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Re: 10 Ways to Transform Toxic Thoughts
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: 10 Ways to Transform Toxic Thoughts

I agree and I disagree.

My original objection was to the off topic nature of the topic with respect to water fasting.

Yes, you are right, fasting and spiritual health can go hand-in-hand. But you will see that over the past couple of years on this forum, any negativity is rejected as "hateful", "intolerant" or some other slanderous name.

On the surface, to someone smoking a bong, this sounds great.

But in the real world both positive and negative feedback are essential for life. In many systems, the negative feedback is FAR FAR more important than the positive feedback. If you truly want SUPPORT to exist on this forum, it must come as both negative and positive.

You can tell your child in the nicest voice possible that they shouldn't touch the stove, but often it isn't until that pesky NEGATIVE feedback system, the nervous system, kicks in and tells them that they shouldn't have touched the stove that the message is assimilated.

Now you say, the nervous system's negative feedback mechanism is a great teacher, perhaps one of the best humans have, but doesn't it also operate in a positive manner?

Good question. Thanks for asking it. Yes, it certainly does. But the positive feedback aspect of the nervous system is also the most dangerous.

How many of you are too fat because you took all those wonderful, positive feedback signals from your tongue and indulged them?

How many people are sex-addicted because they indulge such signals?

How many people are out of shape because exercise causes negative feedback more than it does positive feedback (sore muscles, joints, etc).

I apologize to those of you who won't understand any of this. I can not prove any of it with my emotion. No, unfortunately this is all grounded in the world of mathematics.

Please note, if you are one of those people that operates with little or no feedback, especially of the negative type, you are what is referred to as an "Open Loop" system (versus a Closed Loop system which employs ample feedback). Open Loop systems typically are the more unstable of the two.

Relish any negative feedback more than the positive. Chances are that it's a better signal. And please note that negative feedback is not intolerance. That's just a weak argument to quiet opposing positions by people who have no real argument.

To close, here's an interesting quote from Wikipedia on the subject:

"A system in equilibrium in which there is positive feedback to any change in its current state is said to be in an unstable equilibrium, whereas it is possible for one with negative feedback to be in a stable equilibrium.

The end result of a positive feedback is often amplifying and "explosive", i.e. a small perturbation results in big changes. This feedback, in turn, will drive the system further away from its original setpoint, thus amplifying the original perturbation signal, and eventually become explosive because the amplification often grows exponentially (with the first order positive feedback), or even hyperbolically (with the second order positive feedback)."

Yours Truly

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