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health problems related to parasite infestation
scottylove Views: 2,396
Published: 20 years ago
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health problems related to parasite infestation

Hello everyone,
I first want to say this is a super sight, reading peoples experiences and ideas have been a huge support for me. First of all I am 30 years old, and ever since I was 20, I have been dealing with debilitating exhaustion. Other vague symptoms as well. Joint pain, stomach pains, headaches, sometimes huge loss, and some times gain in weight, and tingling in fingers in toes. Doctors don't know why. They acted as if everything in the world was all, in my head and I was left to feel like I was crazy. Well, back when I was twenty I lived in LA and had visited Mexico, and like every one in my group we believed our sickness was self limiting. (we had ice-cubes in our drinks). I truley believe now I picked up some sort of parasite that had never left my system. Other info, I love animals. I have a dog with severe allergies, (and skin mites, supposes not contagous to humans). I believe now also has walking dandruff, makes him very itchy. Giving him pyrethine baths and paragon, he has a renewed sense of energy. I Also own a greyhound, his bowl habbits are the same as my self, alternating diarrhea and pebble poos (my doctor calls this irritable bowl, and now says I have fibromyalgia). I also own three rats. One I adopted in Arizona this summer. My point in all this animal stuff is. I am at high risk for parasite infestation. So this summer after my visit to Arizona. Stomach pains increased (very bad and I kept putting weight on, even when barely eating) I had gained 18 pounds. Doctors again say nothings wronge. Well news for anyone listening. I started paragone and a liver cleanse, and am eating like a pig, and the weight is flying off, no dieting. Lost 5 pounds in approx 10 days. Weird stuff in toilet. Stomach pains only prior to a bowle movement. Joint pain for 30 seconds then goes away. Also having spurts of renewed energy.
It is difficult to clean everything, and I know its going to be a long journey to removing all these parasites from my home. But I have no choice I firmely believe this was the reason for my health problems. (but am not removing animals) the thing some parasites are so small and numerous, they are in the dust in my home. So currently washing all bedding in hot water, keeping bathroom very clean, and taking herbs. Its very time consuming and amazing to me how easy it is to have an infestation.

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