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Re: Do you REALLY want to know????

Natural Cancer Remedies
Cancer-proof your body with little known immune boosters!


Natural Cancer Remedies
Cancer-proof your body with little known immune boosters!

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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: Do you REALLY want to know????

O.K!!! LOL!!!!

Some more details.......

I am using the amish (sp?) dewormer. I began by zapping for the first 2-3 days - for like and hour or two at a time - sometimes longer. The very first time I zapped I felt movement in my intestinal tract, among other places - kind of like wriggling - which got me wondering...

Then about a day or two later, I started passing long thin white/cream worms - about 6" long - almost like threads. Very delicate and easily broken.

Then I remembered that the zapper needs to be supplemented with a bowel dewormer and went with the armish dewormer. I also did a couple of enemas with the dewormer in it. Then things really picked up momentum. More worms - lots more!

The reds come out in balls of worms and look like very skinny earth worms about 2 inches inch long when you pull one out of the ball.

The fettucine cream ones are about half an inch or slightly less wide(I am not good with imperial measurements) and flat to slightly concave in shape. They are about 3-4 inches long. For some reason whenever I pass those it is in a dump of diarrhea.

Close examination reveals that aside from the reds - most of these worms are battered and broken and incomplete - so I do not know what their full lengths are.

My Tapeworms are quite skinny from the head down - for about an inch, but then seem to widen - they are only a couple of centremetres wide - but look deflated - like an empty ballon. They are broken and I have the impression that the guts have been sucked out of them. The heads are about half the size and the width of my little finger nail ( I have pretty small hands) and arrow/diamond shaped. The one I found in my stool - shich took alot of rinsing to break down - initially showed as a taught worm thread linking two bits of crumbling because of rinsing stool. So I kept rinsing and it all fell away and there was this long stringy thing. I lifted it out and "spread" it out. That is when I saw the shape of the head and unfolded it to its full length. Initailly I thought it was another red, until I unfolded it out and it became very clear that it was a large red vein running down the middle of it.

I fear I have been put of sashimi for life! I adore sashimi, but it does seem to be the likely culprit for the Tapeworms and probably some of the other exotica I am currently in the process of ejecting.

Last night I took the CoQ10 and this morning there were alot more tape wormy parts , but I did not inspect closely as I was in hurry.

I am in seriously major nuke 'em mode now!

So I have been passing worms pretty solidly for around 5 days or more.

Tomorrow night it is two weeks since my last Liver Flush and it seems a good time to go again!

So my husband and I shall once more unto the breach - the breach in our health that is.

Good Luck to everyone else with your cleanses - parasitical or otherwise!



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