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Re: Doctors in favour? (edit3)
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Doctors in favour? (edit3)

hmmmm, not sure what you're looking for. I'm getting the impression that you are trying on a new diet, yes...? And having a little trouble giving up formerly loved foods?

You are absolutely correct in this statement: "I would say that's down to bad diet / health / illness, as opposed to a vegetarian diet."

-The "after" pics in Price's book are pictures of villagers after the parents adopted a westernized diet, white flour, White Sugar , canned goods, etc. The reason that I posted that link, however, is that when I read that book, I was struck by the fact that virtually no civilization has evolved vegetarian, or shall I say vegan. And locally caught/killed game is a staple of many traditional peoples diets.

There is NO civilization that has evolved vegan. Religious communities adopt it here and there.

So yes, there's a huge example for you that a "meat" diet is as healthy as a "vegetarian" diet. The Masai in Africa live on blood, meat, and milk. Eskimos lived on a diet with a huge amount of meat/saturated fat and suffered NONE of the diseases of modern civilization until westernized foods were introduced. So, they did fine on frozen fish heads for breakfast, not so well on cheerios.

BTW, I am not a Price aficionado although I do enjoy meat, bone broths and fermented foods. So I am in no way inclined to debate fine points.

I think that the "optimal" diet for folks depends on many factors. If you are battling a serious disease/imbalance/need to clean house then by all means a raw food vegan diet is optimal, and I've been there/done that, I'll be there, doing that in short order as my diet naturally changes to raw vegan in the summer with the garden growing and all the fruit from our trees and the berries from our bushes. But once the cold weather comes around again? After skiing, I'll be sitting down to some slow-cooker stew. My winter fruits will be apples and carrots, cranberries. I eat a lot of cabbage, raw and cooked in the winter...There is no way that a smoothie, "green drink" or green salad will keep me warm and provide the slow-burning energy that meat protein does, so, no raw-food diet in the colder months.

I'm rambling:)

and I'm not sure that I have a point. YES! I DO have a point. Obviously, the diet that you were consuming prior to this time was not a healthy one for you, otherwise, you wouldn't be here, asking for intervention on your bacon sandwich craving. So, you have found the optimal diet...? yes? hold up there, buddy. Because it's optimal now does not mean that it will be in 6 mos, a year, 2 years time. We change and our dietary needs change throughout our lives. So, as you search for the knowledge that shores up what you would like to believe, do not discount that which may be 180 opposite...because you might be right back there some day, looking for the health benefits of bacon:)

BTW, I still have not had a reply on my "OK!" post. EVIDENCE that a vegetarian diet on the part of the mother is harmful to the child.

Also, if you can find it(I think it's out of print), "The Sacred Cow and the Abominable Pig" is a damned good read, all about meat hunger throughout the ages.

oh, also, your blog, you posted on "humanure". Read "farmers of 40 Centuries". Human manure has been used traditionally, I would not trust the quality of that available now. I'd use ChrisB1's, I guess:)

In "the barefoot doctor", an old Chinese medical tome, Proper composting of human waste is 1 part manure to 7 parts urine. Convenient, hmm, since that's about the ratio that we excrete:)

ok, now I KNOW I'm rambling. Gotta go make a carrot-beet juice, make a salad, and broil the lamb chops:) bon appetit!

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