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Could you hold out for 5 months if you had to?

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Published: 13 years ago

Could you hold out for 5 months if you had to?

Coping: 10-Weeks Out, Redux

The Runs: McCain's Dims

I have deliberately not said anything about John McCain's health despite it cropping up in HPH's modelspace as being an issue in September, simply because it didn't seem to have any basis in fact, at least in the MSM. Yet, I suppose it's time to roll out the whole scenario now that McCain has had a small patch of skin removed from his face.

One way to read the linguistics is (put your coffee down for this part) that McCain's health becomes an issue and some other republicorp comes to the fore who is adjudged unelectable in the popular press by around October 1st, and then we get whatever the nominal trigger will be for the MOAC. One interpretation might be that with GOP (grand oil party) chances waning, the neocons will just get on with the bombing of Iran and the resulting oil embargo and isolation of the US in particular as punishment for going ballistic (sic) blows back on us.

Which is why in yesterday's report I mentioned the story out of the JPost that the US was only talking with Iran to legitimize a strike later. If McCain becomes unelectable for any reason, you will want to cancel that rug-shopping jaunt to Isfahan before, say, October 7th....just in case.

Remember the philosophy around here is to use the predictive linguistic reports to reduce personal risks. Yes, Elaine and I blew out of L.A. October 2, 2005 to return to the ranch because around October 5th we had linguistics pointing to a major/serious earthquake in the 'Southwest' with a latitude about 34 degrees north. Because we were living in Burbank (34.17 north) at the time, the 'reduce personal risk' decision was simple: Get out of the Southwest.

Of course, you know what happened next. In the Southwest, within days, and at 34 degrees 29 minutes north there was indeed a devastating earthquake. It's just this was the Pakistan quake in Southwest Asia. OK, we were off by half a globe, but the experience did serve to both reinforce our confidence in the linguistics, especially on the big ones and to make us quite serious about bracing for whatever is coming in October.

I had a chat yesterday at some length with chief time monk Cliff about what October will be like. If you remember that horrible sense of loss that followed 9/11 for six days? Try to wrap your head about 5-months of that kind of feeling what things implode. That's the magnitude of what Cliff is reading in modelspace. So, please forgive me if I seem to get a bit carried away by the urgency of this being a mere 10-weeks out from today.

Although the MOAC trigger is likely to be caused by a financial break of some kind, perhaps like the Bank Herstaat case which nearly caused a global collapse of the economy in 1974, there are some other 'candidates' for the trigger.

One would be a massive terrorist attack on America using weapons of mass destruction. However, as I explained yesterday, if this were to occur, I'd rate the odds of it being a false flag/put up operation very high, as any attack on America might cause a sudden swing to militarism and response, just as the 9/11 event was spun into a couple of wars.

Cliff's view is that after financial disaster, a third choice is his second bet - a major earthquake. We've still got a huge regional power outage to deal with, and although a large US quake seems to be in the cards before September 21, if we don't get that, then a major quake could also do enough damage and might have enough 'carry values'.

The reason Cliff's not as worried about a terrorist attack/FFO as me has to do with the emotional carry values. And, he's got a point. The size of a terrorist attack in order to cause the 5-months of release values, would have to be much larger than a Hiroshima sized device, even with fallout and so on making news day after day.

More likely, in the event of a megaquake - something on the order of a 9.0 or larger, we could get month after month of bodies being discovered, fallout from broken infrastructure, and so forth, not to mention the isolation of a whole region, which seems to arise.

All this is highly speculative, of course. I'm still betting on a collapse of the financial system of such magnitude that ATM machines will be shut down by banks to prevent runs at that level, and it's why I have opened the Treasury Direct account - because my faith in free standing financial institutions is not all that great to begin with.

Not that I am alone: If you surf around the 'net with any degree of seriousness, you will no doubt find people who are encouraging folks to demand stock certificates be issued to them because they don't trust electronic 'money repositories' to hold their wealth. And, who knows? Maybe that's not a bad idea.

All of which takes us around full circle again, back to the issue of John McCain's health in August and September, and his 'electability'. If that drops precipitously, then option #2 might move up a bit.

But it all matters little. All of the outcomes are horrific enough that it's just a sick monkey mind that tries to handicap what Universe has in store under the delusion of being able to have any influence over our personal outcomes, which may be largely predestined despite the illusion of 'free choice'. Cliff may have found a way to pierce the veil of time, but only to the extent we can see something is coming at us, but without the detail as to whether it's a train, terrorists, or a tsunami.

Maybe Universe runs things like elections in Florida? You just THINK you have a choice...or maybe Universe is still shaking the dice deciding which one and we can just hear 'them bones'. (Linguistic Note: Definition #7, which should give you some insight why predictive linguistics books aren't for sale on Amazon.)

Or, as Cliff is fond of saying: "...We could be wrong..."\

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