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Re: Pretty much
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Pretty much

Hi Bythc,

I have been offline for a while, due to fighting this nasty 'M' with all my might... my hair is now like a bunch of soggy rubber bands that spring back when I comb it. Guess I am in the inevitable stage of losing my hair, which being a woman, is especially devastating to me. Anyway, I tried opening the link that you gave for the treatment you followed and it brings up a variety of links...?

But another thing I was wondering about was whether anyone had read this Australian news article, covering what he had heard that the CDC had disoovered about this disease...?

source: "The Nimbin Good Times is a FREE monthly newspaper for the vibrant Nimbin community in north east NSW, Australia. It contains many articles highlighting the issues facing a creative, alternative culture. We hope you enjoy reading this month's edition"

“Morgellons" Fungi Menace Identified -- by Peter Barrett

Morgellons, a skin disorder which has been causing pain and grief for thousands of sufferers worldwide for many years, has finally been identified by the USA Centre for Disease Control who have been studying the symptoms and tissue samples for about a year now.
After much debate and conjecture this disorder which has until recently been diagnosed by doctors the world over as Delusional Parasitosis has finally been recognized as a very real and dangerous condition which if left untreated can escalate to a condition known as Systemic Mycosis.
So what is it?
Morgellons only attacks those with severely depressed immune systems - young children before immune systems develop, those who have suffered things like malaria, Ross River fever etc, and the elderly.
It starts as a skin rash or an itch which quickly spreads without discrimination to the major Lymph's and Pressure Points in particular the head and neck. The pain is recorded worldwide as intolerable to the point where a quite alarming number of sufferers have taken their own lives rather than endure the long term pain and suffering that accompanies the disease. However it is also recorded that the reason for resorting to suicidal action goes far deeper than just pain.
Sufferers the world over have been to various medical professionals with the problem only to be told that it is all in their mind. This is exactly the same answer I myself received right here in Nimbin just before being referred to Lismore for Psychiatric evaluation. I saw 3 different local doctors plus a Lismore skin specialist and the Lismore Hospital. Yes that's correct, Right here in Nimbin.
The illness was reported to the NSW Medical Board and the NSW Dept of Health but there was no interest from those areas whatsoever. Symptoms have been observed in other local residents but all that we have spoken to claim to have been treated in the same manner that my wife and I were.
The world infection map produced by the Morgellons Doctors shows the whole of Australia as an infection zone. Take a look at
where you will also find the Phase 1 Summary report by the US Centre for Disease Control
How did it get here?
With origins in South America and reported cases in every part of the world we can only assume it was carried here by tourists, it is known to be an airborne fungus but more recently the source was found in some old style hot water systems which have lain dormant for awhile then put back into service. The fungi developed during the period of dormancy and provided a home for the offending Arthropod.
Just like most of the other sufferers I too was subjected to allegations of being an Ice drug user, a mental case and a carrier of venereal disease not to mention the frustration of being labeled a liar for refusing to admit to non existent drug use. It seems the medical practitioners know very little about the illness but still worse have plenty to say about what it is not. Diagnosing all kinds of tripe including psychologically manifesting the disease. I was even told I passed it to my partner by Psychological transfer. Apparently many GP's feel it necessary to display their superior knowledge even if they have none.
The frustration of trying to get help has been stated by the CDC as the main reason for the high instances of suicide rather than the illness itself.
Morgellons has been found by the US CDC to be a virulent strand of hard fungi. This fungi has resisted most forms of medication and wont even burn at the maximum temperature of the testing equipment available to the CDC. (NASA could not burn it either). It is most often accompanied by an Arthropod which co 'exists with the Fungi. If left untreated the Fungi can invade the Lymph's and main pressure points all over the body with heavier concentration in areas of joints and bone which is close to the skin. The Arthropod multiplies under the skin but cannot mature in a human host, Samples have matured once removed.
Severe itching particularly at night, brain fog and black dots on the skin are other indicators.
The Fungi produces literally hundreds of thousands of spores which travel around the body often via the blood stream which raises new concerns regards blockages and possible strokes. Further infestation takes hold of the lungs, stomach and other organs. Fine brown fibers begin to grow from hair follicles then spread over the skin sealing off pores and providing a nest for the fungi to grow. These eventually break open and become lesions.
Microscopic photos are available online so anyone interested can see the nasties for themselves, We first identified our own samples by using a microscopic camera and sending photos to US CDC for comparison to their samples.
Yes there are several treatments available but there is no single dose cure.
It is also dependant on the severity of the patients condition . Early treatment is the key.
My own personal treatment was prescribed by one of the professors working with the US Centre for Disease Control and it has worked. A combination of wormicides and fungicides taken over a period of 2 years has almost cleared up our problem but we are talking about a really severe infestation which was allowed to reach Systemic Mycosis level from lack of treatment in the early stages.
This story is not designed to cause alarm but may give some hope to current or future sufferers who know they have a problem but can't get to the bottom of the problem.
Prevention: Simple zinc and castor oil cream for the skin prevents the fungi from spreading externally but an internal infection requires medical treatment, if you can get it.
Avoid inhaling airborne fungi and beware of the old second hand hot water system.


source: "The Nimbin Good Times is a FREE monthly newspaper for the vibrant Nimbin community in north east NSW, Australia. It contains many articles highlighting the issues facing a creative, alternative culture. We hope you enjoy reading this month's edition"


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