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Psychiatrists ? Well, any psychiatrists are duty-bound to treat the mental heath care of thier patients as the foremost priority under whatever circumstances, am I right ?

Hulda Clark cleanses
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Hulda Clark cleanses
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Published: 14 years ago
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Psychiatrists ? Well, any psychiatrists are duty-bound to treat the mental heath care of thier patients as the foremost priority under whatever circumstances, am I right ?

'Wow, this is kind of insulting to me. Curezone seems to have this animosity for doctors and I'm not sure why. Way to ruin my dreams of being a psychiatrist.'

First of all, why are you so eagerly aspired to become a psychiatrist ? Well, I certainly hope that it is not simply because of the brilliantly promising career prospects that you will stand to gain by becoming one.

Actually, anyone involved in the medical profession, instead of any other profit-oriented careers, they are actually pursuing a vocation to safeguard the well-being and health care interests of their patients and they are by right obligated to do so under whatever circumstances.

I have suffered from Schizophrenia before and actually I have actually sought medical helps from many psychiatrists to get my illness treated.

However, when it comes to medications, I would always tend to get from them all the outdated versions of the antipsychotics / neuroleptics mainly of the first-generation (such as Risperdal etc) at rather exorbitant costs.

Each time when I have requested better medications from them, these psychiatrists would just say to me 'I am giving you the best of the best of the medications all the time and just what more do you want,? ; 'And for these so-called better second-generation antipsychotics / neuroleptics (like Seroquel, Zyprexa etc) these are just useless nonsenses glamorised by the advertisements over the internet and other media and please don't get cheated by them, and they will only worsen your mental conditions.' Besides, at the same time, they would also say 'just keep on taking these medicines (of older versions) which are absolutely and totally free of any side effects, and you will get better and better until you fully recover in the end, and I can 100 % guarantee that for sure.'

Well, in the end, I just end up getting the rapid eye blinking symptom of Tardive Dyskinesia due to the neuromuscular side effects of those medications dispensed to me by these psychiatrists. And when i asked them further about my abnormal eye-blinking conditions, they just said ' hey, since I am not an eye doctor, of course I wouldn't know what have happened to your eyes' Such a reply tends to be repeated over and over again to me by different psychiatrists attending to me.

Next, I just went to see a neurosurgeon who then asked me to show him the medications I had taken so far, and to my surprise, all of those pills and tablets given to me by those psychiatrists were the key and sole cause for my Tardive Dyskinesia disorder.

Then I just went to the clinics of these psychiatrists to clarify things up with them. And they just said ' hey, I have tried my very best to get you cured, and you simply can't blame me just because I failed to achieve that at this particular stage, and as to the 'side effects of my medicines' explained to you by the neurosurgeon or the information you get from any other sources, just don't believe in those nonsenses, coz I'm certainly far more well-informed. So, just keep on taking my medicines and you will get cured in the end.' And for your information, they actually said all those things with brazen shamelessness and totally undeterred audacity.

As a matter of fact, these psychiatrist are just some greedy and avaricious scoundrels who simply and totally have no regard at all for human lives in that whilst they are keen on profiteering from their patients, they would actually achieve that by exploiting the ignorance of their patients and at the same time, just deliberately put their personal health care and well-beings at stake, all for money and profits for they themselves.

In a nutshell, these psychiatrists actually do not deserve any so-called 'due respects' from me and then later on I have just found out that there are actually numerous many people like me who would tend to get exploited and victimised by such 'professionals' and in the worst case scenario, some of them just lost their lives or become totally insane, living along with all those disastrous neurological disorders of Extrapyramidal Symptoms, Tardive Dyskinesia, Dystonia, Akathisia, Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (NMS), and in the worst case scenario, such irreversible neuro-degenerative damages of Parkinsonisms (inflited on their brains) which are all derived from the disastrous side effects of medications (of which most doctors would strongly and shamelessly deny to their patients).

In this connection, I would like to ask you 3 questions.

1) Would you always try your best to be 100 % truthful to your patients so as to safeguard their health care interest, even if it means earning less money / medical fees from them ?

2) I actually have received 3 sessions of Botox injections at prohibitive costs and in the very end, I actually get my Tardive Dyskinesia / medication-induced rapid eyelid-twitching / eye-blinking illness totally cured through acupuncture treatment. The question here is that Botox injections are actually composed mainly of Botulinum toxin.
and its medical contents are actually medical derivatives from Clostridium botulinum bacterium (which causes botulism) that have been intentionally abused before for the purposes of chemical warfare and annihilation of mankind owing to its intense toxicity.

So, other than telling your potential patients the very underlying truths about the disastrous side effects of antipsychotics / neuroleptics and any other mental-disorder-related medications, would you tell the same truth as well to your patients about the exact reality of Botox injections if you are so asked by them ?

3) Newer and newer mental-disorder-related drugs with better and better curative benefits along with ever-decreasing side effects will tend to get invented from time to time nowadays. So, if you know that certain potential patients of yours will get far more benefits from such newer drugs, would you choose to prioritise the interest of their health care by dispensing such better drugs to them, even if that would mean to eventually disposing off (throwing away etc) the much more inferior medications of the older versions, which may in turn mean huge monetary losses to you ?

All in all, what I wish to say here is that, rather than profit / money-making, each and every member engaged in medical profession are actually pursuing a vocation to serve the best health care interests of their patients. And for that particular purpose, lots of sacrifices would need to be made under many circumstances.

And are you actually mentally prepared to gear yourself towards that standard for a conscionable psychiatrist ?

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How would you react to the hard evidences that would incriminate the ones deliberately brutalizing, maltreating and physically abusing mentally-ill people ?



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