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Re: Let's stamp out weak people - edit
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Let's stamp out weak people - edit

Lord Mouseclick, you must of been reading my mind. I was just getting ready to write on a similar topic. I applaud you for loosing all of that weight and I know what a struggle that was because I originally weighed 215. I didn't loose one hundred pounds but I weigh 145 now. It was a long struggle. I did go down to 135 before and saw me as not healthy and ugly so I put on a few pounds and I am happier. My bmi is 24 so I am right in line for a healthy person and I have a 28 inch waist so according to Dr. Oz, I am in perfect health. I measure my success on my laboratory test and my waist size more than the pounds. When I weighed 135 I looked like death waiting to happen. So now I feel happy but not really.

I have achieved all my goals, Mouseclick. I am in perfect health and recently had a horrible bout with a failed oj fast. I was extremely sick and near death and I conquered that evil through dieting, cupping, and faith. It was bad and I did blog about some of it but not recent events. I am in perfect health now, but still not happy.

I have a blood pressure of 120/70 but still not happy. Why because I cannot afford to be less than perfect. I use to have a blood pressure of 100/60 so see the difference. A few marks of increasing in blood pressure is a sign I am failing in my diet somewhere. Now being I intend to live to be 125 I must be better. lol.

We all have goals but the inner soul needs perfection. I have had a horrible past and it hurts. I have had so much pain and it hurts. So I can achieve the laboratory lab results and the doctors all tell me I am in better health than they are but it is not enough. I want a perfect soul, aura and mind. Goals for the future make you strive for perfection. When I first got MS, the doctors told me "Ma Salam" which means goodbye and we will visit your relatives when you are gone. Lol, I was determined and I cured my MS. When I got dementia, the same thing, I attacked my illness like a "Bull in a Red Market", we all must do that.

Hey Self esteem I have tons, arrogant for sure, humble one hundred percent. I am a constant target on curezone. I believe besides ML, I am attacked more than anyone and it hurts. It hurts me real bad for a little while and then I am back stronger than ever. I feel adversity is my power. The more people attack me the more I pray for help and Allah makes me strong, he increases me stamina and he give me strength I never thought I had. So I thank all of those aggressive persons who attack me for surely I should send them a present. For as they attack me I take all their blessings away from them that they had acquired in their good deeds and I increase my good deeds by mountain loads. So as others attack you Mouseclick, seek help in God and say simply, "God suffices me, there is no God but he." Prophet Abraham did this when they put him in the fire and he was not burned. This means that "Revenge is mine, sayest the Lord." So we just step back and wait. You will see that I do not respond to many attackers as they only want to incite more problems. Let them have their say and eventually they look bad not me.

A true teacher would first be your friend so you learn to trust them and then slowly and tactfully slide in hints of things maybe you are lacking.

When I got married. I was introduced to my husband by the head sheika of the mosque and after the first introduction, I never heard from her again. I needed help in being a new Muslim wife. Encouragement to become better instead of learning on my own. Sometimes a few loving words are more important to help our inner growth.

True friends Mouseclick will always stand by you. I have watched your progress and your attackers and I feel sorry for them. How could anyone criticize you in any way shape or fashion. Good job mouseclick. Even though you cannot see the true numbers watching Curezone, in 30 years you will probably have saved 30 million people.

In Islam the one thing that I tell people is that "Allah loves the strong people." He is not happy with weak people.
Why because we must be strong at the first onset of calamities. So when we have problems such as death we must be strong. When my husband died, I did not cry. My soul cried and screamed but I survived. Now by my extreme faith and patience Allah gave me so much it was incredible. He has saved my life more than 100 times. I draw on that strength to conquer illness. I have wrote many times about faith healings.

Now don't get me wrong, we must help the weak but just not be part of their mindset. For surely the weak will pull us down. Don't be included in the crowd who loves to eat too much, party too much or love too much.

Laughter will harden your heart and you must learn to laugh a little and love alot.

We must draw on the perfect body that we have and pull within. Just raise your hands to the sky and thru your fingertips inhale the beauty of the world. If you will practice pulling from the atmosphere to the heart, you will see strength you never had before.

Weak people are not my friends as I have not the patience for weakness. Only the strong ones that take on the world and survive can be beside me. Why because Mouseclick you will become like your friends. So if you allow weakness in your life, you will become weak.

Yes The pleasure Trap was a good book but it lacked in many aspects. It do believe it is a beginner book. But as I am very well versed in health issues I want something on a higher level.

Self esteem comes with exercise of the mind, the soul and the body. So good you go to the gym. I cannot go to a gym here so I envy you on that point. I do walk alot and I have a exercise bicycle. Being poor it was hard to maintain self esteem but I have conquered that part by not being poor. I have gone up the scale from living in a store to living in a beautiful home. It took time but thru Allah's mercy I am at a place in my life where I don't have to be ashamed anymore.

I wanted this topic mainly for others because I feel there are many on curezone that are contemplating suicide. Who are extremely lonely and need comfort. I feel as a health forum we need to pursue happiness in all levels. I hope to be truly happy one day but that must come from me not others.

When we depend on others, they always let us down. The best friends I have are my cats. They always love me no matter what I say or do. Mouseclick, get a kitty.

God bless you on your goals.


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