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morgellons gone for 7 months
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Published: 15 years ago
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morgellons gone for 7 months

I had Mogellons for about 3 years. It has been gone for 7 months now. I did three major things that I believe to rid my body completely of Morgs...Fibers.

I will not give instructions how to do this, I will only tell you how to get this info on your own. Look up Bastyr University Hydrotherapy program on Aids and Lyme disease. I did using baths at home (no cost) and this killed many brown like wormy things that came out of my skin. I did this until no more wold come out.

The idea is you get your body temp to 102.5 o 103 degress which induces a fever, this stimulates your immune system and kills off parasites, bacteria, and fungas. this is used OFTEN in 3rd world countries and is WELL documented.

Use your own bodies natural healing properties, you can look up Bastyrs success with AIDS and LYME using this method.

The second thing I did was use urine therapy, I made a homeopathic solution, (just like a vaccine works) which stopped the hives immediately. Insrtucitons are easy to find. The fibers stopped shortly after, and most of the MOrgs came out my urine and stool for the next few days.

i dramitically changed my diet, the best change you can do is NOT to eat proccessed foods (more on this in a moment) at all. Eat hopefully organic or natural when practical...if man made don't eat it.

Lastly I stopped reading EVERYTHING on the net about MOrgs, and decided to be postive and BELIEVE that my body could heal itself. When I prayed I only asked for guidance and courage. Your frame of mind is so important to this healing.

Look up EFT and how to do it. This is a great tool to stay grounded and get your mind in better place.

there are many theories on the web on what MOrgs is and where it came from. I will give you my 2 cents for what it is worth. I will give you no details, but will hopefully intrigue you to read this for yourself. Go to the library and get the book "Twinkie deconstructed" this author set out to painfully detail every ingredient that goes in to making the twinkie. Besides being amusing, read the chapter on cellulose gum. This is made from cotton (various colours of cotton) he explains the whole process from beginning to end. IF some of you are wondering how this gets into our bodies past the intestinal wall, I suggest it is from most if not all of morgs having "leaky gut syndrome" from candida. you can google the rest and put the pieces togeather.

i hope this helps someone suffering.


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