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cure for morgellons
jenn99 Views: 37,355
Published: 15 years ago

cure for morgellons

Hello everyone, I am writing to you finally cured from what I believe to be the most horrible disease that there is, not only because of what you go through when you have this disease but also the fact that no one believes you. my own mother who is a doctor thought I was crazy, however, it is because she taught me many things about the body growing up that i have been able to cure myself and I hope to help others from this horrible disease.

I got morgellons from staying at a hotel room where i felt things crawling on me, at first i thought i had lice, then scabies, but of course nothing i did helped me or my cat who also started scratching. I knew that oil kills bugs because they can not breath, so i decided to get some mint oil from bath and body works. I had what i thought was a pimple on my chest and as i was putting the oil on my body i saw a black worm come out of that pimple.

I then realized that that whatever i had was a lot worse then just a bad case of scabies. I sat in my tube with oil all over my body and i kept seeing new little black and brown spots come out of my skin along with different color fibers from clothes that i had warn. I went on line and spent thousands of dollars on a bunch of crap that had claimed to cure morgellons, scabies, bugs, and almost nothing worked.

here is what did work,
The ultimate zappper helped bring back my energy, waiora natural cellular defense took away many symptoms such as memory loss, sexual problems, depression, fatigue, and fever like symptoms, i would use it and put it in my cats water. nutasilver helps, the first time i took it i drank 20 drops and waited for things to come out of my body, nothing did until i took a bath and then i saw even more black worms come pouring out of my skin.
I also gave that to my cat with a dropper. Solaray Reacta-C 500 mg, i took 5-10 tablets twice a day, after a while i had to lower the does because i became dizzy, so please be careful, listen to your body the best way to cure yourself is to be healthy.
5 whole bunches of garlic pressed with a garlic masher mixed with a 1 and 1/2 quarts of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of salt, some cayenne pepper and 1 whole lemon. I would take 2 tablespoons of that oil with some of the garlic twice a day as well.

I would use mineral oil mixed with a little tea tree oil and put it all over my body (do not ingest), wait for at least an hour and watch things come out of the body, figure out what works for your body, don't use too much tea tree oil you can get burned, also watch your eyes if you put it on your hair, have a paper towel available so that you can wipe the oil coming down your face.

for my cat i just used mineral oil on her, i would not use any tea tree, that can hurt the cat, after i put the oil on her it was hard to wash off so she would walk around with some oil still left on her for a day until i would wash her again. please keep your home warm if you allow your pet to remain with a little oil on them because it can get very cold with the oil, it feels like your hair is still wet even though its not, so i am sure they feel the same when their fur is wet with the oil. You must stop eating all real and fake Sugar other than nustevia.

The only thing you can eat is fish, and vegetables, natural brown rice, and sometimes potato's, after a while i started to eat fruit as well, but for the beginning of the diet try to only eat the fish and veggies. stay away from all animal products including all dairy. soy is also not good. miracle mineral supplement also known as mms helps, i even took baths in it and washed my carpet with it with a carpet cleaner.

Also because you can not kill these bugs from just washing them you may need to buy some cheep clothes from walmart and Belles Outlet has great stuff very cheap. I bought new clothes every week, under garments as well and would never wear the same things twice. if it seems like a lot it is less than having to deal with this disease.

I slept on a plastic blow-up mattress that i would wash down with baby oil every night before i went to bed. I also vacuumed the house everyday or every other day, even the walls and the ceiling, and air vents. The Dyson vac works great. If you have a couch, chairs, bed that you have slept on or sat on, you may need to get rid of it, its just not worth it to keep it because the bugs are in it. For pillows and sheets on the bed, same thing i would buy new $2 twin sheets from walmart, and walgreens has cheep little pillows and blankets. After i would shower i dried off with paper towels so i did not have to buy towels.

everyday i would put everything in a trash bag and put it in the trash. also i would sit on plastic bags or empty trash bags in the house and throw them out each day.

this may seem hard or like a lot but you must do this for at least 2 weeks, then see what you can change while still healing. i promise you if you do everything i have written you will cure yourself within about 2 months or less. Good luck and God bless you all.

please let others know if you try this and it works for you, and please dont waste your money on all that other crap that is sold over the net, trust me i tried it all!

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