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Re: If The CODEX Passes in December - HUMAWORM Will Be No More
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: If The CODEX Passes in December - HUMAWORM Will Be No More

You would think that the FDA has enough drugs to look at !!! I can't understand how come they keep "APPROVING" so dang many drugs that will do everything from give you the same side effects as your symptoms, to give you a permanent tick or jerkies, to make you go blind and deaf (v1agra does this without any warning !)to ruining your liver, or kill you from your tongue swelling and cutting off your breathing !!! That's just the tip of the iceburg ! I know I don't trust Drs., or Insurance Co., or the Government's FDA ! As a matter of fact, when they approve something, I avoid it like the Plague. The ONE and ONLY reason they want to regulate our herbs and way of life is because of MONEY, plain and simple. They Do Not care about us or our health. They can't stand that there are still a few of us that DO NOT NEED ANYTHING, AND I MEAN A DANG THING FROM THE GOVERNMENT !!! I don't understand why so many people think it's the government's job to take care of them like the little spoiled brat babies they are ! Get off your butts and make your own way in life ! QUIT pissing and moaning about stupid health care and no insurance. This administration is pushing stuff through so fast that no one gets to read it before it's suddenly a law. They already want to regulate your backyard garden, don't you dare share the harvest lest you be deemed a LAW BREAKER !!! They attach all these sneeky new laws in with a totally unrelated item !!!
So, it does not surprize me that they are at it again and trying to take something that GOD has given us and stick a price tag on it along with a punishment if you don't obey it.I hope they remember that one day they are gonna have to answer to GOD for all their B.S.
I'm wondering, you were talking bout growing your own gardens and such. Won't they be able to come in and seize your crop, put you in jail,and fine you??? I can't even believe this is The United States of America any more.

Not that it will work for certain but you dang well better try to contact all your politicians to let them know how you feel about this CODEX. Remember, they are working for us and if you don't let them know this, and point out you have the power to REMOVE them from office if need be, they will just keep pushin through all these nasty agendas !!! I'll go over and fetch the links for contacting your local lawmakers and tell them NOT TO MESS with our god given right to cure ourselves. Tell them to Vote Against This , NOW !!!

A Hillbilly who cares :)

You should post this CODEX message all over this site to let everyone who comes here know that they are trying to take away our herbs !! The more informed people are, the better chance they have of fighting and winning our god given rights !!!!!

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