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really Sick Dog! Possible poisoning
happywifey86 Views: 2,839
Published: 14 years ago

really Sick Dog! Possible poisoning

"On Friday night our German Shepherd Kimber was jumping over something and landed landed on a chainsaw. Her paw right underneath of the pad that is up her leg was deeply cut. We immediately fed her cayenne pepper, and put it on the wound to stop the bleeding. After a little while I mixed up some of Dr. Christopher's Bone Flesh and Cartilage formula with melted coconut oil, made into a paste and applied quite a bit of it in the wound, then fed the rest about a tblsp to her orally. We bandaged it up and rubbed cayenne over the bandage to discourage her from taking the bandage off, but over night she took it off and cleaned the wound. After that she seemed fine, she favored the foot but was her usual self, since she seemed fine we didn't do anything else for the wound, we just let her take care of it.

This morning when I woke up, I went into our living room, and she was laying there on the floor, she had thrown up twice, and was having a bit of trouble getting up. my mom later told me she had wanted out in the middle of the night, which is kind of unusual. The fact that she was on our living room floor was unusual because she always sleeps in someones room, and throughout the night sleeps for a little while in each family members room.

Right now she is extremely weak, not eating or drinking, and very sick. She perks up a little bit whenever any of the men in our family comes around, but otherwise she wants to be by herself and she doesn't want to be outside with them, which shows us how sick she is because her world revolves around my dad, hubby and brother. Wherever they are, she's there, or trying to get there. My brother gave her some cayenne in coconut oil this morning, and I just checked her would which looked clean, but red, and it didn't look like it had healed at all. So I bandaged her up again with lots of bf&c, gave her some more cayenne in coconut oil (both she eats willingly, but is having trouble eating them) My mom is right now giving her some garlic, and trying to give her some water."

That above post I posted at another forum when we thought the problem was an infection from her cut, we have confirmed that her foot is not infected, and we now think that she may be poisoned. We recently had antifreeze leaking onto the ground. Does anyone have any herbal help for her?
We have been giving her a mixture of cayenne pepper coconut oil rosehips and garlic, plus slippery elm with blackstrap molasses. She has not eaten anything since Tuesday and she is now drinking water.

Does anyone know how we can tell for sure? This morning she looked alert, but very weak, now she looks a bit worse. Her fur still springs back when pulled on, her eyes don't seem to be glazed, they appear normal, her breathing today seems fine, yesterday it wasn't very good. She is drooling, and she isn't a drooler. She just wants to lay there all day, she doesn't want to eat anything, yesterday she would eat the cayenne and coconut oil, but as soon as we put in the garlic she didn't want to eat it. So we force her to eat it.

We are very worried, she is definatly one of the family.

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