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Weather/Times by MH
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Published: 13 years ago

Weather/Times by MH

W had a very warm winter; in that it never stayed cold long. Had some cold nights, but after a few days it would get warm again. The winter was very wet with lots of rain, then comes this very wet Spring. Now we are setting record cold nights of 40 degrees. The few farmers that were able to no-till plant corn have little yellow corn that isn't growing. I have never seen this before, virtually all of the corn that was planted is yellow with almost no green color at all and now comes cold wet nights! The few that were able to plant gardens have similar problems with seeds rotting and to cold to grow.

Now wheat and everyones grass has grown and grown and everyone crying about how much gas/disel it is costing to mow their yards. The farmer also got hit with disel tax that makes their tractor disel same cost as normal road Disel that is going for almost $5.00 a gallon now and not all that long ago farmers were paying less than a dollar a gallon for farm disel and only 10 years ago a gallon of farm propane gas was 60 cents a gallon. So in the past 10 years the cost of fuel used on a farm has wet up 3X or more.

Fewer and fewer farmers grow hay because the state makes them pay workman's comp insurance on each kid/person who they hire to help on the farm "if" they do it all legal, etc., etc... and fewer and fewer people even seek to work on a farm to begin with.

CHINA wants all our metal, fertilizer, raw products and virtually controls how Americans buy/eat/live anymore. Buy American is hardly heard anymore because the Wal-Mart stores have ran most small independant stores out of business. It has became a market of chinese made products that break shortly after you open the package and turned people into a throw away society.

What it all spells is get ready for every year to have a HIGHER COST of living. The BAD THING is the factories chose a few years ago after many have been purchased by asian/german/european owners to not only not give raises, but to pay less each year. It always seems that when the so called republican party is in charge, America is sold to the highest bidder at a rapid rate and if they had no controls, we would need gas mask to be able to breathe our air. I personally see the republican/democrat parties as jokes on the people, in that the owners play the game and the same results will happen regardless of politicians who are nothing more than puppets to entertain the people and keep the eye off of the owners that believe they have the power to farm humans.

In all, 1900-2000 was the most destructive 100 years in this generation and I don't think more than a handful of people thinks anything will survive to the year 3,000 and a majority see life falling apart so fast they wonder if any of their children will even find jobs when they grow up or if we will all be on government hand outs/control in a very short period/future.

GOVERNMENT usually has a PLAN
Some years ago in the USA rumors of operation clover leaf was floating around. The theory that if government could slaughter the people down to the population we had right after world war I, then that seemed like a good number when there is jst enough people to make things WORK WELL in the governments eyes. Kind of like a FARMER saying my land can support X amount of cows...............

WARS are methods to eliminate STRONG MEN and cripple countries so they can be rebuilt. In every small American Town, the Chinese Wal-Marts owned and operated by the United Nations from day one has entered and conquerred and enslaved the people into zombis seeking the cheapest price at Wal-Mart. This has been succesful, they purchased all the markets and the same stores pop up with every new Wal-Mart and one town is starting to look like the next with the idential wal-mart owned businesses having control of every community. NOW we have all the old downtown stores empty and falling apart making all the little towns ghost towns and in need of being bulldosed and turned into housing, because all of the food/goods a person needs comes from the wal-mart stores. What we eat, what we think we need and much of our gas all comes from wal-mart owned stores.With each purchase it gives them the $$$$/Power to buy up the remaining businesses until the indepenant owned businesses will soon all be gone.

Having a mason owned/created government, the so called monopoly laws were all LIES to keep independant people from growing too large and making it so government owned businesses could TAKE OVER AMERICA which they ave succeded in doing at a rapid rate after world war II.

The Veterans who volunterred/drafted etc. to fight in all the wars mostly did so to have a job or under the belief they needed to to help some other country; they no clue they were being selectivly eliminated and satistics being kept on how the strong were being eliminated to point that after the Korean War the standards had to be lowered so low because there were enough strong men to draft anymore and finally to the point that the draft was eliminated all together as men/women can hardly be telled apart once the uniform goes on and so vaccinated/brain washed that no one knows why they fight anymore other than to protect oil. The ending results are slaughtered people who are contaminated with uranium so they end up being slave like and working to support world wide food; usually for the country that invaded and conqerred them. Some countries don't need guns/bombs to be conquerred, they simple are sprayed with chemicals or in the case of Africa,etc...countries are just selectivly poisoned with medical advances from the vaccines or from the air with chem trail jets that effect all humans world wide.

In all, since 2,000 the USA has needed to be rebuilt from the ground up, all the small cities bulldoses off and new government owned corporations supplying all the people's needs. Every small city has shut down many of the indepenant family ownded businesses and the broken worker seeking employment at their local wal-mart stores. The governments setting up each country to make/supply the world with certain products. Making this a one world shopping center. In theory keeping everyone busy and the MEGA RICH people happy so they can play in their selected areas of the world as they monitor/control their slaves. The rich always seeing the people has problems and the poor always wanting to be part of the wealthy.

People since world war I - II have had this vision of the poor crippled people being treated equally and all races being equal in the governments eyes. AKA that government LOVES US ALL. Prior to World WAR II government openly sterilized people they deemed too ungly, to wrong race, etc. to reproduce. They openly wrote in the harvard/yale books that if your daddy was a thief, that you as their children should be sterilized and eliminated to purify the human race! "IF" you were not white, that you were not human enough to be treated as humans with any rights in "their" world.

HISTORY has shown that all EVIL governments rise to power and then die off, they never succeed long. Even the Bible is a record of how each race would survive after their country being invaded and slaughtered. EMPIRES become lazy with power and allow their slaves to do all the work and eventually those slaves grow in numbers/power and over throw the empire.

After World WARS I & II the UN was created by those who believed they were the chosen ones to lead this world. These owners put their puppets where the slaves can see them and never see the ones who hired them. Presidets/politicians, etc. all just doing their jobs on stage.

NOTHING EVER CHANGED as far as the goals of the super superior race! The cripples and the wrong color people were never seen as equal or desired. "IF" their are underground bunkers/cities with X amount of space to live in when the earth has probems supporting human life, you can bet the chosen ones will not be cripples or humans with the wrong dna make up; because those into human enginering are still in charge, still manipulating humans like cows on the farm.

Luckily for us all, government decided to manipulate us all and not just slaughter us openly. In the past 75 years they just spray us and poison our foods/water so we all seem equal in lifespan. This luxory of freedom made us feel like the dark ages were over and we are all FREE do do as we please! As long as we have $$$ to do so.

The slaves have risen to power as a result of being given the jobs of manufacturing and accumulation of mason $$$$$$$$. So they think they have power anyway and it has became a race war once again of the east against the west. White man against the non white man. OR IS IT JUST ANOTHER MANIPULATION to have the excuse to create war and ELIMINATE ALL THE UNWANTED HUMANS?

Regardless what group of humans think they have power, think they have $$$$$, they will fail at some point in their history and their methods back fire into plagues that will wipe them off the face of the earth. NATURE never allows evil to prevail too long. NATURE loves/protects every race of humans as God's children. WHY God allows such an education on earth will always be a mystery to mankind, man never realizing God just wants unconditional love/trust and when we close our eyes for the last time, only then will we see how we did with our education on earth.

Life on earth will be but a dream in our past one day. Time passes well for those that wait upon God and time goes slow for those that hate every day on earth. All must happen as designed, nothing is not planned otherwise GOD would not be GOD and chaos rule the universe. NO, everyday on earth is a PERFECT PLAN by a perfect TEACHER for every student to learn what they must learn. Seek God's will and not the world and accept each day and don't fight it, give it all to God. Thank God for everything that comes your way!



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