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Planet Sedna - Healing the Wounded Feminine!
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Published: 20 years ago
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Planet Sedna - Healing the Wounded Feminine!

Hi all!

Well - seems like the only things that can bring me 'up' these days are my girlfriends and plumbing the depths of the discovery of Sedna! Do you want to see what I've found? It's pretty damn cool!

After reading about the myth of Sedna (link below) and discussing it with my friend, Aleta, we came up with all sorts of ideas for the possible symbolism. The ideas grew and grew. I'd love to start a discussion with you all...

There are a few things that we should look at when interpreting the energy of a newly discovered planet:
1. The energy and Theme within the Myth.
2. The energy of the times right now.
3. The Sign that Sedna is in....or when she has started her new cycle. (when she was last in Aries)


What are the energies and Themes within the Intuit Sedna Myth? Well...we have the Female rejecting the Father's power over her. The Father clearly represents Saturn energy. Of course we need Saturn energy but there must be a balance between Saturn and Uranus within each of us. This Father wasn't allowing his daughter to express herself and she rebelled. The Father and Saturn represent the status quo, too - what is deemed acceptable by the masses and the people in power (Consensus society/70% of the population). Senda rejects this limitation. She then shocks her father by sleeping with his Dog (!). How very Uranian of her! Uranus is shocking behaviour to those that live in the Saturnian world. Remember that one must move through Uranus in order to Individuate. Sedna is becoming her True Self by striking out on her own and leaving the 'tribe'. She becomes a Mother (she is being natural, doing what women do), saves her children, lives with a BirdMan (one myth said 'Raven' & Raven is the 'keeper of the void' - the Unknown), then ends up being taken by her Father (he wants her back - could this be the desire to integrate Uranus and Saturn?)....the Father, terrified and wholly self-absorbed in his struggle to live casts his daughter out of the boat and cuts her fingers off one by one so that she can't hold onto the boat anymore. Each of her fingers creates the sea mammals: seals, walrus', whales...She drifts to the bottom of the ocean and is given the 'powers of all'. In the end her Dog husband (Uranus energy?) and her Father (Saturn) unite with her at the bottom of the ocean. This is where her power resides - in fully knowing this other world, in creating and influencing from this world.

It looks like the Theme is of Healing the Wounded Feminine within us all. Healing the Feminine within females and healing the Inner Female within males. God knows she needs to be healed after having dealt with Christianity for the last 2 thousand years, and being burned during the witch-hunts that took place between the 1400's and 1792! "Linked to theological traditions of Eve and Lilith, women are perceived as embodiments of inexhaustible negativity."

Look at what the Church (Saturnian, 'Father'-led insititution) said about women:

"All wickedness is but little to the wickedness of a woman.... What else is woman but a foe to friendship, an unescapable punishment, a necessary evil, a natural temptation, a desirable calamity, domestic danger, a delectable detriment, an evil nature, painted with fair colours. ... Women are by nature instruments of Satan -- they are by nature carnal, a structural defect rooted in the original creation." Malleus maleficarum (The Hammer of Witches), published by Catholic inquisition authorities in 1485-86.

"Many scholars have argued that it was the women who seemed most independent from patriarchal norms -- especially elderly ones living outside the parameters of the patriarchal family -- who were most vulnerable to accusations of witchcraft."

"Independent from patriarchal norms?" Sounds right up Sedna's alley!

Does the symbolism of Sedna and our discovery of something new within ourselves mean that: We are Healing the Wounded Feminine by delving into the unknown and dark worlds of Self (the realm of the Female/yin/dark/unknown) and while there are discovering that we are connected to the larger pattern, the Wholeness, the Ocean of Oneness…and as we learn to navigate this new world that holds the wisdom of the Ages we learn what Feminine Power is and in learning what it truly is and bringing it fully into our Selves we heal our wounded feminine. Women will heal their Selves and Men will heal their Inner Feminine?

In Transforming this wound we also resolve Duality. The three (Sedna, Dog & Father) living at the bottom of the ocean may symbolize that the Three unite as One. We are living in times when resolving duality is the Key. No more black and white, right or wrong, male and female…we are discovering the third point that take us out of the narrow confines of the Opposites.


The other day I read an interesting Kryon channeling that talked about this emerging Feminine Power (coincidence? I think not!). This is definitely why we discovered Sedna 'out there' - because she is emerging 'in here', within each of us - and, of course, the Kryon channeling is just another evolving-consciousness signpost along the way!

"There is a new wave of feminine healing going through your bodies that is being connected and manifested on the earth plane.

The feminine is the unknown and in many ways that is how you feel about yourselves as women on earth. There has been a great loss of direction in the feminine world. There is a major misunderstanding of a woman's role on the earth plane.

As you are all ladies here this night allow for the full power of your feminine energies to come in to your bodies. On the left-hand side of your body you will have the true and authentic feminine energy. On the right had side of your body you will have what is not a true feminine energy but the energy that you learned from your mothers and your female counterparts, and your close circle of friends and family. Your right hand side will be your imprinting of your femininity and on your left will be the typical archetypal feminine.

Now allow forgiveness for your imprinted feminine and you will find and feel phenomenal energy on your left-hand side of your body. This is the true power of the female. Allow the true power of the female to slowly move across your body from the left to the right, from the receiving to the giving. allow true love and forgiveness for the imprinted feminine on your right-hand side and request that this feminine move to your heart for true love and support, to be held in a secure and safe environment where this part can be love and healed, where joy can be brought to this aspect of your life.

There is a new energy coming to this earth. Allow a "letting go" of the need to operate from the masculine energies. You can feel the feminine energy is very powerful. As powerful as it is, it has a softness and a gentleness. There is even a warrior energy within it. A woman that defends herself using her feminine warrior energy will be far more powerful than a woman that tries to operate out of her masculine warrior energy. When a woman stands in integrity, she will be in her feminine power."

Isn't it soooo appropriate that Sedna was discovered right now!


The Hopi Prophecy of 1986 is also interesting in that it says that "The elders knew that peace would not come on the earth until the circle of humanity is complete, until all the four colors sat in the circle and shared their teachings, then peace would come on earth." So far the 'Red' people - the Indigenous peoples' of the earth have been left out of the United Nations and out of the 'circle' of the 'Yellow' people (asian), 'White' people (caucasian), & 'Blue' people (black). Interesting that they have the 4 colours like the Mayan's.

Well...I'd say that the circle of humanity may be trying to be complete now that we've included the Inuit peoples myth of Sedna amongst the 'western' myths that represent all the other planets. Progress! Baby steps towards Harmony...?


So...when I discovered that Sedna moved into Aries (new beginnings for her energy) in 1865 I wondered if something significant had happened for women at that time. I didn't know anything about the women's rights movement. Well, I do now! And it is verrrrrry interesting how it all fits together!

So interesting that the energy of change in regards to women's rights in 1848 - Seneca Falls first Women's Rights Convention - happened when Sedna was completing her last huge cycle. On this day, July 20, 1848, Sedna was conjunct Saturn AND the Moon!(all in Pisces). Talk about female energy! Women were wanting to bring this feminine wisdom and power into the real world - wanted it to be acknowledged by the societal structures of the times (Saturn). Interesting that Pluto was also conjunct Uranus at this time – the revolutionary & transformative 1960’s had this aspect as well.

Then, the next major women’s rights convention of 1866 coincides with Sedna moving into Aries. Brand new female warrior energy – the starting of a new phase and cycle (aries). In May 1866 Mars was conjunct Sedna in Aries (female warrior energy really taking Action!)

Then, wow! on August 26, 1920 when women were given the right to vote in the USA, Sedna was conjunct Chiron in Aries!! Talk about Wounded Female! The inner guide and healer was helping to heal Sedna’s wound. Chiron conjunct Sedna were beautifully trining Neptune – God of the Sea…uniting the masculine and feminine and beginning (aries) to heal the wounds of separation. (Sedna being the Feminine Ocean Goddess and Neptune being the Masculine Ocean God)

I didn't learn any of this in school - odd.


How appropriate that we discovered Sedna now while Uranus was transiting through Pisces! Uranus = unexpected surprises and Pisces = Ocean, other-worldly, spiritual.

Let’s look at what was going on in the sky when Sedna was discovered.

Neptune square Sedna & Chiron trine Sedna.

Could Neptune square Sedna be showing us that the Male Ocean God energy is challening the Female Ocean Goddess energy and that we need to integrate the two? And maybe Chiron trine Sedna is truly helping us to heal this feminine wound...

It is interesting that the Harmonic Concordance could actually have been a big signpost in the sky heralding the discovery of this new Sedna energy. The 6 planets that were involved in the Harmonic Concordance were all Water and Earth signs – female energy. The right side up Triangle and the upside down Triangle represent the Balancing of Male (upright) and Female (upside down) energies here on earth and within each one of us.

The healing that Sedna can bring is visible in the Harmonic Concordance as Capricorn in Chiron (healing of the Father, Saturnian, Status Quo energy) opposes Saturn in Cancer. Double Capricorn/Saturn energies! Wow. The Capricorn/Cancer axis speaks of Father/Mother healing, healing within families, healing of the genders. Also the Scorpio Sun (Transformational Male energy) opposed the Taurus Moon (very female earth energy) essentially the whole Harmonic Concordance chart was about Transformation (Scorpio Sun leading the chart) of the Male and Female and the Father & Mother archetypes within our world...and along comes Sedna to mirror this back to us! So we don't forget what has been created by the new energies entering our world and us...

How appropriate that we discovered Sedna now while Uranus was transiting through Pisces! Uranus = unexpected surprises and Pisces = Ocean, other-worldly, spiritual.

And what are we, personally, feeling right now? Many of us are feeling down....I find it quite interesting that many of us women have cried our eyes out over the past 3 weeks - and the men with well-developed Inner Females have felt similarly. Hmmmm! Not very scientific, but just an observation on the feeling-energies that are going around right now.

So, everyone! Perhaps the message is to explore and embrace this other unknown Oceanic world of Oneness (that we may have been out of touch with because it wasn't valued in our society) in order to heal the wounded feminine and bring our feminine power to light...which will ultimately bring Balance to the world!

love Tracey

*some of this was garbled - I can't stand editing! - but I'd love to discuss these ideas some more! Perhaps we can, together, distill this new Sedna message...*


*I don't know about you guys but I have always thought of myself as a Person first and a Woman you think a man thinks of himself as a Person first? I don't know. But I DO know that I feel like I'm discovering something that has lain dormant in me for some eons! My huge, vast, whale emerging from that Saturnian pool aboard the large ship on the Ocean seems to be perfect Sedna symbolism. I knew that the whale (All That Is intelligence, as it swims in the Ocean of Oneness) was going to smack her tail and break the confines that Saturn had put her in (and she had put herself in) order to be free and move into the Ocean. Oh I'm rambling, I know! But it is reeeally getting me! Anyone else want to ramble?


The Myth of Sedna - Inuit Goddess of the Sea


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