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A previous profile my son did in CureZone in April 2008
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Published: 15 years ago
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A previous profile my son did in CureZone in April 2008

This is my son’s information as of 06APR08, and he has authorized me to share it in this profile.

1 NAME & ADDRESS. mpdela’s son
2.  LOCATION. Miami, FL,  USA
4.  ETHNICITY. Cuban Hispanic (parents and grandparentsborn in Cuba; great-grandparents from northern Spain and Barcelona)
5.  AGE/SEX.  22 year old male
6.  DURATION OF CONDITION. Last 8 years from high school sophomore (14yrs old) thru 4 years of college (22 yrs old).  Odor decreased with NIH TMAU diet & supplement regimen just before graduation.
7.  CHARACTERISTICS. Rotten dead fish or meat, sewer smell (we thought the smell was coming from the underground bathtub draining system), fecal bad breath, and sometimes sulfur-like odor.
8.  SITE. Odor primarily came from his breath, not only the breath from his mouth but also from his nose (with his mouth closed). It was also in all his body secretions, including saliva, sweat, urine, etc.
9.  DIETS. While I was pregnant with him, my diet consisted primarily of fish, lobsters, steaks, and Cuban cuisine – black beans & rice, pork, chicken, eggs, mangos, bananas, strawberries, broccoli, split pea soup.  Throughout his life, he continued most this diet except no fruits (allergic) other than orange juice and no vegetables (allergic) except only those cooked in foods, throughout his life until began low-choline & low meat-protien diet. 
10.  ALLERGIES. Allergy & Asthma doctor tested him when he was 14-yrs old, when odor began, and said he was the most allergic patient they had ever had in their practice, and that it was a miracle that he had survived all these years.  He’s allergic to most trees & grasses, molds, mildew, dust & dust mites, dogs, cats (we’ve had both dogs & cats), corn, nuts, most vegetables, many fruits including mangos and bananas, etc.  Improved w/2-yr allergy shots, but must avoid foods allergic to. Extensive family history of auto-immune diseases such as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), rheumatoid arthritis, severe allergies, asthma, lymphoma, leukemia.
11.  BATHROOM USE. As a child, normal & regular.  Teenage years, regular & pasty/not always well formed. Sporadic diarrhea &  constipation.
12.  EXERCISE REGIMEN. Could not do outdoor sports growing up due to environmental allergies, so instead did body-building, spear fishing, deep sea fishing, scuba diving certified.
13.  PERCEIVED SINGLE CAUSE. Possibly hereditary metabolic disorder and/or altered gut bacteria.
14.  GENERAL CONDITIONS. Either hereditary metabolic disease triggered at puberty, or liver damage triggered by one-year treatment of Acutane for acne vulgaris at 13-14 years of age.

15.  TREATMENTS. After endoscopy & other tests by gastroenterologist, diagnosed with GERD, and treated w/antacids (Nexium) somewhat improved stomach pain but still always extremely tender stomach & intestines w/odor.  Allergy shots for 2 years & antihistamines (Allegra) improved asthma & skin rashes but not odor; weekly cutting & draining of facial acne vulgaris cysts for 2 years w/acne meds (have not left scars on face) until took 1 year of Acutane – cured acne on face but not on his back until January 2008 when began NIH TMAU regimen w/supplement; Strongest odor began at the end of one-year treatment with Acutane.  Only low-choline and low meat-protein diet w/NIH recommended TMAU regimen cleared acne on his back and significantly reduced/eliminated odor. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest odor), odor level now ranges from 0 to 2.
16.  HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS. Pediatrician, gastroenterologist, dermatologist, allergy & asthma specialist (M.D.), Internal Medicine Doctor, Mental Health Therapist for anxiety in high school.
17.  WORST MISCONCEPTION. Doctors did smell the odor (everyone did), but didn’t seem to be able to determine cause of odor and for years were at a loss for a solution until found NIH TMAU regimen w/supplements website a few months ago. 
18.  WORST REACTION. BO was strain on intimate relationships. BO is now pretty much under control, so no longer main factor.
19.  EMPLOYMENT. High school summer job selling cell phones at Mall kiosk (wide open space helps disseminate the odor – less detectible) did well in sales.  During college, worked at home alone w/mental health medical transcriiptions.  Employed by university in senior year to design and perform research project for Psychology Department as a PRIME Fellow to be published in American Journal of Psychology – worked with few other students & faculty – never intimate relationships with them but good working relationships.  Afterwards began NIH recommended TMAU treatment, and after graduation, began a job as a Behavioral Heath Technician at local prison conducting group sessions with mentally ill inmates.  Having great interpersonal relations with patients (inmates) and co-workers, but always anxious expecting odor problem to kick-in.  Plan to begin Graduate studies in psychology after having worked a year.
20.  APPROPRIATE JOBS. Research at university psychology department and behavioral health group sessions, eventually have private mental health counseling practice with psych consulting jobs.
21.  SHORT TERM GOALS. To cure my odor condition to be worry-free and establish good intimate relationship with a woman.  Will settle for good control of body odor if no cure is yet found if need be. 
22.  HOBBIES. ((In my son’s own words and in order of preference) Go to concerts with friends, play World Warcraft, chill with my friends; listen to music, go fishing with my father, brother, and friends; watch movies; go to gettys, clubs or the beach with friends.

23.  NOTES.  (In his own words) “Prefer not to focus my attention on my odor or to focus on exploring solutions to my odor, but instead to just have a routine that eliminates or decreases my odor so that I don’t have to think much about it at all.  Instead, I want to focus all my attention to living my life, working, studying and to have a meaningful career, looking for a meaningful relationship with a woman ‘who’s crazy like me’ who likes to do alot of the things I like to do, and to someday have a good family and home with my pet cat and maybe another dog.”


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