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Follow-up of My Own Healing Experience From Tardive Dyskinesia-induced Non-stop Eyelid-twitching

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Published: 14 years ago
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Follow-up of My Own Healing Experience From Tardive Dyskinesia-induced Non-stop Eyelid-twitching

Follow-up of My Own Healing Experience From Tardive Dyskinesia-induced Non-stop Eyelid-twitching

In fact most of the neurology-related disorders nowadays are closely connected to the side effects of modern medications especially the Atypical Antipsychotics that carry the side effects of Extrapyramidal Symptoms (EPS), Tardive Dyskinesia (TD) etc that would potentially and eventually disturb the normal functioning of the dopamine receptors (one of the main neurotransmitters / key elements of neurons (nerve cells) in our nervous system essential for the control of human body motions) such as blocking them etc (in carrying out their medical mechanisms to cure certain other sicknesses and unfortunately is also one of the unavoidable side effects of such medications). Next, such a situation would then lead to bodily chemical imbalances and then potential interruptions to the "message sending, conveying and relaying" neuron operations between the human brain and any parts of the human body that would in turn trigger off a variety of largely uncontrollable involuntary and purposeless movement disorders on any parts of our body that are substantially beyond control of the ones suffering from them.

Next, no matter how sophisticated the modern drugs are being invented and developed, especially the second-generation antipsychotics, such a potential side effect remains inherent in such medications that carry the side effects of antagonizing the dopamine receptors. Even though the possibility of manifestation of such neuromuscular symptoms may be very small or even negligible as proven by the established scientific research, other experimental and clinical verifications, it would still depend on such other factors as the different physical conditions of the users of such drugs, other unexpected possible allergy cases etc.

All in all, it would be the amount of medical attention and professional care of the medical personnel dealing with the specific cases of their patients and dispensing the drugs with such dopamine-disturbing side effects that would be primarily essential to ensure the non-occurrence of such disorders or minimize the risk of getting such disastrous and undesired neuromuscular side effects.

Unfortunately, based on my own personal experience of seeking treatment for such neurological Tardive Dyskinesia-induced Hemifacial Spasm disorders (abnormal involuntary eyelid twitching), most of the related medical specialists simply do not reveal this underlying truth about my actual medical conditions to me.

For your further information, I used to work as a business executive with a promising future not until I suffered from the Depression sicknness due to overwhelming work-related pressure and then such Tardive Dyskinesia-induced abnormal eyelid twitching sickness that eventually made me force to quit my job and stop working for more than half a year seeking repeated and numerous treatments for it. And surprisingly, most of the normal specialists just avoided, if not failed to associate my eyelid twitching sickness with the antipsychotic drugs that I had been taking all these while, so did the psychiatrist dispensing such medications to me. And in fact, he just expected and insisted me to continue taking them even when observing that such Tardive Dyskinesia side effects of Hemifacial Spasms were manifesting more and more obviously to him each time I paid visit to his practice for a medical follow-up and to get the same medications from him. Disappointingly, when I eventually questioned him about my abnormally rapid eyelid twitching sickness, he just said that "since I'm not an eye doctor, I naturally wouldn't know the cause of such sickness' . And then he just referred me to another eye doctor of his choice who diagnosed it as other symptoms like dry eyes, bacteria infections etc.

Later on, I just found out that there were quite a number of people who also suffered from such medication side effects of Extrapyramidal Symptoms, Tardive Dyskinesia etc, especially those working adults who were not so well-to-do and at the same time had a family to support and other miscellaneous financial commitments to bear were actually almost in the same boat as me and their lives were nearly ruined in the end together with the ones closely dependent on them. Saddeningly, they did not have the slightest idea of what was actually going on to them due to the negligences and deliberate concealments of their actual medical conditions by the doctors-in-charge

As for my own personal painful experience, I suffered from the Tardive Dyskinesia-induced abnormally rapid non-stop eyelid twitching that resulted from the dopamine-disturbing side effects of Risperdal drugs that were dispensed to me by the relevant psychiatrist to deal with my Depression sickness. The problem was such that, before I got such an abnormally rapid eyelid-twitching sickness the Depression sickness itself would merely caused me to lose interest in mixing with other people and to a certain extent made me feel reluctant to go to work sometimes.

Nevertheless, by the time such dopamine-disturbing side effects of Risperdal began to cause me abnormally rapid eyelid twitching, it caused me enormous embarrassments in front of so many other people and subsequently denied me of even the very basic abilities to read, watch tv, drive and carry out other daily and basic routines and then it cost me my job making me out-of-work for about six months. To me, the side effects of Risperdal is more distressing, if not, mentally-anguising than the depression sickness that Risperdal purported to cure in the first place.

Can you guys just imagine what an irony could it be when the drugs that are supposed to cure depression would cause such nearly irreversible sicknesses as Tardive Dyskinesia etc due to their unavoidable side effects that are in reality much more ‘depressing' to the patients than the depression sickness itself.

Next, when such unavoidable side effects become more and more serious and obvious and actually make the persons suffering from it getting more and more depressed, what should they do? Continuing taking such problematic medications for depressions to alleviate their mental sicknesses and so as to make them ‘feel better' for the time being at the expense of getting more and more serious side effects of such other bodily damaging sicknesses from such problematic medications later on ? Then what has exactly happened to these patients ? Would it be warranted to conclude that they have been plunged into such a vicious circle of ‘drug addiction' that would ultimately get thier lives ruined in the end if they were to be instructed by their doctors to continue doing so ?

I am less fortunate enough to come from such a less-developed country to have access only to the outdated drugs with greater hazardous side effects whilst the related users of such defective drugs are mostly less medical-conscious and often over-relying on the misleading advices and instructions of the doctors, only to the detriment of their health and well-being in the end. In fact, regardless of the fact that more and more advanced versions of Botox injections and other sophisticated drugs with lesser side effects meant for the treatment of mental disorders and other related illnesses are invented in U.S and other more advanced European countries from time to time, the so-called specialists in my home country which is less-developed would still insist to dispense and apply the outdated drugs for the treatment of such sicknesses knowingly just to save costs and reap more profits from their custormers. And that is the reason why I tend to get an ever increasing dosage of the same older version of Botox injection from the same neurosurgeon time and time again for the treatment of my Tardive Dyskinesia-related abnormal eyelid twitching before I am fortunate enough to finally get it totally cured through acupuncture treatment. For your further information, I actually paid 5000 dollars for each Botox treatment from an expensive private medical center of my home country and I was surprised to know from other U.S and European people over the internet that such Botox treatment would cost them only 500 dollars the most in their own countries. Furthermore, such medical costs are covered by insurance scheme in these modern countries in contrast to my own home country whereby all the medical costs are expected in a non-negotiable way to be paid immediately on cash terms by the ones receiving such treatments from such expensive medical centres and insurance coverage rarely and hardly works down here.

So, In line with my vocation as a part-time social worker for my religious organization, by posting these articles over the internet, I hope that apart from sharing my healing experience from such Tardive Dyskinesia-induced abnormal eyelid twitching, these information would eventually raise the level of self-awareness and self-consciousness about the hazards of Tardive Dyskinesia and Extrapyramidal Symptoms as well as the medications causing such disorders, especially the modern Atypical Antipsychotics meant for the treatment of certain mental disorders so that the intended persons could avoid following in my footsteps of getting such disastrous side effects from these drugs by being more medical-conscious and expecting the medical personnel-in-charge to exercise the necessary due diligence, responsibilities and obligations for their healthcare.

Subsequently, in spite of the fact that the medical personnel in such modern and developed nations as U.S and most of the European countries may, due to the strict professional protocol, exercise a much higher level of medical ethics in dispensing the related medications with such dopamine-disturbing side effects and paying more medical attention in dealing with patients with such neuromuscular disorders (in contrast to the haphazard and arbitrary ways in which such patients are getting treated in my home country which is less-developed), I still feel that the patients themselves should at the same time be more observant in such matters dealing with their health and be wary of the disastrous side effects of such medications. After all, it is eventually their own bodies and health matters that are being at stake, and hence need to be taken care of.

Lastly, I hope that the information provided will be useful to the intended readers and hopefully better medications free of such undesired side effects will be invented in the near future to improve the medical welfare of all mankind. Thank you.

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