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Re: Seminar Flyers

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Seminar Flyers

please keep this in mind:
the amish healer travels by what the amish call, a driver. the amish healer is in heavy demand by the matter where he goes, people seek him to come look at thewir dieing horse, their sick realitive or someone was recently burnt, etc....and rarely is he ever on time anywhere. he never knows what will come up at the last minute...........i have witnessed people bringing burnt children to him when they know where he is and i have seen amish beg him to "come" with them..... i have seen people with sever injuries/bleeding, him out in the wee hours of the morning. i have seen people with their bones smashed asking him to "help" because they can not afford the e/r or would they go if they could afford it.

this has been his life for the past 30+ years.

he is coming here directly from a private amish seminar on burns.....these are the ones the amish may bring their sick/burnt/etc. children to and the amish healer can't easily walk away from his people in extreme need. he will do what he has to do and he always hopes the people will "understand"..........

the amish healer "gives" his time, the most precious thing on this planet, far more valuable than gold/diamons, etc..

i have been waiting several years for this "first" seminar to create a series of hard back books. these books will be the "rarest" health books ever collected for paper (pdf file). i know once i can get the first one done, i can get him to do these regularly and i now have the ability to travel to him when needed as well and my largest priority is this collection of books.

10+ people are needed so he has someone to talk to, i think 6-10 local amish will be hear and hopefully 20 total people. 100% of what is collected will go to the amish healer to pay for his driver/expenses. these will be the rarest health seminars ever collected onto paper. under normal circumstances, this old order amish healer would not be speaking to "english" or what we call, non amish, non german speaking people.

i have a 10+ year relationship doing his burn-aid education onto paper and as well made herbal formulas for him this long and years ago, he told me as far as he was concerned, i was the only "english" person he trusted sell his b&w salve to non amish people. over the years, his children have since then sold the b&w ointment to anyone with the $$$ to buy it...all of which i could care less about. what i do care about is recording his life's work onto paper for future generations. he has seen and done more than most medical doctors could ever dream of doing and all medical doctors/surgeons, etc. could learn a great deal from him.

what makes him unique is he has had thousands of patients with most every conceivable health situation and most trust him with their life and most were extremely poor, so poor many had no way back home if they did live.

he trust god, he has no $$$ and when he does, he uses it to help the sick. he knows 100% that if i was to become deathly ill, he would be my only care provider regardless the outcome, because i would trust him more than any other medical facility and he has a 8th grade education............and a lifetime education in nature. he is the world's most experienced "fasting expert" on earth.

his seminar should be $20,000.00 per seat.
if some rich man donated 1 million dollars to his cause, he would no more good with the $$$ than any other organizatiion on earth. he would help more hurt humans than anyone could for the amount of $$ spent. his goals over the past 3 years has been to educate the american burn units to treat burn victims painlessly and not to use skin grafts. a few medical doctors/hospitals in the u.s.a. have actually listened. a few do not care he has no medical degree, doesn't care that he lives with no electricity or running water. that his home gets snowed in for the winter and that he and his friends play in the snow and chase bears for fun.

naturally, this speaker is not for everyone, but a few will enjoy him. no where ever, will you find him speaking to a group of non amish, except here and this is the "first" of hopefully many times.


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