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SCIENCE: Liver Flush, Separating Facts from Fiction

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Published: 16 years ago

SCIENCE: Liver Flush, Separating Facts from Fiction

Can Gallstones really exit gallbaldder and move to intestines?

- Some Gallstones from some gallbladders can exit and move to intestines.

So, the Liver Flush may support that process.

(Yes, a fatty dinner just might do something similar, but I am not convinced that the benefits of a fatty dinner can be compared to the benefits of a liver flush.

Many, if not all people who tried liver flush, also "tried" many fatty dinners (many times in their life), usually with not as many health benefits. But there is no doubt that fatty dinner is flushing your liver and your gallbladder, that is what gallbladder is for, for collecting bile and waiting for a large fatty meal. There is no doubt that many Gallstones get flushed out that way, and the owner may never know what really happened inside, cause those stones unfortunate enough to be flushed out from gallbladder, just may get lost inside feces.)

How do we know that Gallstones can exit Gallbladder?

Read here:

( Both sides of Liver-Flush debate agree that some stones can exit gallbladder! )

- gallbladders have been passing smaller gallstones for hundreds of thousands of years
- gallbladders have been passing smaller gallstones together with bile. It is a result of natural selection. Those who's gallbladders were unable to expel gallstones were not as healthy as those who's gallbladders were able to do so. Being able to expel gallstones is an important evolutionary advantage, and can mean the difference between life or death.

What people pass during the flush may or may not have existed in that size and shape inside gallbladder or inside bile ducts.
Actually, some of those green formations are formed overnight, from bile expelled during the flush, and will dissolve back to cholesterol acids if left exposed to air and heat. Bile is composed from cholesterol acids, and can be of any color: green, yellow, black, orange, red, brown, tan etc.

Read this:

and watch this next video. This video shows what happens with the soft "stones" when left exposed to the air/heat.


Launch in external player or download.

Fact: Some of those soft formations created overnight (created inside digestive tract from bile) may actually contain real smaller cholesterol crystals, gallstones, embedded.

Yes, most gallstones are not rock hard, but are instead waxy cholesterol formations.

Cholesterol is a waxy substance. Bile is composed from cholesterol.

Fact: Huge majority of people who try Liver Flush feel better.

Fact: stone may actually exit gallbladder, and may actually cause acute pancreatitis, and if person does not stop eating, or if person does not receive some other treatment, a person may die.
(tradition treatment for pancreatitis is water fasting)
Pancreatitis is a serious risk, but so far, only one out of 800 people reported that problem. Source: Liver Flush Forum

So, there are risks associated with Liver Flush?!

But, are there any risks associated with gallbladder surgery?
Read here:




Hundreds of negative experiences with gallbladder surgery.


So, there are risks associated with both procedures.

It is you to make your choice!

Fact: Some gallstones are too large to be flushed out.
Yes, a gallstone can be too large to exit gallbladder.
In that case, liver flush may help eliminate pain and symptoms, but will not help get the stone out.
In that case, liver flush may cause more pain.
In that case, liver flush may be the best or the worst thing to do.

Fact: Some people feel great after the gallbladder surgery.

Fact: Some people feel great after the Liver Flush.

Read more here:


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