalcifier of everything like calcified muscles or internal organs or
>> bone spurs on muscles or other bones (ie fingers with bone spurs on
>> bones) and builds regular bones at same time since it is
>> anti-osteoporosis… This is an amazing tissue rebuilder and DNA
>> corrector (there’s a book alone that can be written on DNA fixing, and
>> rewriting, but I’m gonna leave it here for now) and scar remover (scar
>> removal over time, like many months to 2 years and even then I prefer
>> the use of lots of Ormus – we’ll discuss Ormus another time soon with
>> scar removal though as a scar remover the beets can remove 100% of all
>> scar at massiveeeeee doses within 2 months however the side effects of
>> such a thing are… umm… perfection of youthing, darkening of 100% of
>> all hairs anywhere on body, total annihilation of all parasites,
>> mycoplasms, nano-insects, the 100% changeover of every cell in your
>> body with new cells, total depesticiding of your body in every nook
>> and cranny, the perfection of the eyes and beauty of the iris of the
>> eyes, the sum total of perfection of skin the likes of which is not
>> often found on the earth, the eradication of all chemical pollutants
>> and environmental toxins from the body, etc etc etc etc, but then
>> again, who ever would do a major beet protocol? But at least I gave
>> you the minor right??? ) - I could go on for another hour just talking
>> on everything that it does and why but for the moment, for now, I will
>> just mention this protocol below…
>> 3 steps are necessary and must be done in order… I highly prefer this
>> be done every morning but it is not illegal to do this anyyyyytime of
>> day at all… morning preference b/c it gets it out of the way fast -
>> then I like that! If you have anyyy major sicknesses, cancer, heart
>> disease etc… I highly suggest you take this protocol 3 x/day (and add
>> 1 tsp, 3x/day of cayenne (40,000 heat unit is fine, never less though)
>> as well – see source list for which cayenne 888-372-4372) but once is
>> at a minimum and even then start with tiny dose of _ cup beets for the
>> beet portion of the drink…… [those with anemia cannot do a protocol
>> like this, those very weak like always no energy and feel like their
>> whole life is one big detox reaction they can never get over… cannot
>> do this protocol… just simply call me and I’ll show you how to get
>> yourself to normal energy long enough to do the protocol and keep it
>> coming… then no worries… will be able to do protocol til better]
>> 1. Take one shot glass of cinnamon – say 2 or more tbls of water mixed
>> with a fork in 1 tsp of cinnamon – stir for 2 mins – if you do not
>> stir well enough it will not mix well and will be an amazing annoyance
>> on the back of your throat while trying to drink it down… right after
>> drinking it you are to swallow little water to wash your throat of the
>> residue of the cinnamon. Now you can start juicing below… it will be
>> about 15 mins til get juiced and drinking, so this will give time for
>> the cinnamon to do its work, about 15 mins in fact J
>> 2. The exact ratio of beet to asparagus juice combo is 60% beet to 40%
>> asparagus, (ie, as an example that would be exactly 3 cups beets
>> juiced and 2 cups of asparagus juiced) but I have seen plenty make it
>> into 50/50, (ie, equal amounts of each) do not make it more than that
>> though, this combo is total perfection (60/40, but 50/50 is just
>> acceptable – I would NOT do it 50/50 myself, b/c I like the
>> anti-nausea action of the combo at the 60/40 ratio, it’s better, but
>> still works at 50/50)… so let it be just as I said soo, this is how
>> much you should take when starting out on the MBP… then work your way
>> up to taking a full 1 cup of beet juice and _ cups asparagus juice
>> (that is the goal of the mini beet protocol… 1 cup beet juice and _
>> cup asparagus juice), but for the moment you must start out with
>> lesser amount and work way up to that over say one week…start with _
>> cup beet juice to _ cup of asparagus juice, first juice the asparagus,
>> take that juice away from under the juicer and measure it out
>> perfectly and if there is any froth from the juicing in the juice you
>> just made, you have a choice, take it off and throw it away, or mix it
>> thoroughtly before measuring it in a measuring cup ok? Simple… do the
>> same thing with the beets that you did with the asparagus (whatever
>> you chose), then put asparagus thru the juicer Separately (the beets
>> and asparagus are separated in the cup or bowl they fall into when
>> juicing, so that you will next be able to measure ONLY the asparagus
>> juice to get the exact measurement) and measure up to say _ cup since
>> only starting out with _ beet juice… and when you have it exact, then
>> mix the beet and asparagus together and drink immediately, cannot wait
>> til later unless you used a veggie juicer mentioned below that saves
>> the enzymes after juicing, so have to consume it now if have standard
>> centrifugal juicer. [the 100% purpose of separating them out is so
>> that you measure them correctly that’s all ] Again, you can do this
>> for a week then thereafter do the next step up of _ cup beet to almost
>> _ cup asparagus juiced, then do the full 1 cup beet to _ cup asparagus
>> juice… this is the MBP not the Major Beet Protocol… the Major is just
>> plain scary not only in the amount of beets/asparagus you are
>> consuming but in it’s amazing affects on the human body, WOW! WOW!
>> WOW! Very GOOD! 4 days of the Major and it will feel like someone
>> lifted an anvil off of your kidneys, I kid you not…
>> 3. Now lastly is to eat one apple (if amount of mixed juice had in it
>> a total of _ cup of beet juice), or 2 apples (if amount of beets in
>> the mix was _ cups beet juice) or 3 apples or more (if amount of beets
>> was 1 full cup of beet juice – we’re talking ONLY about the beet juice
>> portion of this mix) – then eat one or two carrots after the apples, I
>> don’t care if it takes you 2 hours to get down 2 or 3 apples then eat
>> 1-2 carrots as long as you get them down and in that order (apples
>> first then carrots) and if you do it starting right after drinking the
>> juice mix above… if you did this correctly you should notice total
>> perfection – not a drop or hint of side effects, fevers, chills,
>> nausea, headaches, etc! ok?
>> .… for those who will obstinently refuse to take any advice on this
>> and think they can be cocky with beets, then you have not seen the
>> horrendous mind blowing shocking deathly evil nausea (lol, I laugh but
>> it’s not funny!) and other detox side effects that can come with it...
>> do not play with beets if you are not able to follow this juice drink
>> with eating of apples after or if you get cocky after a 1-2 months of
>> doing it faithfully and feel you don’t need the apples, then, watch
>> out! but the detox side effects are beyond AWESOME in their annoyance
>> of you and are not to be played with… if you do what I say there will
>> not be a drop of any side effects…
>> …next note is for those with severe fluoride poisoning, you will
>> notice huge amount of headaches from eating nothing but asparagus,
>> never mind also beets, but you will have NOOOO headaches if eat the
>> apples afterwards as mentioned above, esp with carrots following after…
>> Notes: the cinnamon alone if taken in large amounts is more than
>> enough to offset the side effects of all the beets you’re taking
>> without the apples (SOMETIMES), but you will have to increase the
>> dosage. This is half hazard and never to be tried, unless I am there,
>> I know how to tweak this to make this work, so NEVER try to use
>> cinnamon alone to remove side effects of beets always use apples. But
>> nothing wrong with experimenting with extra cinnamon at any time as
>> long as do NOT give up the apples! You do not want to go thru one or
>> two weeks of feeling under the weather b/c you tried to play games
>> with cutting out the apples or just cutting down the apples to lighter
>> doses - that is totally unacceptable for removing all detox side
>> effects… this would be the case if for example you cut down on apples
>> but were able to “handle” it so that could “handle” it for the next
>> few days or weeks… this “handling of it” will NOTTT ever work, it will
>> catch up to you if you do this and put you under the weather for 1 to
>> 2 sometimes 3 weeks of feeling yucky and nasty… there should be NO
>> feeling of “I have enough strength to handle this minor amount of
>> detox side effects that are left by not eating enough apples”… this is
>> not wise, it will catch up with you eventually! The side effects of
>> feeling like you’re headachy, and under the weather and all energy is
>> zapped might go on for like 4 weeks even, no problem to get out of
>> that rut, (remember super veggies drink, and enzymes and eating super
>> healthy NON detoxing foods, and tons more apples, and taking my
>> anti-infection drink!!! That anti infection drink is just awesome on
>> those with weak and sickly statures and doing the elimination diet etc…)
>> Apples do not work if they are juiced, you must eat them… I found one
>> way around this annoyance of having to eat them though… and it is to
>> juice them then take the pulp of 1/3 of the apples and put it in the
>> juice… the anti –“detox side effects” will not take place without the
>> pulp! 1/3 of pulp in the juice, mixed up like so, is minimum to make
>> this work, but you will have to increase though the amount of apples –
>> I tried this and it worked and made it so that with only 1/3 that
>> amount of apple pulp I was able to drink the apples down no
>> problem…but of course, instead of 3 apples I now had to do like 6-8,
>> you get the idea… for those with teeth sensitivity then this is great!!
>> Note: for those who wish to experiment, you can TRY apples sauce –
>> plain no honey or cinnamon! So for beet anti-nausea via apple sauce
>> FRESHLY made, then no cinnamon added, must do the apple sauce alone by
>> itself ok? I have NEVER tried this with this form of consuming apples
>> afterwards, UNLESS I put them in my Vitamix with half their weight in
>> water and then blended and drink down, and this worked, but why have I
>> not tried this often? why? b/c when making apples sauce this way it
>> takes TIME to consume – and that means time for enzymes to die and
>> it’s more volume to consume than just eating to apples b/c I had put
>> in lot of water too to make it drinkable… and if enzymes die, then it
>> will not work to avoid side effects possibly…(but feel FREE to
>> experiment) whereas with the 1/3 pulp added back to juicing, well no
>> big deal b/c I just drink that down in seconds after juicing … it’s
>> easy to drink… let’s rehash this last point…
>> (many have no access to asparagus so if not using asparagus you can
>> mix with other juicings instead, and the juicing amount to mix it with
>> is 2 _x to 3x the juice amount of the beets, ie, if you juice 1 cup of
>> beets, you need 2 _ to 3 cups of another juice to make this
>> anti-nauseous, ie, to dilute it enough, you cannot drink this beet
>> juice straight! The other juices you can use are carrots with lots of
>> celery(or prefer 50/50 celery/carrot) or (and I used this next one all
>> the time in Mexico ->) cucumbers and little celery or just juice some
>> apples and a little celery, and mix this with beets and drink… feel
>> free to experiment with other juices to dilute this but asparagus is
>> the only one I found that can be used in such a way as to not need
>> much juice of asparagus, while all other juices other than asparagus
>> juice you must make 3x as much as beet juice soo, that made a huge
>> difference… anyway…. You get the idea…. If you use apples to dilute
>> the beet juice you must still eat the SAME amount of apples afterwards
>> as in examples above! Sorry…apple juice will absolutely not remove any
>> detox side effects of anything! You need the fiber to do that…
>> Mini Beet Alternative :
>> [note: this alternative is a quaint alternative to get beets in you
>> but it NOT acceptable alternative to the MBP above for clearing out
>> diseases and parasites and Lyme disease or Lupus or lung disorders or
>> removing chlorine and fluoride (which is a lot faster above,) and for
>> cancer, no way, Have To Use the MBP not this one below but you get the
>> idea….this one below is like a supplement to take everyday…like a
>> super smoothie for the day, uh, it’s also quite like a happy pill, I
>> kid you not, try this faithfully for one day drinking it right after
>> making it so don’t lose the enzymes.]
>> This below is an alternative way to get beets in you, I have found it
>> amazingly powerful and useful! So here it goes, and also it has less
>> side effects b/c it’s in whole form… anytime you eat a beet instead of
>> juice it – it has 5X less side effects, but slower working of it’s
>> magic – but they WILL have side effects it just may take a week or two
>> to come up - So eat your apples ok?? So.. here’s the 2nd recipe, the
>> Mini Beet Alternative…
>> In a vitamix you are to put 4 bananas and 20-30 green grapes if have
>> green (otherwise red or whatever will have to do) and one medium size
>> beet (there are 3 sizes, gigantic (softball), medium (baseball) and
>> baby (golf ball)) – if they are organic bananas, then put in the peel
>> from half of one of them ok? Now – whatever height in the vitamix (or
>> other super blender you have) the bananas and beets go, ie however
>> much space in the blender that they take, you are to add water at
>> least _ that height, then blend and drink…you are to eat one apple and
>> one carrot afterward IN THAT ORDER AGAIN! Just like above… it must be
>> eaten in that order, please. I love this recipe b/c it’s also like a
>> happiness formula but it will NOT accomplish same thing as the
>> protocol above, that is, like decalcification would take a LOTTT
>> longer with this…
>> As for this mini beet alternative: Tell me if you do not have a
>> noticeable turnaround in any problem you have starting in 3 to 5 days…
>> not to mention that wonderful feeling in the brain that comes with
>> that combo all by itself… don’t know how to explain that one! Lol it’s
>> my 2nd most powerful version of a happy pill! Yes I have one better…
>> saved for another time.
>> One warning though, if you are not eating enough apples and asparagus
>> or you are significantly deficient in Magnesium you might get kidney
>> stones ( 2 to 4 months later of doing this faithfully) like crazy in
>> forcing all this stuff out…to rid yourself of chronic kidney stones
>> simply take this dosage every day so that it is not an issue… the
>> dosage each day that is to be taken is 100mg B6 and 300 mg of Mg.... I
>> would recommend
com as they don't use toxic fillers
>> for their synthtics… I despise synthetics but it’s a quick and easy
>> fix…this kidney stone problem happens with people that do not do
>> enough apples (or asparagus), since apples dissolve the kidney stones
>> (as do asparagus, though no one knows why asparagus dissolve stones,
>> hmmm)….either way, oxalic acid is nottttt responsible for formation of
>> kidney stones no matter what the books say, at least not oxalic acid
>> from beets, since beets are technically stomach acid all by themselves
>> and dissolvers of a great many things that should not be in the body,
>> but the onslaught of doing this protocol for say 2 months while
>> thinking you can handle less and less apples after taking beets is
>> going to get you into kidney stone trouble…
>> Juicers: in order to juice this in regular centrifugal juicer you must
>> consume it the second that it is juiced (both beet and asparagus and
>> then mix and drink) but if you do not drink it right then - all the
>> enzymes will die (most likely less than 15 mins after juicing
>> (probably really one 7 to 10 mins)– so be quick about drinking this,
>> the power is in the enzymes not just vitamins and minerals), whereas
>> if you get the Omega juicer 8003 or 8005 ($250ish) (and I thinkkkk
>> they have the new 9000) or if you get the Green Star Juicer ($350ish)
>> the enzymes will last 1 day maybe 2; however, #1 in the world juicer
>> for preserving enzymes is, so far, is the Norwalk – all of these
>> preserve the enzymes for at least 24 hours… so with these juicers
>> above you can consume the juice mix later if you like making it very
>> easy to juice a lot and drink it later saving you a lot of time of
>> having to juice 2 to 3x/day .. yes??? (note: Norwalk makes enzymes
>> last the longest, 1 _ to 2 days min, and 3 days max, but the other 2
>> types work only to make enzymes live for …. 1 day, lucky if 2) -
>> enzymes is a necessity if you’re getting over anythinggg related to
>> cancer, or other major diseases… or dealing with such. Dr. Bernard
>> Jensen found in treating anyone with cancer and other diseases, that
>> juicing and super juices will NOT work without the enzymes alive! Side
>> Note: technically though the greatest eater of cancer in the world are
>> phytochemicals, these are found in the pulp… the highest source of
>> phytochemicals to date with 325 different phytochemicals is… apples…
>> hmmmmmm…..
>> Note: enzyme juicers above (not including the Norwalk) will give you
>> about 25% to 150% of the vitamins and mineral content GREATER THAN a
>> centrifugal juicer, BUT the Norwalk will do 50% to 300% greater
>> vitamin and mineral content always beeting out the other enzymes
>> juicers above in anyyyy category of juice extracted both in volume
>> extracted and in amount of nutrients extracted and in length of time
>> the enzymes will live after juicing… just so you know…
>> Robert von Sarbacher
>> 940-233-0484
>> POB 223744
>> Dallas, TX 75222
>> Phoenixguy888@

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