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Exfoliation And Controling Peeling Cycles
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Published: 15 years ago

Exfoliation And Controling Peeling Cycles

-Things you need-

--DrWheatgrass DermaWheat
Antioxidant Skin Recovery Cream.

--ChapStick Classic Cherry(i have hated
all lip balms for a long time, but one
day at work my lips were so dry
(working in the cold) i really
had no other option and my dad had the
balm mentioned above in his car,
its the only balm type lip protectant i will use.
This is also only necissary for protection from
wind or cold, if your indoors it really doesn't
need to be used.

--Bathub/Warm Water/ Wet Towel(think you can manage?)

--Peeling Lips
Okay, by now I'm sure many of you know how to work a good exfoliation schedule, but for those of you who don't this is a great method and the only one thats ever worked for me conveniently. The trick to all of this is getting the peeling to work around you rather then you working around the peeling. To start, you need to give your lips about a week to scum up nice and nasty.

Leave 'em alone.(if you have a job/school and don't want to be seen in public, see if you can take a week off, if not you can just leave 'em be over the weekend(which is cutting it close), but as close to 4-7 days is best. Of course I'm sure everyone's schedule varies, for some it might take less time for others more time for it to really loosen. But by the fifth day the skin should be begging to come off to the point where simple activities such as eating/drinking/brushing your teeth ect. will cause the skin to slip off. It slips because when it absorbs water, it becomes slushy(as you already know) and theres no peeling going on here, it should only slip off because it is extremely fragile. And drink 4+ eight ounce glasses of water a day, keep yourself well hydrated.

DO NOT try to force it off in anyway during this time. After you you brush your teeth, eat, and/or especially take a shower, you can look in the mirror and see a definitive white coat on your lips. This slushy coat can be wiped off quite easily, but you DON'T want to do that, you want it to 'fall' off on its own.

Infact after a shower if you have the patients you should stay in the B-room and keep checking on them until they look like the're drying a bit and getting a better grip. When that slush coat is extremely white and puffy, look like theres some type of air inflation btween the slush your actual lip, thats the sign that your mouth is not ready for food/water/ ect.

When the white becoms more tranparents and flat, then go about your normal day oralactivies, and don't use the chapstick till at last an hour after flattening, and use it very mildly and gently. After all E.C. knows what its doing. It wants to grow and it wants to stay attached. You force it off and it will force itself back faster and deeper, but just regular day activities of moisture from foods and such will loosen its grip in a subtle manner, and then allow it to reattach looser then previous. In which case its letting go little by little rather then being pulled.

Thats why for god's sake DO NOT avoid little things like wet food or shower water hitting your lips. You let the bastard dry up on you and its gonna go from a mushy substance holding onto your lips to a callus digging into them. Also during this time period apply the chapstick stated above once in the morning and once at night before you hop into be because it seems to moisten and accelerate the peeling process which is what you want.

(Wheatgrass won't serve much purpose here. Wheatgrass feels like it is absorbed into the skin instantly and dries to into the perfect amount of moisture without feeling even remotly slimy, and the elasticity it can add to your lips is heaven in my opinion.)

And just because a few flakes slip off or even fall of when in a dryer state is no excuse to efoliate yet. If a patch falls of add a little wheatgrass to that area and that area only and discontinue using the chapstick at this point unless your lips are extremely dry.

You'll know when its tim for it to come off when the infamous circular caluss in the middle of the upper lip is starting to give way, thats the most stubborn of them all. You can check this by gently puting pressure on it with the tip of you finger when its dry. Does it feel like its an airpocket? Like there is space between the caluss and the actual lip? Run it under water and if its feeling really lose then its time.(there have been times where i have exfoliated both lips but was forced to leave that middle patch on for a 1,2, and one time 3 days later.

Grab the softest towl you got in the house and fill it with hot(not 'hot-tub' hot) water.(and no bubles). Submerge your chin in the water and leave it there for like five minutes. Then as gently as you can rub your lips together and see if the crud is coming off. You'll probobly have to keep your mouth submerged for anywhere from 10-30 minutes. And about every five minutes gently rub your lips together. If after about a half hour your still having problems then soak the towel in hot water and gently rub the crud off in the mirror, and i mean gently.

It should come off without any pressure however if it resists then apply more pressur but rub horizontaly in a very slo matter. If it don't all come off, which it damn well should, then apply wheatgrass and give it another day and another bath and i can almost gurentee it will slide with ease. At this point you want to apply wheatgrass 3 times a day mourning, afternoon, night. Only exfoliate in the morning when needed. Don't expect it to disapear, this is not a cure. But mostly what you'll be dealing with in the morning if you apply wheatgrass right before bed is a little white around the corners.

It should stay conveinient for at least 3 weeks with minimal exfoliation needed. Oh, and no more chapstick unless your in the cold of a very windy day, in that case apply wheatgrass and a small layer of chaptick over it just for protection. Try it out, play it by ear and if you have any questions just include NeverEverEnds in your post and i'll be happy to answer.

The most basic rule is dont not exfoliate unless absolutely necsisary and when you do it try to let your lips exfoliate themselves in the tub, hope this helps, i truly believe there is some healing in this, but over a very, very long period of time. And it took me quite a while to get e.c. on the right schedule and i still slip up here and there, and i still find it hard to explain because this ailment can be very unpredictable at times.

But if you give it just a full week to fall f by itself, it will come back in extremely subtle ways that are easier to deal with for about a month(small bits in the corner of your lips). And when it comes back full force again, just allow it to do its thing because it wont be able to hold on to your lips for as long as it did previously. Best of luck, hope this helps.

And don't lick, constant licking is the wetting and drying of the lips which makes them crack.

And don't breathe with your mouth open, make a habit to breathe with your mouth closed because the airflow beats the lips skin up and our skin is already to sensitive.


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