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Re: Weather/Times by MH

New lower prices!
Hulda Clark Cleanses


New lower prices!
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Weather/Times by MH

The oil companies make it no secret, they all world wide have an access stock pile. The REALY STUPID PEOPLE believe the mason leader Bush asked the oil companies to pump more so he would make less at his pumps.............Big business wants more profits and the days of prtecting ones borders are LONG GONE! It is a world market and in the past 100 years the leaders have this idea that the best way to rebuild is to first destroy by war, otherwise the middle class will tie the system up in court until they are broken by the system. It is easier to just TAKE/DESTROY and have the construction companies that are owned by POLITICIAN INTEREST to then enter and rebuild to government specs using people addicted to government $$$$$$$$$$$$$ based on nothing but faith.

100 miles south us last year, I knew people who mowed their yard one time in the Spring and never had enough rain to make the grass grow all summer. We mowed all summer and the grass never burned out one time, BUT, we had weird enough weather that the farmers had trouble making hay and hay prices doubled in price. People pay $6-$10 a bale for hay now and $4 for a bale of straw and since in Ohio we have more horses than humans, many of these horses are now ending up on people's dinner plates around the world as people who are not rich enough to support their horses are selling them for dog/human food.

I would just as soon see the end of gasoline and all power be from hydrogen, but I doubt those days will come anytime soon. BIG POWER wants to keep their control and electricity will probably keep their power to the end. They will not make it so we can afford to make our own electricity cheaply using hydrogen powered motors in our own homes.

For 40 years we could have all been driving cars that get 1,000 miles to the gallon of water and this would have changed the world, but rich families have never and will never share their power or seek to have healthy strong humans who could be smart enough to over throw them. As sad as it is, it is the SOLDIER that impowers these evil machines. The cure is as simple as the next generation of soldiers, but the soldier teachers will NEVER be good, but always evil driven. NEVER an intellagent God loving person seeking the best for humans, but a person who is evil/shallow and willing to murder his own family if told it is for the best interest of his/her masters. Good people don't seek to join organized groups with weapons that can slaughter entire nations. Those drafted or miseducated by their parents are soon vaccinated upon entry into service and mentally harmed and programmed to be evil, even if they were not that way to begin with and educqted until they will push a button, pull a trigger to acheive the desired goals. The day of the soldier are coming to an end, they can't be trusted anymore and those in power rely more and more on chemicals and frequencies to control the human population and will power.

People as a whole are becoming ill from 100 years of chemical/germ warfare.

Back in the dark ages they tied you to an iron stake and covered you with wood and set you a fire! Something about the pope and blood made the iron stake method the chosen way to kill your captives. Later the chopping of heads seemed to be OK!! Then the use of Chemicals took over.

There is still allot of wealth in the USA middle class, it will be years at $10.00 a gallon before they will stop driving vehicals that get 10 miles per gallon of gas. The poor will be delt with first, jails/forced work, etc. to obtain food/welfare checks, etc. The same people own CHINA and I doubt they want a repeat of population explosion in the USA. The poor familys and the old will have to go and the young slave girls the desired labor for evil governments. Bpys can grow into men that can organize and over throw governments, so those days won't happens again if they can avoid it. The days of war with guns/bombs are coming to an end, when the non christians are killed/controlled, the un will have the power to make the world a world wide jail and keep the poor out of their selected party places on earth.


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