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Fast Food-The key to health, energy and longevity - Part 1

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Good Riddance to
Hot Flashes and More!

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Published: 12 years ago
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Fast Food-The key to health, energy and longevity - Part 1

Yes indeedy fast food is without question the key to vibrant health, a slim trim bod, clear skin, longevity and tremendous amounts of energy. Now before you decide that I am clearly a few strawberries short of a full basket and talking complete hogwash, hear me out. I can guarantee that what I think of as fast food is a completely different ball game from what you're thinking of (unless you've read Slim 4 life of Course)

When most people hear the expression "Fast Food", they automatically think of things like burgers, fries, pizza and so on. The reason for this is because fast in this context refers to how fast the food gets to us-and there is no question that the big fast food (and I use the word food here in its loosest possible terms) giants have got the down to a tee. However, what most people do not realize is that the minute you eat stuff like burgers, fries, pizza and bread-coasted chicken it ceases to be fast food-in fact it turns into what I describe as slow food. What do I mean? Well once it's found its way into your bloodstream it .....

...slowly clogs up your arteries, slowly fills your bloodstream with poisons, slowly overworks every organ in your body, slowly drains you of life, slowly uses up valuable nerve energy, slowly seeps fat into the bloodstream, slowly cause your red blood cells to stick together, slowly starves the cells in your body to death and ...


So you can understand why I don't describe this type of so-called food as fast - it is very slow food. In realty, all such foods do quickly is send blood sugar levels sky high, raise blood pressure, send the heart rate racing, speed u the ageing process and put you on the fast track to disease. Yep, you guessed it - I am not a fan.

As you probably gathered by now, when I use the expression fast food, I am talking about a whole different kettle of veg from the usual meaning. I'm not talking about how fast the food gets to your mouth but how fast the body will do three very important things.

1. Digest it.
2. Extract the goodness
3. Get rid of the waste

If it does all three quickly then it's a Juice Master fast food - if it doesn't, it isn't. Now I understand that the chances of your thinking about these three criteria every time you eat something are about as strong as the chances of getting your nasal hairs plucked by Kylie whilst holding a four leaf clover, but you should consider them. I'd even go as far as to say it's essential as the rewards for subjecting your diet to such simple scrutiny are truly magnificent. The cost of not thinking about it and simply popping any old rubbish down your esophagus can be truly horrific.

If you want mind-blowing energy levels, sparkling bright white eyes, shiny hair, hard nails, storing healthy bones, glowing skin, amazing mental and physical vibrancy and the ability to live your one and only life in a slim, trim, energy driven, disease free body, then listen up, listen hard and do yourself a massive favour by actually reading this article....yes all of it.


Now if you're scratching your head thinking isn't this supposed to be a forum about juicing and well being, well it is - but it's much more than that too. It not only features the kind of tuff you might expect - oodles of recipes, the a-z of fruit and veg, what to look for when buying fruit and veg, how to prepare them for juicing, what machines to buy and so on - but it also has plenty of information on certain foods that I would strongly advise skipping and some mental inspirations - the true key to life long juicing and supreme health.

Those of you already know of my passion in helping people to make massive changes to their health and lifestyle and just how easy peasy lemon squeezy it can be when you have a bit of knowledge and are inspired.

The first thing all the newcomers need to be fully aware of is just how important real fast food is to mental and physical bibrancy and a slim, trim bod - and agian I don't mean burgers and fries! I'm talking here about foods that are easily digested, whole life force is easily extracted, whole nutrients are easily used and whole waste is easily eliminated. I am talking here abut super-rich super fast, nutrient packed ,natural fast food. By the time you get done with the juicing course you will have a whole new ideal of what fast food really means. One piece of information that is bound to stick is this...


Here's your first eye opener - the average person will consume over 75 tons of food in their lifetime. Not only is that a huge amount but nothing you do will ever come close to the amount of nerve energy needed to deal with such a huge mass of food. Apart from -wait for it-lovemaking! This, I'm told, takes more nerve energy than anything else you can do. It may not seem like it sometimes, but making love supposedly takes up a lot of nerve energy - a good excuse for falling asleep afterwards if ever there was one. Even running a marathon requires less nerve energy than the amount needed to digest junk food. I know that sounds unbelievable; running a marathon is very tough and if you talk to someone after they've crossed the line they are of course tired and very short of breath - but they are still awake. Try interviewing the average person after they've finished their Christmas Dinner - pretty tricky when they're asleep!

Do you know why people fall asleep after a big meal? Because the body is overwhelmed by the amount of junk it is being subjected to all at once and it simply doesn't have the nerve energy to cope. After all, the body not only has to digest it, it also has to try and extract any hint of nutrients from the food, deliver them to the cells and then muster up the energy to try and eliminate the waste. This doesn't even take into account the incredible energy and enzymes needed to turn this food into blood, muscle and bone; or the fact that the stomach, intestines, pancreas, liver and kidneys all have to work their socks off to help process this mound of food. So when a large, all sorts of everything meal is eaten, the body looks for every available resource of energy in order to try and break down the mass, extract whatever it can from it, get rid of whatever it can and then store what it can't get rid of (usually in fat cells). And why do we fall asleep? What it comes down to is this...


How scary is that? This means that if you fall asleep after a big meal you are effectively in a coma. The body needs all hands on deck in this emergency situation and eyesight, hearing and consciousness are the first to be called upon in order to conserve energy and direct it towards dealing with the nightmare amount of foodstuffs that have come into the system all at once. So whilst to all and sundry you seem calm and cozy in the land of nod, there is in fact complete mayhem going on inside - it's literally red alert for all internal departments. Once the body has somehow miraculously manged to deal with the immediate emergency, it will provide just enough energy for you go open your eyes, turn the pages of the TV guide and press the button on the remote control. You won't be briming with energy though, because the body still needs plenty to carry out the mammoth task of processing the many courses of slow food you have just consumed.

Okay, so Christmas Dinner is a once-a-year thing, but there are many, many occasions throughout the year when we drift into what I call a slow food coma. And when we're not actually completely wiped out and in a slow-food-coma, we are either suffering from the physical and mental effects of one and or in that semi-comatose state we like to call normality.

Stay tune for part Two to be coming soon.


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