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Re: Parasite Resistance: A Closer Look At Natural Remedies
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Parasite Resistance: A Closer Look At Natural Remedies

Someplace, is the source for the Ficin Latex from the Amazon. I'll find it again.

One of the herbal dewormer's through the ND was Intestinal Freedom, by American Biologics, and it had Papain, ficin, and bromelain in it. Ascaris were what I was killing when I was taking it.

The Zymex 2 from Standard Process is nothing more than these enzymes too, supposed to be for killing tapeworms.

All of the Systemic Formulas VRM1, 2 ,3 and 4- all contain papain or bromelain.

This is the reason why:

page 16

>>>>It used to be believed that digestive enzymes only functioned in the Gastro-Intestinal
(GI) Tract, and that belief was taught for many years. However, it is erroneous.
Beginning with Dr. Edward Howell’s book, Enzyme Nutrition, we now know that the
body conserves some of its precious enzymes by reabsorbing them.
Now, there are numerous studies that show oral administration of trypsin and chymotrypsin
enter the bloodstream and eventually come back to the pancreas for
reuse. Thus, the pancreas is actually involved in a circulatory system just like the
liver/gall bladder recycles bile salts.
The pancreas secrets enzymes into the small intestine. The enzymes do their job
to digest food. Extra enzymes can be reabsorbed. These enzymes can then effect
a beneficial activity in the body such as the reduction of inflammation and the
breakdown of fatty deposits, and then work their way back to the pancreas for
another tour of duty.
Why is this so important? Because here is the basis for the effectiveness of supplementation.
If we provide the ailing body nutritional enzymatic support, then it not
only helps the body accomplish the digestion it needs to accomplish, but it also
gives the pancreas a rest of its enzyme bank and restoration of its function.
On this positive note of supplementation, let’s look at symptoms of pancreatic
insufficiency and how herbal/enzymatic therapies can have a dramatic impact.
Parasites, Candida and the Pancreas
People who have intestinal parasites, a condition that is considered pandemic in
America and the world) have a pancreas insufficiency! Why? Because the pancreatic
protease enzymes, as they pass through the intestines, help rid the GI Tract of
bacteria, worms, protozoa, candida and fungi.
Now, think about all the millions of dollars that American consumers have spent
buying herbs like green black-walnut, and expensive parasite cleanse programs,
and building “zappers”, all which have helped many people, but have never gone
back to the root-cause of the problem – a protease pancreatic enzyme insufficiency!
Here the wisdom of Doc Wheelwright shines. It’s why he put the high level of
protease enzymes (bromelain) in the VRM-1 parasite formula along with nature’s
vermin-ridding herbs.

One of the instructions for the VRM1, which is for tapeworms:

", avoid eating meat around the time of taking the VRM1. (The enzymes are intended for the parasite, not the diet.)

The VRM2, which was what I tested I needed to stay on when I was also killing the ascaris, it said in the ND's manual in his office before beginning with it, that the patient has to make a committment to not eat meat the entire time of taking it, and to take it in the rounds for the length of time they require, which was 90 days. If they are not willing to make those committments, to not start it.

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