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Image Embedded Re: perhaps candida is one of the symtoms of another problem?
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: perhaps candida is one of the symtoms of another problem?

I suppose "harsh diet" is relative
because doing what it takes to stop
the candida gravy train does take
discipline and focus. Also it requires
patience. I had systemic candida and
did use Mycostat and Olive Leaf as my
primary ways to bring my overgrowth
into balance.


I worked with a naturopath so had some
guidance and motivation to stick with
the food guidelines. It highlighted
the role my food choices had played in
promoting an overgrowth of candida.

Your flukes are parasites and thus another
whole aspect to a health picture. I am
sure I picked up tons of flukes by indulging
my fondness for sushi. A single infected
piece of raw fish can bring with it many
thousands of fluke eggs. Flukes live in
the bile ducts more than anywhere else.
Most likely it is your habit of using the
oil which promotes the formation of bile
and creates pressure so that you are in
essence flushing the flukes out of the
bile ducts. I have had success using a
Terminator zapper over my liver area prior
to liver flushing.

One point I would like to share is that
there are many ways to deal with an overgrowth
of candida. Many do not realize that we live
in an environment so rich in spores that when
a baby is born, they inhale the spores with
their first breath. For most of us we have
no problems co-existing with the yeast. It
plays a role in our biology. However, when
you toss in parasites, a compromised immune
system, and any other number of risk factors,
an overgrowth can also signal the onset of
more severe health issues and snowball into
something like cancer. The goal is to find
balance and to shift into a healthier lifestyle
and to minimize risks. For example, I NEVER
eat sushi anymore unless it does not contain
raw fish.

I have done the egg and oil Liver Flush more
than a handful of times, weeks at a time,
numerous times, as a part of my own effort
to decongest my liver from years of being
a guinea pig for doctors who were trying
to use pharmaceutical drugs to control one
of my health issues. I never used coconut oil
with it since I have read it is not suitable
for liver flushing~~




There is plenty of discussion in the Liver
Flush Support forum. If you go to the forum
and use the search engine at the top, you can
designate the Liver Flush Forum and key in
coconut oil.

Anyway, aside from liver flushing, I have used
coconut oil for ALL of its benefits but not
specifically for the candida. I have found great
success in using the Mycostat, Olive Leaf and
Colloidal Silver also at times to knock down
my overgrowth~~

It took me 3 years to bring my systemic yeast
infection under control. The funny thing was I
had never ever had a vaginal yeast infection, or
thrush and so had not recognized the symptoms
as those of candida, nor the severity. My best
advice too is to slow down when the die-off gets
to be too much, but to continue to work at getting
the numbers down.

Sugar craving is a sign of die-off since the yeast
thrive on sugars and other yeast so you will find
yourself craving what THEY want. Also, you will
find that in eradicating the problem, while working
to achieve balance, the yeast will shed a gazillion
spores when dying. This seems to create a bigger
problem but it can be managed by consistently
depriving them of more sugars and use of anti-fungals.
Equally important is ingesting good bacteria to
replenish the gut since its like weeding your lawn,
if you do not put good grass seed on the lawn, the
weeds will eventually creep and cover the areas
where you pulled out the weeds. Likewise, your
goal is to have the good gut flora help keep the
candida in check. Yogurt, kefir, probiotics or
fermented veggies can help a lot.

Something else I have used with major success is
Grapefruit Seed Extract. I have been using Grapefruit
Seed Extract on a month and then off a month for
probably a year now. I take the tablets which are
easier to use than the drops although the drops are
good for purifying water and for ear and nose washing
and especially for food poisoning, among other uses.
I like the ease of the tablets. I find using the GSE
very beneficial in keeping my candida overgrowth down.
Also, by using it over an extended time, I have not
experienced the severe die-off common in a candida
protocol, and my overall health has improved greatly.

I use Nutribiotic Grapefruit-Seed-Extract because it is organic~~and I can
buy it in liquid or tablet form~~


If you have ever considered trying GSE, I can recommend
doing it. I wish I had known about it years ago~~

Here is a link with great info on the uses
of Grapefruit Seed Extract~~

Use to be, I did an annual round of Mycostat sort
of as a preventative. Now, I no longer have any
symptoms of an overgrowth so use the GSE, two
tablets at night (a month on, a month off) and
imagine that the time will come when I will no
longer even use that. It has taken time but I am
proof that candida can be beat down and that health
can be restored. I am not a purist and have returned
to some of my old dietary patterns. I have shifted
them however and instead of a beer every night, I
may have one a week. Instead of huge pans of sauteed
mushrooms, I have a small amount infrequently. I
pay more attention to the fact that I co-exist with
yeast in my body and that who is the boss is determined
by which of us is the healthiest~! I plan on that being
ME from here on out~~!

Also, it is very important to give equal time and
energy to evicting your parasites. There are many
good cleanses out there. I like to rotate mine to
keep the parasites guessing.

best wishes,


I buy my Grapefruit-Seed-Extract at as it is financially
more affordable than at my local health food store.

First time customers can receive $5 bucks off their
order using a promotion code BES696


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