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Re: cell phones FAQ
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Re: cell phones FAQ

Yes. Absolutely. As long as they are turned off. Of course, that still leaves the transmissions towers that radiate pulsed microwaves in all directions, 24/7.

q Leaves phone in spherical pattern, microwaves penetrate skull.
q Dangerous at low power.
q Disrupts critical cellular functions.
q Industry suppressing studies and lying about dangers.
q Criminally inadequate standards - no standards for worst effects.
q Interacts with toxic chemicals in the body, revving up cancer cells.
q Especially dangerous around fetuses, children, and in metal vehicles.
q Effects follow a dose-response curve: more exposure is worse.
q Effects are cumulative and persist for hours after cell phone is turned off.

The big and growing concern is for people and other animals continuously exposed to the “blue smog” of microwave pollution. More than 50 residential and occupational studies have concluded that exposure to electromagnetic fields from cell phone towers promote brain cancer, female and male breast cancer, miscarriages and other serious health maladies.

Leukemia is more common among mobile phone users. When Italian researchers exposed leukemia cancer cells to low-power 900-MHz frequency digital phone towers: after 24 hours' continuous exposure to these low power pulsed microwaves: 20% of leukemia cells were killed. After 48 hours' exposure, these effects reversed, making them replicate ferociously.

Base stations radiate up to 50 Watts per channel in Australia-even more across rural America.

Mice exposed to heating of only 0.17 to 1.05 microwatts per square-centimeter in an “antenna park” ended up with irreversible sterility. The current U.S. exposure standard of 579 microwatts per square centimeter is 500 times higher.

Potentially dangerous radiation occurs in a widening cone of transmission at up to 800 feet from towers rising 150-feet or higher above the ground. The herd-like behavior of cell phone users is dangerous. In Germany, cows grazing under cell phone towers are dying of acute circulatory collapse and bleeding from several organs after microwave antenna installed on a tower formerly used to transmit only non-pulsed television and radio signals.

Humans are antennas too. As upright, ambulatory saline water bags, we attract electromagnetic fields.

Across Britain, Canada and the USA, newly introduced “Picture Phones” featuring picture messaging are already boosting these tower transmitted power levels.

Like many people, I thought that the new cell phones and cell phone towers radiate at power levels far too low to be dangerous. Current digital phones transmit at a fraction of the power of the first analogue phones. But many clinical studies now show that the damaging effects of cell phones and cell phone relay towers actually increase at low power levels!

Renowned biophysicist and electromagnetic radiation researcher Professor Neil Cherry points to dozens of epidemiological studies showing that chronic low level exposure to pulsed radio frequency/microwave radiation produces increased cancer risk.” The Barnett Study commissioned by the Australian government found that low power pulsed microwaves interfere with central nervous system, impair memory function, and result in damage to the eyes.

A low-intensity electrical field that can cause a disproportionately large response in much the same way that a low-power strobe light can induce seizures in susceptible people. It's not the amount of energy from the light that provokes the seizure-but rather the regularity of flashing at a frequency that matches or is close to a frequency utilized by the brain itself.

Weak microwaves broadcast by mobile phones can alter several hundred chemicals communicating vital processes in human brain cells.

The problem is all this pulsing. Cell phones jackhammer internal organs and the brain at 217 times every second. It's even worse using the new portables operating at 2.2 GHz or higher. That's an EMR “wind” whipping cells like stalks of wheat back and forth 2.2 million times a second! The wheat will snap. When cells snap, the resulting DNA breaks can cause cancer.

The 1994 “Barnett Report” prepared by Dr. Stan Barnett for the Australian government found that the speediest pathway for cancer promoters to spark cell proliferation occurs when electromagnetic radiation interference with normal cellular control.

Low-level microwaves have also been shown to alter brain, immune and heart activity-which like all cellular metabolism are basically electrical in nature. While you chat on your cell phone, your brain cells are also chattering away in chemical codes as each enzyme exchange pumps life-giving chemistry through the cell at one-tenth-of-a-volt. This subtle electrochemical dialogue also releases calcium and sodium ions that inhibit runaway cell division, and block rogue molecules.

Cell phone radiation increases this calcium efflux, tearing holes in the cell membrane, while every digitized conversation disrupts these vital whisperings between cells. Cell phone microwaves measured at one-tenth British “safety” guidelines emit the frequencies causing the biggest changes in cell calcium levels. Excessive calcium found outside cells following EMR exposure show increased cell growth. Whether or not this leads to cancer is part of cell phone roulette.

In the early 1970s, Australian scientist Dr. Ross Adey traced calcium processes in cells to measure the effects of EMR exposure. Hired by the cell phone industry to defend their products, this leading corporate researcher found that cell phone effects are frequency-dependent.

After 40 years spent looking at how cells communicate with each other using calcium ion flows and tiny electrical impulses, Adey has become a fierce advocate of much lower cell phone radiation standards. Motorola withdrew its funding from Adey, whose laboratory at Loma Linda, California quickly collapsed as a result.

Exposure to pulsed Radio Frequencies produce double strand breaks that are known to lead to cell death. NP Singh and biomedical scientist Dr. Henry Lai at the University of Washington reported finding DNA strand breaks at levels one-fifth of American “safety” limits.

Lai and Singh raised alarms when they repeatedly found double-strand breakages in DNA in live rat brains after just two hours' low-level exposure to both pulsed and older analogue cell phones.
Double-strand breaks, which break both sides of the twisted double-helix ladder in DNA, create serious genetic alterations and can lead to cancer, cell death or mutagenic problems. Brains show fewer DNA breaks during cell phone exposure than brain cells checked four hours after exposure.

Microwaves are very short waves of electromagnetic energy that travel through just about everything at 186,282 miles per second. They have been found to “slightly cook” proteins in the blood. Because stress proteins are involved in the progression of a number of diseases, heavy daily cell-phone usage could lead to great incidence of disorders such as Alzheimer's and cancer.

A cell phone typically transmits at 2 to 5 watts. Even at one-ten-thousands of a watt, albumen proteins increase in the brains of half the rats examined. Rat DNA is very close to human DNA.

Swedish neurosurgeon Leif Salford, Dr. James Lin and other researchers have independently confirmed that after two minutes of cell phone exposures, the blood-brain barrier fails, allowing proteins to enter the brain. Once they stray into the brain, proteins that normally behave themselves in the blood could trigger autoimmune diseases such as Fibromyalgia and Multiple Sclerosis.

Damaged nerve cells in the brain can also lead to the dementia associated with Alzheimer's, premature aging, and Parkinson's disease. Medications that under normal circumstances would not be able to penetrate the blood-brain-barrier can also enter the brain during a cell phone conversation and do damage.

Headaches widely reported among cell phone users indicate microwave-induced leakage of unwanted molecules into the brain. Nitrous Oxide regulates nerve transmissions and arterial flow to the brain. NOx also appears to play a role in Alzheimer's. If something restricts the NOx needed by your brain-headaches result.

Neurologists agree that even non-cell phone users continuously exposed to emissions from cell phones and towers could be at risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease.

Think of frequency as “frequentlies”. The higher the frequency, the more cellular DNA is whipped back and forth. When it comes to interfering with living organisms, frequency is more important than power. Cell phones and relay towers transmit on the worst frequencies.

TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) allow multiple conversations to piggyback on microsecond gaps to share a single channel. Worldwide cell phones use Global System for Mobile Communications: GSM.

Living organisms are very likely sensitive to both the microwave carrier and the lower frequency pulsing of 83.4 Hz TDMA signals from cell phone towers-which correspond to the alpha brain waves of normal consciousness.

Cell phone towers use multiple frequencies to penetrate solid surfaces. The high-frequency 900+ MHz band used by digital cell phones is also very close to the resonant frequency of human DNA, as well as the resonant frequency of the human skull case.

Shouldn't we stop right there?

When you get a plane or enter a hospital and they tell you to turn your cell phone off to protect vital electronic equipment, is the electronic equipment in our heads any less worth protecting?

Like all radio transmitters, cell phones are government licensed. Cell phone “safety” guidelines are called SAR. The Standard Absorption Rate measures the amount of heating over one square-centimeter of skin.

Because SAR looks only the physical heating of tissues, the resulting “safe” declarations are like saying that smoking won't hurt you if you don't burn yourself!

At the same time, there are no “average” humans. Age, health, gender, body mass, immune function-all matter. And cannot be standardized.

Cell phone microwaves are also amplified, and can morph into unintended frequencies when interacting with aluminum window frames, power lines and wet conditions.

SAR standards average out the power spikes erupting from cell phones. So cell phones that regularly microwave “hot spots” in brain tissue at up to seven-times the average power used for licensing actually “comply” with the much lower limits.

Phones pass or flunk inadequate safety tests depending on how they are held. A phone that really leaks radiation may simply be re-oriented until it passes.

USA SAR is 1.6 Watts/kg for civilians. Anyone working with extremely high-power military radar, radio and microwave transmitters is exempt from these regulations-but not from the effects.

Nothing “safe” about CANADA Safety Code 6: not look at the immune compromised, electrically sensitive, young, females.
Canada's Safe Council funded by Motorola: Safe for industry to make profits.

Many biological effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure occur at induced heating of about 1°C or more.

Memory impairment is showing up in rats exposed to only SAR 0.6-for 45 minutes.

But for a given temperature increase the required SAR value is substantially higher for small animals. Therefore, data from mice underestimates the heating effect in humans.

The much more drastic “non-thermal effects” of mobile phones - including the mass destruction of brain cells - are not regulated at all.

When it comes to covering cell phone liabilities, big insurers are saying, “Forget it.” Lloyds and other major underwriters are not buying the SAR safety standards. They refused to cover cell phone liabilities back in 1999.

British government regulators have also refused to give mobile phones a clean bill of health.

Fears about radiation prompted the European Parliament to call for all mobile phones in Europe to carry health warnings.

Yet in 1990, the Environmental Protection Agency recommended that magnetic fields be classified as “Class B” carcinogens-along with formaldehyde in carpets and wallpaper, DDT, pulp mill and wood stove dioxins and ubiquitous PCBs.

Cell phones are licensed for specific power levels and frequencies. But it has recently been discovered that “windows” form when randomly intersecting frequencies resonate unpredictably. When such cell phone harmonics occur, unintended variations in power levels and frequencies often exceed licensed limits.

Powerwatch in the UK receives frequent calls from regular mobile-phone users reporting headaches, loss of concentration, skin tingling or burning or twitching, eye 'tics', very serious short-term memory loss, and buzzing or clicking in the head at night.

Also inexplicable aggression, fatigue, dizziness, agitation, chest pain and shortness of breath - symptoms that were not present before they started using cell phones.

Electromagnetic radiation from cell phones also cause lethargy, and a substantially reduced ability to learn. Widespread apathy and the inability to think coherently often cited as the “dumbing down” of Americans could be the result of EMR pollution.

Residents living around cell phone towers often report the same symptoms. Cellular base stations crank power up and down to adjust to the strength of the signals they receive, radiating energy spiking as high as 240-times.

Reflection from building. Radiation triple wet conditions.

No rights to object environment (health). $250,000 fine CA allowing objections.

Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, brain cancer, female and male breast cancer and miscarriages have all been linked to cell phones.

Dr. John Holt reports that once cell damage from cell phones occurs, the damage is irrecoverable and inherited unchanged, from generation to generation.

Even if we close our eyes to cell phone dangers, the watery layer around the iris and retina absorbs cell phone radiation with every call-increasing the chances of contracting eye cancer. CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) found that the lens of the eye is acutely sensitive to RF radiation because of its lack of a blood supply and hence limited heat-dissipating capability.

Four-fold eye cancer 1 SAR 2001 Stang.

Glaucoma drugs and cell phones pose special dangers. Application of the glaucoma drug Timolol Maleate reduced the threshold for microwave-induced damage to just 0.26 W/kg.

The frequencies hardest on eyes are in the range of 1-10 GHz.

Every day some 300 million users are activating new 1.9 Gigahertz cell and portable phones.

Besides the eyes, the most vulnerable areas to cell phone heating are the testes.

Dr. John Moulder reports from the Medical College of Wisconsin that besides cataracts, reduced sperm counts are well-documented acute exposure hazards.

Sperm counts already down significantly 1989.

John Holt believes that the disappearance of frogs in remote rainforests where pesticides are never used is being caused by planet-wide “radio wave pollution” interfering with electrically conductive, fertilized eggs spawned on the surface of ponds.

Iridium 66
Global Star 48
10 different satellite communications systems
much lower intensity
deep radar mapping Earth

Sperm counts are decreasing sharply in men for the same reason, he adds.

In Hungary Men who carried a phone with them on stand-by throughout the day had significantly lower sperm concentration. Those who had the phone in use had sperm counts lowered by up to 30 percent after 13 months' exposure.

Independent studies have shown that after two-minutes on a cell phone, the blood brain barrier opens - allowing proteins and other toxins in the bloodstream to enter the brain and kill brain cells.
Some researchers say the blood-brain barrier opens within one minute of exposure. So two minutes max, one minute or less is better - and no minutes at all is best. Remember, effects can linger for hours after the phone is shut off.

Doctors say that the main public health concern should be motor vehicle collisions-not brain tumors, which increase in risk only 30 percent with regular cell phone use.

The risk of crashing your vehicle is 400% greater if you're “on the phone”-or have just completed your call.

Prompted by insurers to look into cell phone hazards, the province of Ontario here in Canada found that heavy mobile users are involved in twice as many fatal road accidents than light users.

That's $4 billion a year in extra claims among cell phone-wielding drivers.

But it's not the distraction of dialing and talking on these phones that's causing so many crashes, the use of handheld cell phones are banned in moving vehicles in more than 45 countries - with notable exceptions of the USA and Canada.

In Australia fines range up to $1,200 per offence.
Studies have found that drivers using phones miss traffic signals and are slow to react. It doesn't matter if the driver is actually holding the cell phone.

The heightened probability of cracking up your car persists for up to 15-minutes after completing a call.

The chairman of the BC Medical Association's emergency medical services calls using a cell phone in a car it comparable to the risk of crashing while driving dead drunk.

“Hands-free” mobile speakerphones cause even more crashes because they typically emit 10-times more brainwave interference than handheld units. 600% car accident rate hands-free: Motorola study 1997

The Lancet driving study predicted, “new laws, like one in New York that bans handheld cell phones, won't reduce the risk of accidents.”

The British government's decision to remove the health approval on hands-free kits followed a number of investigations showing that hands-free devices channel radiation directly into the users head through the connecting wire.

Children and teenagers should not use cell phones period. Their rapidly-dividing cells and the smaller thinner skulls and soft brain tissue of adolescents allow deeper penetration of radiation, while making young children especially susceptible conductors of electromagnetic energy from cell phones - and the cell phone antennas in their schoolyards and neighborhoods.

New Zealand has banned cell phone towers on school grounds. If cell phone towers are considered to dangerous to install near schools, why would they be any safer installed in your neighborhood?

Studies quoted in my report show that children and teens who use cell phones are at high risk for learning disabilities, aggression and early onset of senility.

A decade ago, the Barnett Report in Australia found that fetuses are affected more than their mothers, who should stay away from cell phones and cell phone towers.

Leading medical experts now question whether it is safe for children to use mobile phones at all. Doctors fear that disturbed brain activity in children could lead to psychiatric and behavioral problems or impair learning ability.

MD Gerald Hyland is a mobile phone adviser to the British government. He points to a Swedish study that found children's brains are affected for long periods even after very short-term use. This could affect their mood and ability to learn in the classroom if they have been using a phone during break time, for example.

The cell phone's deep penetration into children's brains could cause kids to lose their ability to concentration and remember-making it impossible to learn.

Cell phone use is also linked with aggressive behavior in kids - who may experience “radical changes” in mood and behavior.

Dr. Michael Klieeisen conducted a famous Spanish study. He says they never expected to see continuing activity in the brain - after turning cell phones off.

He worries that immunity to infection and disease could be altered by interference with chemical balances in the brain. Flus and asthma…

Everyone knows that if you want to give child asthma, give her dairy products like milk and ice cream. That will do it. Or give them a cell phone.

After the city of Sydney, Australian city went broadband “wireless”-a 25% increase in asthma led researcher Peter Franch to find the production of bronchial spasm-causing histamine to nearly double after exposure to cellular phone frequencies. This disruptive histamine production persists after the phone is shut off.

Franch also found that cellular phone frequencies inhibit our body's cellular response to anti-asthmatic drugs.

Studies conducted in Sydney, Honolulu and twice in the UK all showed significantly higher leukemia rates in people living around transmission towers. The Sydney study found childhood leukemia at more than twice the expected rate.

I have always wanted to visit that spectacular seaside city. Now I wouldn't enter Sydney Australia at gunpoint. It would be like being locked into a room full of smokers.

With inception cell towers across USA 1995 similar spike major cities.

Dr. David Carpenter, Dean at the School of Public Health in New York believes that 30% of all childhood cancers are associated with EMF exposure.

87% of 11- to 16-year-olds in Britain own mobile phones; 40% of them spend 15 minutes or more talking each day on them. In terms of senility, brain cancers and autoimmune diseases-many of these kids will be doomed.

Children 5 to 9 using cell phones increased five-fold since 2000. [Times Jan 12/05]

Since 1996, Professor John Holt has looked at cell phones as a possible cancer culprit. Holt warns that cellular phones permanently damage human cells: “Once the damage is created, the damage is irrecoverable-and inherited unchanged, from generation to generation.”

Just carrying cell phones can be dangerous if they're turned on. Once activated to receive calls, cell phones connect every 2 minutes with the nearest relay tower - emitting electromagnetic radiation that can penetrate nearby organs-such as the brain, kidneys, ovaries and testicles, depending on how the activated phone is used and carried.

Up the EM spectrum toward visible light, waves become closer and closer - more loaded with energy - more harmful bio systems.

900 Mhz (million cycles/second) analogue much weaker than cell phones.
Less impact than new digital phones. But new Personal Communications Services frequencies 1800 to 1900 MHz bring permissible power densities up another 200%.

New digital cordless 5-6 Gigahertz range (billion cycles second) worse than cellphones.

Corded phones hard to find this side of an antique sale.

DECT phone always on in your residence same 2.45 GHz microwave ovens.

Cell Phone Shields
If radiation shields worked 100% and blocked all radiation from your cell phone - it would not be able to transmit. The best tested commercially advertised cell phone shield blocks 61% of electromagnetic radiation coming from the phone.

This is not good enough.

Because when cell phone shields measurably reduce electromagnetic radiation from the phone's transmitter, the phone and/or base station significantly boost their power levels to compensate - largely nullifying the effect and exposing even more passersby to “second-hand” cell phone radiation.

Also people who think they are protected tend to use their cell phones more.

Experts recommend using a cell phone for no more than five minutes per month. Which should handle most emergencies. The best cell phone modification is made with a hammer.

Isn't that a bit over the top?
Are Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, MS or brain cancer over the top?

Who says cell phones are dangerous?
Leading corporate researchers Dr. Ross Adey, Dr. George Carlo, Dr. Michael Repacholi and others have denounced the dangers of cell phones after completing their studies.

The Lancet regularly carries medical studies detailing cell phone health effects.

Government studies in Britain and Australia showing how cellular phones disrupt cellular processes leading to disease have also received coverage in ABC News, Canada's CBC, CBS, The Guardian (London), New York Times, other mass media.

Motorola in the USA and Nokia in Europe are currently leading this “cell phones are perfectly safe” approach. They've hired the world's biggest “damage control” PR firm to present this lie. Burston Marsteller is very good at this, after successfully downplaying the Exxon Valdez, Bhopal and other disasters in the United States.

“The cell phone industry has consistently distorted the medical facts, and colored the public presentation of adverse evidence,” Fist snorts. If cell phones are so safe, why are top researchers being persecuted?

If cell phones are so safe, why were the best researchers driven from the field and forced to close their labs after their funding was cut off?

Seattle's Bioelectromagnetic Research Laboratory at the U. of Washington is the oldest, most productive laboratory conducting research into the biomedical aspects of radio exposure. At least, it was. The lab used by Henry Lai and NP Singh will soon close down after losing their government funding.

Except in true emergencies, always use a landline.

Doctors recommend limiting cell phone use to five minutes a month max.

Lai and Singh of the U. of Washington found that melatonin supplements capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier and neutralizing free radicals can counter the effects of cell phone pollution that destroy melatonin-causing the insomnia encountered by many habitual cell phone users.

This does not mean it's safe to use a cell phone if you take melatonin. But it may be helpful to take melatonin after unavoidable exposure.

Cell phones with internal antennas also reduce the phone's electromagnetic emissions. But again, the phone must transmit at higher power levels to compensate-or suffer from reduced range.

Because headsets that convey sound to the earpiece through a wire also deliver microwave radiation directly into your skull, a company has developed an air-filled wireless tube they say, “delivers crystal clear sound” while eliminating the possibility of radiation reaching your head from the headset. But what do you do with the phone?

The danger regarding apparently reduced radiation is that users thinking they are “safe” tend to use their cell phones more-increasing their exposure. The safest modification you can make to your cell phone is with a hammer.

People aren't dropping dead in the streets yet.
Statistical tools invented to identify isolated and acute diseases often miss low-level chronic conditions. Aussie techno writer Stewart Fist thinks it's possible that most modern societies have been suffering the effects of long-term background R/F exposures for a couple of generations. But no one has yet scientifically established the link.

Sudden spikes in death rates in cities like Sydney Australia that that have “gone wireless” indicate big trouble ahead. Peter Franch attributes a 5% increase in death rates in that Australian city to the mass introduction of wireless relay towers.

Given the incubation time of most cancers, we are still a decade away from a sudden and unarguable “spike” in debilitating illnesses-and a possible doubling of already high cancer mortalities-awakens the public to hazards as severe and as long covered-up as smoking.

Neil Cherry in Christ Church, New Zealand considers the proliferation of cell phones, microwave towers and microwave pollution to be serious contributors to cancer, brain tumors and increasing neurological problems among the human population.

Neurosurgeon Leif Salford says that cell phone users already headed for Alzheimer's or dementia in old age will get these conditions much earlier, while those who would have escaped both maladies are at greater risk of succumbing to them.

Salford's best scenarios show both risk groups having a “significantly diminished” number of working brain cells throughout their lives if they habitually use cell phones or live in the electrosmog produced by microwave transmitting antennas.

Salford and his colleagues at Sweden's prestigious Lund University have published “before and after” images showing a clear link between radiation emitted by mobile phones and brain damage.

Salford adds, “If this effect is transferred to young humans the effects can be terrifying.”

1993 the wireless industry association hired epidemiologist Dr. George Carlo to manage a six-year, $28 million research program looking into cell phone safety. When Dr. Carlo identified and confirmed genetic damage from wireless phone radiation, he did something completely unanticipated by his employers. He told the truth.

Carlo's research concluded cell phone users were twice as likely to suffer from brain cancer and rare tumors than non-users.

He spelled out his findings and concerns to the Chief Executive Officer AT&T Oct 7, 1999. His letter is in my report.

Carlo said severe cell phone risks use appeared to follow a dose-response curve - and the risk of contracting certain tumors more than doubled.

“Alarmingly…the industry has ignored the scientific findings suggesting potential health effects - they have repeatedly and falsely claimed that wireless phones are safe for all consumers including children. I am asking you to help us do the right thing”-in distributing the summary findings. -George L. Carlo PhD.

Another team of Aussie scientists funded by the communications giant Telstra exposed a group of mice to a digitally pulsed cell phone transmitting for two 30-minute periods each day - and also found a doubling of cancer rates. Most mobile phones zap between 10 and 30 times more radiation into the user's head than those Aussie mice were exposed to.

Telstra's favorite scientist Dr. Michael Repacholi had previously promoted the safety of cell phones in court cases against base-stations and towers. But Repacholi reversed his polarity in 1999, warning that low levels of non-ionizing radiation can create changes in animal tissue.

Dr. Stephen Cleary World Health Organization researcher made his mark by finding that human brain cells show altered DNA after a single exposure to microwaves-and that such damage is probably cumulative. Cleary is also retiring from further cell phone research due to lack of funding, after being cut off by the cell phone industry's wireless research arm, and by Motorola-the biggest corporation giving grants to compliant scientists.

Dr. Jerry Phillips worked with Ross Adey. He, too, found his funding withdrawn after he published a paper revealing DNA damage at a SAR 0.0024 (1998. Replicated.) Jerry Phillips has now largely withdrawn from further research.

How can corporations sell products known to be so dangerous?
Ask Big Tobacco. Or makers and sellers of rollover-prone SUVs. $40 billion a year in cell phone sales buys a lot of denial.

I'll take my chances. My cell phone is too convenient to give up.
How convenient is cancer?

Like smoking around children or in public places not personal “right” or decision.
Rights of all affected persons and species.

If present rates of cell phone exposure continue or climb, children, executives and other heavy cell phone users will be culled by an electromagnetic epidemic within a decade. Plummeting perm counts - inability to reproduce = extinction.

Sixth Great Extinction Event now.

Earth's electromagnetic spectrum is part global commons - not corporate preserve.
Not military preserve test new toys on the families they are liberating to death in Iraq.

Yet our airwaves are being auctioned off like real estate.

Fight back!

Insist on precautionary principle - new products must be proven safe before introduction - not proven dangerous after spread through society.

Chemtrails barium conducts cell phones micowaves EMR.

Public annoyance leading to cell phone backlash.

Vidphones cited for invasion of privacy and corporate espionage.

100 million cell phones will be discarded this year alone. Lead, arsenic, beryllium, cadmium and antimony inside their sleek cases are persistent contaminants, highly toxic in tiny amounts.


1. Do not use a cell phone except in an emergency.

2. Limit calls to 2 minutes or less, 5 minutes a month, max.

3. Use a shielded headset only, and keep the phone away from your body when it's turned on.

4. Never use a cell phone while driving. Park your vehicle and get clear of its steel structure, first. Wait at least 15 minutes after the call before attempting to drive.

5. Never use a cell phone near children-especially inside a car, bus or other vehicle.

6. Weak batteries and low signal strength boost the power output of cell phones and tower relay transmitters to compensate. Keep batteries charged and make essential calls with the phone's ?power bar? display at 100%.

7. Resist and remove cell phone relays from schoolyards and neighborhoods.

8. Conduct extended conversations on regular corded telephones.

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By William Thomas


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