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Astrology and Health
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Published: 19 years ago

Astrology and Health

Astrology and Health

Good health is obviously of major importance in our lives. Throughout civilisation it has been a prime objective to improve our health and maintain healthy living. All the technological and scientific developments to date, have been made with the main idea to improve our life style and promote better living. Astrology from the very beginning of civilisation has been playing a major role in this area.

The effect of the different astrological influences on our health, well being, the type of illnesses we are liable to get, longevity etc. has been very closely examined and researched. Over the years scientists and workers in the field of astrology, have managed to build up a core of knowledge regarding the astrological effects on our mental health and how that leads to our physical fitness and general well being. Each of the planets represent an electromotive force and their degree of influence and energy will depend on the time, place and date of birth. Different variations of this force / energy gives us the ability and strength to progress in our life. The planetary interactions have a very great influence on our mind and the ability to motivate us so that we can progress in life. It is a well established and recognised fact that when there is a new moon or full moon, many people go through some physical problems like the natural changes that occur in the rivers and oceans. Many of the large rivers expand in quite uncharacteristic ways during the full moon and also on new moon days. Our individual mental situations vary as different planetary interactions take place onto our birth time planetary positions, and this can lead to either mental and physical difficulties or well being.

Effects of the Planets on our health

It is strongly believed that our life and health are governed by our astrological signs. Each planet and astrological sign governs a specific part of our body and also the type of illness. The Ascendant position is very important and the most sensitive parts of our body are generally identified according to which sign that person has in his Ascendant. Long illnesses often result due to that part of the body being weakened. The following parts of the body are those of critical importance according to the Ascendant signs. For instance:

Aries Head & Face
Taurus Neck & Throat
Gemini Chest, Lungs & Extremities
Cancer Breasts & Stomach
Leo Heart & Back
Virgo Bowels & Intestines
Libra Veins & Kidneys
Scorpio Sexual Organs
Sagittarius Thighs
Capricorn Knees
Aquarius Ankles & Blood
Pisces Feet

Generally if we are born when the Sun is rising then this represents better health and vitality than when it is setting. The fiery signs represent strength and vitality whereas the watery signs are not that strong and cannot combat disease.

If Saturn is afflicted, ie is in conjunction with negative planets such as Mars, the Moon's nodes etc. this denotes ill-health from colds, constipation, depression, obstruction, aches and pains.

If Mars is afflicted then this can give suffering through fevers, inflammations, ruptures, and sharp pains from swellings etc,. Jupiter when afflicted denotes bad blood, apoplexy and pleurisy etc,. Venus, complaints of the generative system, kidneys etc. Mercury, nervous and mental troubles.

How to Protect your health

Generally if one has a powerful Venus and / or Sun influence in one's birth chart then these people will have natural healing capability and will heal much easier. It is also recognised that sudden illness and / or accidents which effect the health in a very drastic way are due to the influence of Mars. The Sun represents positive health and people with the strong support of the Sun as well as Venus can generally get cured from difficult illnesses and even from cancer.

Mental purity and stability is extremely important to maintain good physical health. There are a number of disciplines one can follow to combat the illness. Fundamentally it is very important how we lead our lives, i.e, style of living. We need to maintain a proper routine otherwise we may find that we are vulnerable to the new illnesses or maladies of the twentieth century. It is important that we get up in the morning before the Sun rises and if one can also take a bath or shower before the Sun rises that will be very beneficial. This will help to keep our stomach system in equilibrium and produce much greater digestive capability, because it helps to maintain a cool body temperature and prevents the production of unwanted chemicals within the body. Overall cleanliness is extremely important and especially before the meal we should make sure that we are very clean. The type of food we eat is of course very important for the health, and generally speaking vegetables are of crucial importance in maintaining good health. This is especially true in tropical countries. During the full and new moon days one should try to avoid eating any meat or fish and to keep to a vegetarian diet because it will prevent the production of phlegm. It has also been established astrologically that during certain months we should avoid eating too much fish and during others too much meat or fruit etc.. Normally during the months of March and April it is not recommended that we eat much meat or fish and generally speaking, a vegetarian diet is better for health and helps to prevent stomach upsets and so on. September is regarded as the month when we develop a lot of aches and pains and for that reason pumpkins, marrow, cucumber etc are not very good. Any fish which has not got a lot of scales such mackerel, herrings etc are very good during this time. Meat is not recommended. This sort of dietary routine can certainly improve the health and can make our mind more positive and happy.

Extracts from an article that first appeared in Greek magazine 'Third Eye'.

All copyright belongs to Dr A Mukherjee.


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