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Re: Assorted Fluoride Questions
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Assorted Fluoride Questions

1)"Is it possible to somehow bathe/shower with clean, fluoride-free water (I only have a water distiller for drinking)"

A whole-house RO system seems to be the best solution. If you don't own your domicile, a shower filter. What is best? I don't know. We've had that come up here lots. People ask, but then don't extend their research beyond asking, and don't report back.
So, research, and share what you learn, please:)

ps...I have well water, therefore, I am not driven to research this...


"2)How do I know if I am detoxing from fluoride, or gauge the level of fluoride toxicity in my body?"

part one.... that's a hard Q. How do we know when we are detoxing fluoride? As far as actual research goes, all that we have are the words of the io-docs:

"Is there a practical and simple way to lower the body's burden of fluoride and bromide? It has been known for sometime now that bromide competes with chloride in the extracellular space and that the total molar concentration of bromide plus chloride remains constant. (8) This concept has been used to decrease extracellular bromide levels by saline loading. However, the presence of bromide in the thyroid gland (9) and the central nervous system (10) suggests that there is another intracellular "pool" of bromide, not responding to chloride. In the thyroid gland, bromide competes with Iodide for uptake, oxydation and organification.

"Therefore, increasing Iodide intake should lower bromide levels in the thyroid, preventing and reversing its thyrotoxic and goitrogenic effects. The same applies to fluoride. Galletti and Joyet (12) evaluated the effect of 5-10 mg fluoride on thyroid functions in hyperthyroid patients. Although fluoride inhibited the iodide-concentrating mechanism of the thyroid, fluoride did not accumulate in the thyroid. Based on their radioactive tracer studies, they concluded "Fluorine does not impair the capacity of the gland to synthesize thyroid hormones when there is an abundance of Iodide in the blood." Therefore, fluoride toxicity depends on iodide supply."

"Following supplementation with the iodine/iodide preparation, there was a progressive increase in the excretion of fluoride and bromide. With 3 tablets, the 24h excretion of fluoride was 17.5 times baseline level; and for bromide, 18 times baseline level. These high levels persisted even after one month of supplementation at 3 tablets/day, being 15 times baseline level for fluoride, and 16 times for bromide. After one month, the estimated total amount of halide excreted was 24 mg fluoride and 8700mg bromide. It is unlikely that such large amounts of halides came from the thyroid gland. It would seem that the whole body is being detoxified. Orthoiodosupplementation could be used under medical supervision to detoxify the body from unwanted halides in a manner similar to the use of EDTA for the detoxification of heavy metals."


Part 2..How does one gauge the level of fluoride toxicity in the body? Well, have a look at,
for starters...

Now, how does this fluoride excretion manifest, physically? I don't know. I can't find anything on that. I assume that urine was tested here.

So...if you want to test your urine, here ya go! This is a link to water quality test strips. How that would translate to testing one's urine, I dunno. In my life, research happens on a "need to know" basis. At the time this link came up I assumed that I had excreted what fluoride was left in me. I would absolutely FREAKIN love it, however, if someone USED these strips and reported back. So, YOU are nominated! DO IT!!! :


"Inexpensive test strips provide a quick and easy method of accurate measurements of water quality. The strip may be used for fluoride determination of drinking water. The solution being tested must be acidified with hydrochloric acid to a pH of 0.5. The range of this strip is 10-100 ppm in the following intervals: 0, 10, 25, 50, and 100 ppm. 50 strips per package."


"3)Does having an adequate level of Iodine in the body prevent the uptake of fluoride into your body's cells?"

~ I sure hope so. But "adequate" could very well mean way more than even the io-docs suggest, given the toxicity of our environment. We're just getting reports in now from long-time supplementers and how we react to Br and F in environment and food~ the reaction is instantaneous. Search Parrotgreen's messages, as a recent example.


4)"Are there any other effective treatments for detoxing of fluoride from the body besides Iodine? I have heard about boron and tamarind but haven't researched too extensively."

Yes. As a matter of fact, I recommend(we ALL recommend), that if you suspect that you might be carrying a heavy body burden of F, consider other means FIRST, rather than iodine.

BTW, search the terms "boron" and "tamarind" within this forum. You'll find lots. I'm going to link you to the stuff that I posted, though, as that is what I know best:

These posts are in no particular order, but lots of food for thought for you here:


thread on calcium supplementation as a means to aid fluoride detox, pay attention to Newport's "R" post within this thread.


More on fluoride detox:


fluorosis reversed:




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