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My story in finding a cure!
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Published: 15 years ago

My story in finding a cure!

Hello everyone

Firstly, i would like to thank mpdela for being so kind and considerate in having her own board highlighting several issues related to BB and BO.

I've been visiting several forums including this one for the past several years. All i can say is that i've been there and tried all that, none to a cure. Infact the more i get to learn about new cures the more excited i feel which only leads to a hole in my pocket. What i strongly believe is that we would only have to live like this for the rest of our lives since if there was a cure, it would've been out there by now. This industry is a billion dollar industry, and they're definitely not going to jeopardise it by creating a medicine for healing us. The best it could get is by doing some misleading marketing in promoting a new product which only lasts for as long as you're body gets used to it.

Every new cure has its timeframe, once the body adapts to it, then the product/cure has no effect anymore. Here's my checklist which clearly hasnt helped so far:

1. Therabreath, Halita, BreathRX and other Dental products:
Good for the first 1-2 weeks. Gives a temporary relief but then dies off eventually. I guess the bacteria gets used to playing their usual games.

2. Chlorophyll, zinc, magnessium supplements
Liquid chlorophyll gives a soothing effect. Cant say for sure if it helped or not since i still have the same issues. Probably it might take some time but worth holding onto. Zinc+copper+mag supplements always left me confused. Tried them for 1-2 months stopping and continuing doses every now and then so as to maintain a balance but i guess the body didnt get enough. Probably someone has a better explanation as to how much a body can consume before results start showing in.

3. Baking soda and apple cider/white vinegar
Vinegar sure does reduce the acidity on the skin but doesnt really mask the odor. Agree you end up smelling like vinegar but you're odor is still present at the same time. Baking soda on the other hand only works once you're out of the shower. It somehow works just like a body talc. When used as a mouthwash it does wonders but even this doesnt last for long. As soon as you're talking continues for more than 5mins you're back to square one.

4. Exercise and sauna
been constantly exercising to sweat the hell out of me but still no luck. Ends up that i stink more on doing so. Sauna does help to some extent that you're body cleanses out. I usually spend 10mins in the sauna at 80'c and it really helps. But after a hour i begin to smell my own odor.

5. Heat
The more our bodies are exposed to the sun, the body temperature increases. Which inturn brings out the bacteria onto the skin, which brings about the smelly odor. Perfumes and colognes dont seem to mask the odor. Here's the funny part, if i were a strong perfume, it would somehow blend with my odor and disappear in a while. But if a normal person, puts on the same perfume then it would last on him for nearly a day. Why? Some x-files stuff.
Its not just the sunlight, but even while staying indoors you can end up stinking the whole room.

I could probably go on, but not sure if someone out there is going to really read all this and see what we're going through in leading a healthly life. Like many say, having cancer would atleast allow you to live you're life happily with everyone around you. Here's its just the opposite, you can live longer but with no one around you. Just wished if we didnt have a nose!!

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