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Re: Folliculitis suffered for 5 months. Finally an improvement with MMS
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Folliculitis suffered for 5 months. Finally an improvement with MMS

Hello #113931,

High concentration sodium chlorite solutions are dangerous in the same way that high concentration bleach and high concentration hydrogen peroxide solutions are dangerous. You need to take proper precautions including goggles and gloves and a chemical resistant apron when handling them. If you accidentally get some of the chemical on your hand and go to rub a piece of dust from your eye, you better be close to an eye wash station.

This is what happened to one of our group. A twitch in the eye was rubbed with a finger that had accidentally been contaminated by the high concentration sodium chlorite solution. Fortunately, we had an eye wash station available and quickly had things under control with no permanent damage.

In addition if you spill, special precautions need to be taken when cleaning it up. Otherwise you can initiate a fire. If you spill some on your clothing and it dries out, your clothes can start to burn simply by going outside in the sunlight. While this is not an everyday occurrence, it has happened...

The 5% sodium chlorite solution still need some caution when handling it, but it falls into the same cautions you would exercise when using household bleach or household hydrogen peroxide. It is much safer to handle.

I am not a medical professional, but I do work around these chemicals in industry, and am safety trained in how to properly work with them. My main interest in sodium chlorite is in wilderness and emergency water purification. Its many other uses are simply icing on the cake.

I do a lot of testing. Since Jim Humble has not come forward to share his extensive test results and the development of his protocol, I decided to take a look at what was going on and share my test results here. Often my results are contrary to what Jim Humble claims, so the testing continues.

As a testament to the power of chlorine dioxide, look at the improvement in your skin condition. 30 drops activated with lime juice in 100 liters of water will yield a chlorine dioxide concentration of around 0.2 PPM.

Chlorine dioxide works by having a concentration in contact with the pathogen for a period of time. This is called the CT value. Most bacteria and fungi have a CT value of around 50 - 100 for a 5 log kill (99.999%). Viruses are harder to kill with CT values up to 5500.

This means that if your skin issues are bacterial, you would need to soak in the tub for a little over 8 hours at the levels you are at. If you are dealing with a virus, the soak time would increase to a little over 458 hours, however it is doubtful that chlorine dioxide would remain in solution for that amount of time. At any rate, this seems to be a little impractical.

I have found that a 10 PPM concentration of free chlorine dioxide is safe to bathe in, and a little more practical. With bacteria and fungus you only need to soak for 10 minutes. There is still an issue with viruses, but that value drops to a little over 9 hours. Since most skin problems are caused by bacteria, this strength bath should be more effective. If you start off with a spot pre-soak with the sanitizing solution, you may be able to find effectiveness against viruses also.

The best way to make this solution is to change the activation acid to hydrochloric acid. You can find hydrochloric acid in a hardware store under the label of Muriatic acid. It is too strong to use as is, so you need to dilute it down. It comes in around a 32% concentration, and with 5% sodium chlorite you need to use a 6% HCl concentration.

The solution I have is actually 31.45%. To make 6% I put 19 ml of it into a glass graduated cylinder and add enough water to make 100 ml. HCl is used in a 1:1 ratio during activation.

To make your bath you should put 33 ml of 5% sodium chlorite into a glass and add 33 ml of 6% HCl. Put some water into the tub and pour this solution in. Add water to make your 100 liters for the tub and jump in and soak for 10 - 15 minutes.

To do the same thing with your current 28% sodium chlorite solution and lime juice you would need to use about 150 ml of the 28% solution. Lime juice is not a very effective activator.

Now, if you could splash around in 50 liters, you could cut the amounts in half...


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