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I believe...
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Published: 13 years ago
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I believe...

The guy who supplies David Wolfes site with "Marine Phytoplankton" and the guy who was/is connected with the "ocean minerals" from Oz is the same guy. I wouldnt be surprised if he gets the ocean water from one source, the MP from another source, and mixes the two together in his house and then re-sells it on David Wolfes site.

Just my opinion.

(But I'm usually correct)

When you get close to the top, all these guys run in the same circles. All looking for the next "big thing" all looking to out gimmick the next guy.

And make no mistake, it is all about the gimmicks. You have to create an image, a gimmick, an "edge" to you before the next guy does, or you will just be another face in the crowd. So grow your hair out, gauge your ears, wear boots from Peru so you stand out at the Health Expos!

This area of human endeavor draws a lot of fire, and much of it is well deserved.

How many YouTube videos have you seen of people who come out of the blue, delivering great information, and then...over will see the same people sitting in front of a small crowd of faithful followers, the speaker illuminated by the glow of candles at his feet, expounding on his personal philosophy on where the whole damn world went wrong. "Ohhhs" and "Ahhhs" come forth from the small crowd, believing that they are being let in on some top secret information.

Where did it all go wrong?

I'll tell you where it went wrong.

It went wrong when good people with good information get appproached behind the scenes by silent partners and marketing companies.

It went wrong when good people with good information run their course and their ego cannot quit, so they turn from a valuable informational resource into a Messiah like figure wearing ponytails and flowing clothing, blurting out unproven claims to an established audience that is so enamored with their personality that they will gobble up any BS that the person spews out of their mouth.

It goes wrong when good people with good information build trust with those who are looking for answers and then turn the trusting core audience into money machines, fleecing them with "jungle peanuts" and catchphrases like:

THE BEST DAY EVER, which others capitalize on and turn into THE BEST FOOD EVER, lets not forget THE BEST WEEKEND EVER, and of course THE BEST YEAR EVER!

The raw food/spring water/mushroom munching/alchemist/nature loving/tattooed/charismatic Messiah speaks in hushed tones and wide eyed enthusiasm to the captivated candle lit group before him, using speech patterns that hypnotically hold the viewer in rapt attention. Mixing established science with some bizarre personal views on where science is wrong and they are right, they deliver "cutting edge" information while the plate of cacao nibs and goji berries gets passed around the adoring throng!

This is clever marketing, implemented by clever people, rotating around the publics desire to want to be a part of something greater than themselves. And there is no shortage of people willing to give it to you!

Dont have any degree or formal education whatsoever in nutrition but still want to sell your homemeade concoctions? Call yourself an Alchemist! Call your products Elixirs! Tell people you have a Tibetian Monk who makes your formulas for you while meditating in a cave! Have your picture taken with you shirtless while mixing up your homemade formulas! Hygenic? No. Clever niche marketing? You bet!

Keep your shirt on my friend. Theres only room for one Diva in this house!

And That Is All.



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