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Re: Newbie with LOTS of questions :)
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Newbie with LOTS of questions :)

Hiya, Stephy,

My goodness, I wish I had known to ask such questions when I was took me another forty-five years! ...AND, I've always been a quick study, which makes me wonder.

I was born in 1938, right when people were changing their ideas of everyone automatically 'purging' at least once per year, to the whole new ideas of 'germs' and 'medicines'.

(I'd swear that doctor who cared for the Dionne quintuplets had an effect on all of us...and he was very egotistical. He even told us that cows' milk, in bottles, was 'better' than mother's, I believe, at least that idea came in about that time. Bless his heart.)

Parasites are everywhere, always have been. We can't avoid them entirely, which is why it is better to cleanse a couple of times per year...and keep our immune systems strong.

The marvelous strides in the evolution of the human body over the thousands of years we've been around, guarantees that we are the finest of our species to ever walk this planet.

It is a parasite's JOB to find the finest spot for their survival. It's also their job to remain hidden...which is quite a trick when we realize that some eggs travel to our lungs to hatch, then the tiny larva try to get themselves coughed up in mucous and swallowed back into our digestive systems where they can reach the intestines to begin their adult lives.

That's why spitting all the phlegm and mucous that comes into our mouths (not saliva, of course), is such a good idea. 'Cut them off at the pass!'

But, that's surprising news for a 22-year-old, I know. You have no idea what pleasure it gives me to tell save you years more of not knowing.

And, if parasites depend on remaining hidden for THEIR safety, why would we feel such a thing as 'scattering'?

Parasites are living where they wish to, if they possibly can.

The word 'disseminated' is used by some writers. All it means is 'outside the digestive tract'. If parasites are already 'outside the digestive tract' (and some are, for sure), why in the world would they announce themselves?

They could be dumb critters; they could be alarmed; or it may not be the critters we are feeling, at all, but something else.

The lymph system comes to mind. There are twice the number of lymph vessels in the human body than blood vessels (veins and arteries)...and lymph vessels have no pump except movement. Sit around for a while, like watching TV, or computering, and some lymph vessels will surely slow down, or even become blocked.

We don't come with a manual, or built-in windows, nor do those who could possibly know everything tell us exactly what we need at exactly the moment we need to know it...except for one thing...our bodies know, and they have little ways of communicating facts and needs to us, through instincts.

For example, you are here, asking questions. It takes courage to speak up on a computer bulletin board where all the world can see. And, what if the usual posters here think you are odd?

They certainly don't, but we who answer may give you exactly the encouragement you need, or we may not.

You are the product of a very long line of people who got it right! ...Else you wouldn't be here.

And, person by person, we are all finding the right answers, or the world's population wouldn't be growing by leaps and bounds the way it is.

Worry just doesn't come into it. It's no fun at all. Life is supposed to be fun, and amazing, and wonderful, and deeply interesting. That's what keeps us going, and learning.

Believe me, my friend, it is a great reward to me, at this age, to be able to see and understand something I hadn't ever guessed before. "Oh, for crying in a bucket, is that what's been going on all this time?!"

I feel like 32, my best age...and probably always will.

Besides, we are bigger and smarter than parasites...even a whole bunch of parasites. In the end, they must depend on US! Which makes me chuckle. (Luckily, smiling, chuckling, and outright laughter, are great healing tools...even if there is nothing funny going on.

The very acts of smiling, chuckling, and laughter, heal...isn't that great?!

One guy got himself kicked out of hospital because his constant laughter disturbed the other patients.

They don't kick you out of hospital when you are there for a serious illness, unless you are much improved.

A very warm and kindly doctor told me, when I was just a little older than you, "You can read ANYTHING in books."

And now on the Internet.

If I could somehow transfer my childhood, how the world was and how I experienced it, to would be amazed...just as I have been amazed at the worlds of my grandmothers, all of my relatives. In fact, I am amazed daily by all the stories I read.

You will be, too.

And, out of all we learn, some things will resonate with us. They will form the paths of our lives.

It is best to see only the best. Let the rest slip away. Our own judgement is our best protection.

You have excellent judgement, Stephy.

My best,


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