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Re: Try this..
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Try this..

hi , you are not alone , is is a silent epidemic, but covered up as , many differitnt and seemingly unreltated things, included aliens and spirits , but it seems to be "some kind of " technology .....

We are with many worldwide trying to get an investigation on this URGENTLY !

and cosider it mainly as a "human rights problem" , that we cannot solve on our own and that seems to be getter bigger every day .....

check it out , the group i am working with calls it "mind control" , its in any case remote manipulation ....

a silent empidemic hidden as many different things , included alien abductions, and the cause is "some kind" of technology.
My own experience started in 2005 , meanwhile i am in touch with thousands o people rapporting "mind control attacks" and no indeed it is no fun at all ...

We are contacting human rights organizations, and universities to investigate this URGENTLY because in our group we see a sharp rise in incidence in 2000 and an exponentinal increase until now, same is for alien abductions, same for "paranormal experiences" , and more things like this, any help is welcome, most people are trying to find out (just like you ) what is in fact happening , it is some kind of secret attack on humanity it seems, also goes together with heart attacks , imune disturbences , headaches, and fatigue , and many more things like this is VERY IMPORTANT DONT UNDERESTIMATE WHAT IS HAPPENING

 its hard for that to go to human rights , right ? its very smartly done ! Greetings From Belgium

We work with following people, organizations world wide.

” In precisely the year 2000 there was a sudden increase of new attacked victims each year, and a sharp rise in incidence on global scale points to a global problem.


A -Most ti's rapport physical and mental symptoms they experience from the moment the conscious experiencing the technology starts.

Induced Sleep: 71.58%

Sleep Deprivation: 91.58%

Extreme Fatigue: 76.84%

Blurred Vision: 60%

Fibromyalgia: 16.84%

Autoimmune Disorders (lupus scleroderma,): 10.53%

Sensations of pain in internal organs: 62.11%

Sensations of pain in backbone, arms, legs, muscles: 68.42%

Numbness and tingling, parenthesis, loss of sensation: 66.32%

Muscle Cramps, spasms, tension: 71.58%

Sudden Headaches: 68.42%

Irregular Heartbeat: 63.16%

Tooth Pain: 58.95%

Diarrhoea: 56.84%

Sensation of Electric Current Running through the Body: 58.95%

Induced thoughts, telepathic communication, and messages. 71.58%

Dream Manipulation: 75.79%

Artificial Emotions (induced fear, anger, shame, joy, hate, sadness): 70.53%

Sudden unexpected sexual arousal: 64.21%

Genital Manipulation: 62.11%

Manipulation of Memory (forgetting/remembering/): 72.63%

Manipulation of Memory (screen memories, false memories): 43.16%

Underlined typical or interesting ones

B -Most ti's rapport interception of mail, interception and alteration of telecommunications, telephone and internet communications and dysfunctions of all kind of electronic devices and cars electronic.

Did you experience Hacking or Tampering with electronic devices? What kind of problems or devices?

Responses Percent

Computer Error messages: 73.81%

Mail problems: 75%

Telephone connections home: 59.52%

Cell Phone problems: 54.76%

Personal messages over computer, TV or cell phones?: 51.19%

Bankcard Problems: 40.48%

Car Electronics problems: 42.86%

If other, please specify: 38.1%

Total Responded to this question: 84.85%

C -Most ti's experience "Organized stalking, which they explain in a few possible ways"

the Survey for remotely targeted individuals questions about organized stalking,

11. Do you experience so called "organized" stalking?

Responses Percent

Yes: 80.85%

No: 19.15%

Additional Comments: 34.04%

Total Responded to this question: 94.95%

Total who skipped this question: 5.05%

12. Your personal opinion about organized stalking

Responses Percent

People are manipulated and influenced remotely without that they know about the technology. 12.36% (far fetching implications ofcourse )
People and groups actively participate in the harassment and aware of the technology being in use. 21.35%
Some people around me are "organized" to stalk me, possibly paid to do so.: 14.61%

Both cases are possible, some people are manipulated, some consciously aware and involved: 51.69%

Total Responded to this question: 89.9%

Total who skipped this question: 10.1%

Total: 100%

13. IN CASE YOU DO experience organized stalking did it start for you :

Responses Percent

Before becoming aware of the Electronic Sensations.: 60.76%

At the same moment as the electronic sensations: 21.52%

After the electronic sensations: 10.13%

I never experienced any electronic sensations that I know: 7.59%

Total Responded to this question: 79.8%

Total who skipped this question: 20.2%

Total: 100%

Those tree things (nearly) always go together on the entire planet without the people knowing about each other and suddenly in 2000 on every continent a sudden increase in numbers of new targeted victims a year occurs, and this continues like this, year after year, until the present.

This should at least raise the question how the complaints possibly can be unrelated


Once you realized consciously the technological effects, did you think this was going on BEFORE you became aware of it and how long was it going on?

No: 10.42%

I did not think of it or i don’t know at all .: 10.42%

Yes at least one year: 17.71%

Yes at least 5 years: 11.46%

Yes at least 10 years: 7.29%

Yes at least 15 years: 4.17%

Longer than 15 years: 3.12%

Since Childhood: 16.67%

Yes it was going on, but i don’t know for sure how long.: 18.75%

Total Responded to this question: 96.97%

Total who skipped this question: 3.03%

What is the kind of school-study you have done:

Basic school education. 9.47%

Specific professional education or. 8.42%

Middle school: 2.11%

High School: 15.79%

University: 57.89%

Doctorate: 6.32%

Total Responded to this question: 95.96%

Total who skipped this question: 4.04%

How you would describe this experience?

Extreme crimes on humanity. 83.33%

Totally negative for future of human race. 62.5%

This must stop it is criminal. 82.29%

A challenge for Humanity: 38.54%

Possible help for Humanity: 10.42%

Extreme Torture without anything positive.: 63.54%

A shock, traumatizing, scary but sometimes pleasant or interesting.: 21.88%

Glad to be aware of what is going on so its not a secret anymore to me.: 50%

Total Responded to this question: 96.97%

Total who skipped this question: 3.03%


Do you think you know who is using the technology on you?

Responses Percent

Yes: 69.15%

No: 30.85%

Additional Comments: 56.38%

Total Responded to this question: 94.95%

Total who skipped this question: 5.05%

Age is around 40


MC Mail Team Members (part of the world wide movement)

AUSTRALIA: John Finch 00 61 4 2400 9627

CHINA: Soleil Mavis

Main Blog:

BELGIUM:(sender) Monika Stoces 00 32 (0)3 288 83 20

Federation Against Mind Control Europe

Friends Network

USA_OHIO: Derrick Robinson 00 1 513337 9632


CANADA: Mostafa Hosny

Rule of Law Defenders





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