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The same thing happened to me!

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susannahjones Views: 6,250
Published: 14 years ago
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The same thing happened to me!

Hi, I'm new here. Actually I just registered to reply to this post because almost the exact same thing happened to me last week. I lost a filling, a pretty big one, in a wisdom tooth. I know, I know.....we're not supposed to have wisdom teeth! They think if we have wisdom teeth we might get wise to them? Well, especially with the help of your post, I HAVE become wise to them!

I put up with the endless "you'd better have them pulled because they're going to cause you trouble down the road" BS for so many years, to which I always said, “then we’ll just handle it down the road.” Then, after the age of 40, magically, they stopped telling me to get my wisdom teeth yanked. For almost 20 lovely years, the dentist would fill them without question if they had cavities. (Although, I so often wonder if they drill away too much tooth for minor cavities! Who knows! I can't oversee the work very well!)

This particular filling had a little ledge on it, and floss would catch on it. Finally one evening about a week ago, the floss pulled the filling out.

When I lost the filling, there was a good deal of sensitivity to air and anything cold. I called my regular dentist the very next day.

Same deal, the assistant tried to prime me with "oh, you'll need a root canal." I said, "let's just see what the dentist says."

Of course, he said about the same thing, putting on his fake sympathetic smile, "from the symptoms you're describing, it's a root canal or extraction."

I left the office pretty shaken up. X-rayed twice. Temporary filling in place, for which I think they wanted me to kiss their feet. Over $200 on my credit card. A referral to an oral surgeon with a warning to have it done SOON!

I called immediately when I got home to schedule my "surgery." Fortunately the surgeon couldn't see me for over a week. In the meantime, I saw an article on oil pulling on a link provided by a member of a coconut oil forum to which I belong. I tried OP with coconut oil for the first time yesterday. Wow! What a clean feeling.......and I felt relaxed, energetic, and in a terrific mood all day. I even thought the sensitivity in that tooth had subdued a little. I did it again today, and again I felt great all day with diminished sensitivity. Then I found this forum, and after much reading here I came to this thread, which convinced me to look for a new dentist!

I did. Miraculously, I have an appointment with a "holistic dentist" tomorrow afternoon. I told them the whole story on the phone, that I had lost a filling yet I wanted to try to preserve this tooth. And they said they'd try to help, never once using the terms "root canal" or "extraction"!

I then called to "postpone" the appointment with the surgeon. (They wouldn't take a cancellation. I had the feeling they were going to report me to my regular dentist! Or to the ADA! Or to God! Or maybe it would go on my PERMANENT RECORD!)

We shall see how the new dentist does. In the meantime, I picked up some oregano oil to add to the coconut for tomorrow’s OP. (Not sure why I spent the $20 on it, since I have a whole side yard full of oregano. Maybe I can figure out how to make oregano oil someday.) And I am in no pain and chewing on both sides.

I love my tooth. I want to keep it. :D Maybe I will get to!

Thanks to all who have left such informative and intelligent messages here! Thanks especially to Larry for this story! I feel very fortunate to have stumbled upon this great info at just the right time!



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