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Re: Givinup, How are you feeling?
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Givinup, How are you feeling?

Hey Meat27,

I'm still around. I am actually doing pretty good right now. I am 4 months post removal. I check into this message board at least once a day, but I haven't really posted much lately. I have started to feel much better over the last couple of months, but I'm not sure what to attribute it to. Maybe it is the Mirena finally getting out of my system or maybe it is that I've gotten my thyroid somewhat straightened out. Both problems have similar symptoms. I guess that is why I haven't posted much...

Anyway, I think even if it was my thyroid causing the problems, I think the Mirena had something to do with it since the thyroid, adrenals, and female hormones are all on a feedback loop with one another. It seems that when one gets out of whack, they all get out of whack.

It was about 2 months after my Mirena insertion that I started to feel really weird symptoms and that is when I went to the doctor and was diagnosed as hypothyroid. I started treatment for that, but still didn't feel any better. That is when I suspected the Mirena as my problem. I got that removed after two months of having it in and still didn't see much improvement for a couple of months. Then I switched to a different thyroid medicine and things started looking up from that point on. So, who is to say if it was the new thyroid medicine or the Mirena finally leaving my system, but like I said, I think there is a correlation.

I have a little ways to go with my thyroid still and I just had some testing done to see if my adrenals need a little help too. For the most part though, I am doing much better.

On Friday night I mowed my lawn and edged it (we have a huge yard too so that is no small task) and then I trimmed a bunch of branches that were hanging over the fence from a field behind us and I still had energy left over. I was out there crying as I did it because I was just so happy to be able to do that type of stuff again. I have definitely taken my health for granted, but not anymore.

I no longer have the buzzing and electrical sensations in my left leg and my muscle twitching is pretty much gone too. My left eye still twitches on occasion, but sooo much less that it used to.

I still have some dizziness from time to time and some stuffiness in my sinuses, but I think that may be thyroid or adrenal related.

My energy is awesome. Better than it has been in years, even pre Mirena. For the most part, I'm feeling great. Not 100%, but I'll take it. I'm functioning, taking care of my kids, and keeping my house clean, cooking dinner, and all those other things I couldn't do for so long. It makes me nervous to say all this. I swear whenever I would post improvements before, I have a backslide and the symptoms would come back. Knock on wood that that doesn't happen!

So, how are you doing right now? I have read some of your posts and had seen that you were still having some ups and downs. I wanted to post some replies, but sometimes I just felt like I didn't even know anymore if the Mirena had even been the cause of my problem. I didn't want to chime in if what I had to say wasn't even relevant, but like I said...I definitely think the Mirena played a part in my problems.

I hope that you are doing well. It is so hard, huh? I was having a hard time about 6 weeks ago. It seemed like for me the bad days got farther and farther apart and they were less severe. Is that the case for you? I hope so.

I would love to hear how you are doing. I hope better and better as time goes on.


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