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The Adonis and I get it MH...Longer is better... JUNE NEWSLETTER, by MH
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Published: 12 years ago
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The Adonis and I get it MH...Longer is better... JUNE NEWSLETTER, by MH

When a person treads the mystical path with practical feet, such as MH does, there are often very few immediate results to be seen. So much of their message is for the future. The words they write today are meant more for those whom God will cause to be used as instruments in the years to come.

The proofs and evidences that MH can offer up now, will become the repositories to ignite the pure souls of the future when more people will have turned their hearts back to God and will actively seek to restore the human temple of the soul(the body)according to the laws of Nature.

Nature is a law of God. It is eternal and changeless. You can not ever beat nature. It is God's way, or the highway. Those wonderful souls like MH, who have given their hearts to God and are in fact beacons of light in a world almost totally full of darkness, are so far ahead of the curve, that they often see their efforts as being wasted.

In actual fact just the opposite is true. The MH's of the world are the sowers of seeds that are destined to change the world and bring it back from its destructive course. The doom and gloom of the world today are a necessary step for humankind to begin the cleansing process of the entire race.

MH is in that vanguard of souls who have been lead to a special calling. He is a herald of things to come. I love his spirit with every ounce of my being and I choose to honour his efforts with prayers of thanks to God, for having brought his light into this darkened world. And especially for having allowed me to immediately see that the knowledge he shares (from the old MD's) is just the beginning. MH takes what the old MD's learned, and adds to it that which God has given him that the early writers had no knowledge about. Herbs for example.

MH is a true teacher. He takes the wisdom of the old MD's, adds additional information that they lacked (about herbs), and thus helps mankind to go forward. He seeks not to be anything other than a servant of God. Thus his channel is quite pure and he can be one of those vehicles that can steer mankind back to the path of obeying Nature. But because he is so far ahead of the pack, he sometimes thinks that his efforts are being wasted.


You are sowing the seeds MH. Whether you like it or not, many millions of people, will, in the future, read your words. Forget about how many see your works right now. Plod on. Just do the best that you can because that which we do not do, but could have done, is what will make our souls shudder in the future. God has given you your gift of knowledge as a seed to plant today for mankind's use, well into the future. It only takes a few of us "seeds" to recognize your light to ensure that your efforts will be shared by millions in the future. You see MH, you can't shut us up. We know what you are on this earth to do. A few of us get it. We see it. I see it. I know the Adonis does too, and a few others on this list. Please know that one day, that which you are doing today for the future well being of mankind, will be as obvious to everyone as the noon day sun.

You will likely be blushing like hell in the next world (heaven as you would refer to it) good sir, long before your seeds begin to bear their fruits here on earth. I say "blushing" somewhat in jest MH because I know you do not seek any form of adulation. You have in the past referred to yourself lovingly, as a toothless, uneducated, hillbilly from the backwoods of Ohio.

Some of us know better as to your true station. We see you as an instrument of God (thank you God) and we thank you for all that you and dear Brenda, and now Jody, share with us.

I am one of the few who can honestly say that because of your efforts MH, I am alive today. And I shall never stop telling people about your One Cure Cures All theory. Just like you, I am totally toothless. But that will never shut me up.... or stop me from being able to "create a nice day."

PS.... please, for the benefit of the few who appreciate every nugget you share with us, please don't shorten the monthly newsletter. Like the Adonis would suggest. Longer is better.

Isn't that right Adonis????

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