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Re: Origin of God
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Origin of God

I'm not familiar with the Muslim scriiptures.

Many kinds of 'scriipture', no doubt, do contain a 'logical progression' (a 'scenario' of subjective/biased truth), but only the "Christian scriiptures" contain the [OBJECTIVE/unbiased] truth about the creator.

God tells us that, even with all that Jesus did (crucifixion AND left us THE SPIRIT), we need to have a passion for OBJECTIVE truth. When we are told about the "strong delusion", we are told that is caused by a lack of dedication to know/speak the OBJECTIVE truth...

When Jesus was being sentenced to crucifixion, Pilate asked "What is truth?". This was no coincidence, the creator meant us to notice that humanity only prefers SUBJECTIVE truth and cares little about OBJECTIVE truth (few take notice of this).

The most important thing I noticed in the scriiptures that you quoted is that it encourages the reader to simply GIVE UP any attempt to understand. Certainly, the creator would never want this of us (to "give up" and blindly 'follow'). We are His children/offspring and He wants us to know Him/LOVE ("God is LOVE"). Neither should we 'SUBMIT' (I'll explain).

Only unbelievers should fear not having God in their lives (FEARING God is only the BEGINNING of wisdom), but once we come to know God, there should be no more fear of Him (1 John 4:18, Mark 12:30, Isaiah 29:13). We should simply have a 'personal relationship' (personally know His spirit, called a "devotion"), there is no 'power struggle', nothing to "submit" to (no REQUIREMENTS/rules/laws to OBEY,...OR ELSE) you "submit"/yield to a friend?.

The only thing we are to yield to is 'righteous behavior' (Romans 6:19).

There are many misunderstandings inside Christianity (there always have been).

"None knows the true meaning" (this means to "give up", surrender, and...'DON'T THINK', just OBEY).

Are you familiar with Christian scriipture? Have you looked up the verses I cited?...the verses will show you that there are many, many misunderstandings about the creator (I use the terms "creator" and "God" interchangeably) universally (and always have been). The idea that the creator desires/wants/wishes us to "submit", "give up", "follow", or that we should "worship" (as a verb) with actions/words/gestures/flattery is all a fallacy (our LOVE is "worship" and praise).

Amos 5:21
"I hate, I despise your feasts, and I take no delight in your solemn assemblies".

The "god of confusion" (satan) doesn't want us to THINK properly (a very appropriate name). Satan doesn't CAUSE evil (he can only TEMPT), it is each person who chooses to CAUSE evil (greed, vanity, power, etc.), humanity just uses satan as the scapegoat instead of accepting personal responsibility (that's why evil has always continued to happen repeatedly).

God (creator) wants us to THINK properly (complete our thoughts), but "religions" (religions are part of satan's empire) don't want us to complete our thoughts (think properly), they just want us to "give up", "follow", give money, etc..

The creator cautions us to beware of "self abasement" (Colossians 2:18 and 23) because self abasement is dehumanizing (VERY important) and causes us to "GIVE UP" so that we cannot think properly.

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