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non toxic,non glue,chemical free, no damage hair extensions

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FromOz Views: 6,800
Published: 13 years ago

non toxic,non glue,chemical free, no damage hair extensions


PLEASE KNOW I am not a spammer has a new bonding method for installing hair extensions yourself. It is non toxic, non glue, chemical free, no damage what so ever and easy schmeasy to remove. It is a bond that is a wax like substance that you take a piece of hair extension, dip it in the melted bond (product is Tembond) and then take that piece and apply it to a few strands of your own hair. To remove you simply bend it and break it and it just falls apart. You dust off what is left on your hair. So installing is great because if you apply it wrong or in the spot that does not work, you can take it off and reapply in a snap! The bond comes in all colors to match your hair and it blends right in with your own. you can hardly see it!

Here you can see how it compares to microlinks and keratin

Another comparison page:

They sell everything you need to do it. Melting pot, tembond, and the hair which is fabulous and silky and most importantly it is so affordable. what I spent on my last extensions I could have purchased a few kits (hair included) of the tembond.

They last forever too. Several have said they have had the hair in for months, one girl went 6 months without reinstalling. Even if you'd rather change them out more often it is no big deal.

Here are videos of the application, care and removal of the Tembond Hair Extension System.

I think this will be big. Longer wear, virtually undetectable, zero damage, easy, affordable beautiful hair.

Anyone can do this so almost anyone can have expensive looking hair extensions.

You can buy their basic hair that is Asian but it IS quality and it will not tangle. 4 oz of that hair is only $63 so even if you needed to use an extra 2 oz of hair (not many places allow you to purchase 2 oz, but only full pkg of 4 oz) you can do a full head of hair for INDER $100. You can also get the Regal hair which is wonderful. a bit more but nothing like those other places out there and what they charge. AND you can get pre-tipped hair so that you don't have to measure it out and worry about the right amount of bond to apply. That too is at added cost for convenience. But in general it is really affordable because you can use and reuse this hair for a long time after. You have all the stuff to reapply so you can remove and reapply as much as you want without paying for more. Just maybe $20 for extra bond.

Her videos are great. If you are interested that web site has everything you need to know and the customer service is so great with emails or the 800#.

So I installed them on Sunday and Oh my god I love these extensions! I had some help from my teenager. Yes even she could do it. It is quite easy. i did not have her do all of it so that I could see myself how doable it was for me. I did the sides first (with BRIGHT lighting)so that I could SEE how to section and make sure there were no stray hairs getting in (although they come right out if you do let some slip in) so by the time I got to the back I already had a feel for the section size and where to place the bond. It took several hours (like 6) but I took breaks and did get her help when I did the far back. But many many women do these all the time and it IS a DIY type of system. It would not sell so well if it was that difficult.

Its great! I only had either clip in wefts before or glued taped wefts. And with wefts you can't go that high up or they would show. Not these. I put some above my temple, like only 2 inches from the top of my head and my hair is THIN THIN THIN from damage. The bonds match perfectly. I have dark roots and brown hair with highlights so I used the Chestnut bond for all of them. And you cannot see anything! I had my dd look from a foot away and she could not see anything. The bonds are so small and match so well, nothing shows even through my thin hair. So since i could go higher, I could use more hair. I was so limited before. I still only needed about 4 oz of hair. I had to buy 4 oz of brown and 2 oz of brn/blonde highlight so I could match my own hair colors. I have a small head and not a lot of thick hair so 4 oz is fine for me. If you have one color OR you have the exact match to the blended colors she carries you can really get away with the 4 oz only.

What I love about this if after awhile I get tried of the highlighted look, I can color my hair all brown and take out the blond bonds I have in and replace with the brown I have left. And no effort or damage to take them out. It is a scary thing to get those out. The hair condition is fabulous! It feels so silky and no tangles! none! that lousy hair I had before (and you don't know what you'll get off the internet these days) tangled after 5 minutes. I even had to have 2 inches cut off to make it A LITTLE more manageable. I had to wear it in a pony all the time because I got so sick of brushing it every 5 minutes! I mean I was wearing my hair up all the time before because it was damaged and looked awful down. So even after paying $700 to get those in, I was still hiding my hair!!! I just use my fingers now. No need for a comb, even after a night's sleep!

I'll post pics soon. Before and after. IF you guys want me to. I'm not gonna do anything unless asked.

I bought 18 inches and I'm keeping it this length because it is so easy to manage.

Check out that website! It is soooo informative. I mean nothing goes unanswered to helping you do this yourself. I look like I spent about $1,800 on these. If I had strand by strand Keratin, they would charge that for sure for installation and cutting to blend.

Oh! BTW, I picked up some thinning sheers (the choppiest kind) and used that to blend the ends where it was uneven. I am lucky I guess (now its luck) because my hair was so thinned out that you can't see my layers. The ends around the back were a bit off. You can't always place them just right so it that the ends are even. Although when i installed my daughter's the other day, it came out just about perfect and all i had to do was cut a little on one side in the back. Beginners luck I guess...
I would have spent $50 to go somewhere to have that blending done.

I hope you guys (who are interested and wondering if it is good enough) try this. Like i said, just email or call and ask all the questions you want before you do it. that is what i did. You'll see my posts go back to January! I'm so glad i found this. I found it by another woman in a hair forum when asking how to remove my taped extensions. She had her tembond in for 3 months and they were strong and the hair was still tangle free. Even on the manemaxx site Tiffany has a "diary" when she videos every month for like 5 months and shows that her hair stayed silky and tangle free. it is fabulous hair and a fabulous DOABLE method.

DYI hair extensions, tembond

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