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Re: Castor oil enema...
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Castor oil enema...

Thanks so much for the information! It's pretty much my same routine except I'v only used water.After coming here and trying to find the right way to go about my self healing journey, it's always comforting to know that there's good people like ya'll to help me make a more informed decision.
I have to say, the left over oily side effects don't sound none too pretty !! :) I'll have to be sure and try it while my husband is outta town workin. I'm really hopin it'll help with my "Critter Getter" !! I know that takin castor oil, epsom salt, and for some reason olive oil bathes is suppose to help a heap! But unfortunately with my old age has come some strange heeby jeeby phobias.One being, I cannot make myself sit in a tub. I don't care how clean it is,(I've got some pretty strong elbow grease, too)the best I could do is squat but not touch the bottom of the tub/shower. My tub ain't near that deep to be submerged while I'm a squating. So, that's pretty much a lost cause for me. I did think I had a brainstorm, I ran out and bought me a swimming pool floaty, thought I'd just inflate it part way and use it to sit on. It probably would work, but after openin up the package and them nasty plastic chemical smellin fumes come from the floaty, I figured it might not be such a good idea after all. I'm afraid the plastic might leak out some poison into the hot water??? Now don't get me wrong ! I do take showers 1-2 times a day and my hands are always on the verge of bleedin, thanks to the OCD I seem to have developed over the years. Boy, I keep soundin stranger and stranger to myself, I can only imagine what ya'll must be thinkin of me !!! :) If you try one of the bathes to draw out your little hitch-hikers, be sure and add some baking soda to the water too. It's suppose to keep them from going right back in ya.
I know what ya mean about being scared yet curious about "Name that Parasite" game we all play in the bathroom. After the way they attacked my skin from the inside out, I can't help but think bout the dang hordes livin in me !!! YIKES !!! But I'm with you, better out than in. I'm just lookin forward to the day when there's more out than there are in! I'll let ya know if anything really creepy comes out. I've been noticing strange lookin stuff for,well,for more than just a few years. I just figured that's what everybodies poo looked like. After all you can't really say, "Hey there, could you not flush when your done? I'm a wantin to compare poos, thanks so much!" Actually I could see myself doin that, I just hadn't thought of it till now.(ha ha)
Them littles boweevils may think they can control my body, but by golly, I'm still in control of my sense of humor, no matter how sick it is! :)

Thanks for being such a good listener, or, good reader that is??


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