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Re: Hormonal hell post mirena

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Clarkia Parasites Cleanse
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Hormonal hell post mirena

From over a year of paying specialist for all sorts of testing, including naturopathic doctors and acupuncturists, my new acupuncturist figured out a few months ago that it seems that the underlying point of failure with the Mirena causing all of these problems is in the gall-bladder-liver (its not just hormonal or adrenal failure). Once the gallbladder starts to fail, problems turn to the kidneys (adrenal), and heart affecting which then overall effect our endocrine and nervous systems and Sugar digestion. I too had the racing heart, especially at night during the insomnia. I think it is partially due to hypoglycemia (cause the hormones get all screwed up messing up the insulin which is why most of us gain all that weight around the belly).

I have found that acupuncture/NAET has helped me the most in balancing hormones, fixing Sugar issues (I literally went from having to eat high protein every 2 hours to eating 3 normal meals a day within 2 days of treatment), and cleaning out the gall-bladder liver channel & hormonal pathways.

I believe that as our bodies tried to rid of the levonorgestrel fake progesterone "toxin" and wasn't able to do it, it started killing our gall-bladder-liver which is the key organ in cleaning the body and in regulating hormones. In chinese medecine, they say that the reason women get PMS is because there is a weak gall-bladder/liver unable to process correctly the large fluctuations of hormones at that time...and that is why even as most of us heal we are still highly effected during that time of the month...mixed with the huge drop in progesterone and estrogen. Basically, I am still affected from day 23 to day 3 of my cycle.

The gall-bladder/liver is located in the upper abdomen and the energy channel in chinese medecine runs from the sinuses, along the side of the head, down the neck (where it is right near the sleep points hence insomnia), between shoulder blades (where I always had severe pain every night), lower back, and sciatic nerve, to the feet. Our side effects consist of sinus problems, migraines, back pain, abdominal pain, nausea/dizziness, nerve pain in back/legs (numbness), and foot joint pain all depending on where our energy is blocked on the gall-bladder channel...Also in chinese medecine the gallbladder/liver is the location of anger and unresolved emotions which accounts for the anger, frustration, Depression (besides the fact that we have no sleep).

We have been poisoned basically. This would attest to why some women react immediately and some after time, depending on how strong their toxin removing liver-gallbladder are. Many of us have had the mirena inserted right after giving birth when the gallbladder is severely weak due to all the hormone processing and so we react more quickly (and of course the manufacturer and the doctors can then just blame our anxiety, depression, insomnia etc on post-partum.

Yes, cleansing is key...vitamins B complex, EPA/DHA, Bach Rescue Remedy (for anxiety). I highly recommend finding an acupuncturist and naturapathic doctor and tell this information to them to set them on track.

I still am hoping someday to return to my "normal" self, but I am definitely wayyy better since having that evil device inside of me taken out and since working on treatment of my gallbladder...

Thank heavens for this website which has literally saved my life and good luck to everyone...I can't wait til this company is sued and everyone knows what a nightmare the Mirena can be.

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