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Hello New World Order: rich elite, poor servants & no middle class
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Published: 15 years ago
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Hello New World Order: rich elite, poor servants & no middle class

Welcome to the New World Order - where the goal is to create a small upper class of the elite serviced by a large servant class of poor, with the middle class virtually eliminated.

As we continue to finance a war to make Iraq safe for big oil (and one has only to look at the numbers on the gas pumps and at the record prices in the financial news to see how much concern big oil has for our fate) and print new money to prop up the economy with stimulus packages we cannot afford, and while we bail out the loan sharks with money the government does not have, the dollar and our standard of living can only suffer.  And it will only get much, much worse when the tab finally, inevitably comes due.

Someday we will have to pay that price for our economic sins by lowering our standards of living as our real money is siphoned off to our creditors - China and the international bankers.  And then comes the next blows along the wonderful road to a New World Order. And, at every step along the way, the middle class shrinks and the poor, servant class grows.

The next blow, as planned, is the formation of the North American Union (which is proceeding apace inspite of the wishes of our citizens) - where the standards of living of Canada, the United States and Mexico will reach an equilibrium, resulting in a huge downward adjustment to our real incomes and standards of living.   What remains of the middle class will likely be mostly the remnants present upper middle class and a great portion of the lower wealthy class who will have a rude awakening when they find out that what their place will ultimately be in the New World Order.

After the North American Union and other planned world unions are formed, if all goes according to plan, it will not take long for everyone to find their place in where the new reality of economics and power of the world is headed - because the final blow will soon come when, just as has been planned  and executed right under our noses, various world unions are joined under one ruling body.  For what will probably be more than 98% of the world's population, freedoms and money will be few and far between.

Folks, this has been coming for a long, long time.  It has been tried and thwarted before, but this time all the right pieces appear to be in all the right places - and one of the biggest pieces of all is the lethargy and ignorance of the American middle class, even as that class dries up around their economic necks.



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