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Re: Castor oil enema vs. Garlic; Olive oil, etc.

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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Castor oil enema vs. Garlic; Olive oil, etc.

I'm thinkin a garlic enema may not be too bad, after all it'll keep the vampires off my butt! :) And if'in I need to pass a little gas, I'll just say I'm cookin up some Italian food !! (haha)
I know Edgar Cayce was a huge believer in the castor oil packs. That's why I got castor oil in the first place. Just follow the links here and they'll take ya to the "How To" section and show ya the castor oil pack directions as a matter of fact, here's the link I've got saved on my favorites;

It sounds pretty easy, but yet I haven't tried it just yet. I wish I could make myself follow my own advice, I'd be a walking picture perfect of great health !! Yet, I'd rather sit and preach to others how to cure themselves??? Go figure? As far as what brought me here, it was my legs and feet , at least at first it was, now I stay for the for all the other health problems I've got !!! I figured out I have lymphedema just another form of edema. It's caused by clogged up lymph nodes. I thought I was gonna lose my legs the way they were lookin not to mention my husband was gonna force me to see a Dr. !! I don't do "Dr.s" I'm as good at guessing as they are, why pay for it?I got my legs back to normal by dry brushing , stimulating my lymph, taking butchers broom, and a little common sense, as in don't stand too long get plenty of rest and keep my feet movin to circulate the blood flow better. You should see the list of scary tests I would of had to have for a doctor to tell me what I had !! Once I was here,and started looking I was able to see pictures and confirm that it was critters in my stool.
So that's what I'm tacklin now, next it'll be my yeast build up from so many years of bakin bread in my box !!!(ha):)I figure if I get rid of the minions from hell first the rest should be a walk in the park. But of course I'll still be needin to fix my brain. That's what's really gonna be a challenge.

I know what ya'll mean about sleepin at night. My husband works outta town alot, so's I can't sleep too well. I do most of my sleepin during the day. I had to look up your chinese disease. I had thyroid problems years and years ago. All I did was take a couple months of kelp capsules from Nature's Sunshine Brand Herbs( I trust this brand, not all brands are equal in quality.)It cleared right up, no having to take medicine for the rest of your life(with no tellin what kinda side effects!)Shoot I guess some people actually get operations for thyroid problems!!If you haven't tried Kelp yet, please get right on it! You can take it with your medications, I'm pretty sure. As a matter of fact, there ain't a whole lotta herbs that can't be taken at the same time as other medicine. Ok, now I looked up what that hypo stuff was. Hon, all you need to do is get your glands back in order ! I can have you feelin better lickety split and whatever medications your Dr's have ya on (probably tellin ya for the rest of your life too, huh?)you'll be able to quit takin !! I'd get on "Master Gland Formula" take it 2-3 months ,if that long even. You'll know, your body will tell ya . I was gonna suggest "Black Cohosh" for your hot flashes, but I just read where your Hypo stuff has sweaty as a syptom so's I'll bet it's not hot flashes, and the insomnia is also a syptom from your glands being all whacky. Your thyroid and adrenal glands are severly outta balance.Now I ain't a sales person of "Nature's Sunshine" but it is a brand I've been usin for ,well let's see now, 25 years or so. If you use a brand that is not quality , it ain't gonna work, plain and simple. So if'in ya'll's got a good trust worthy brand of your own by all means take that! But if ya ain't took a whole lotta herbs then research whatever brand before buying it. Don't waste your time and money on an ineffective product. Now your chronic nasal congestion could be caused by alotta stuff. But to get quick relief(I hate not being able to breath through my nose !)and now bare with me cause this'll sound pretty strange, try a vibrator. No, not down there silly !! Use it on the outer edge of your nose, right under the corner of your inner eye, and up on your brow line. Well where your sinus is located. Don't ask how I figured out this !??!Ha Naw, it wasn't nothin like that, I just was havin to massage my sinus to try and breath and as you may already know, the faster you rub and massage your nose, the better ya can breath. So I figured why not try a personal vibrating massage apparatus? Boy howdy does it ever work great !!! Just make sure and have alotta kleenex cause it's gonna make your nose run like pourin pee out of a boot! You'll sneeze alot too but that's good cause sneezin will really loosin all that yucky old snot and clean out your nose hairs. That might kinda sound strange too, but I figure the reason your nose hairs are there is for catchin some allergy causin stuff from gettin in your nose, so if ya don't get'em cleaned out, all that stuff is just sittin there waiting to try and make it past your hair. So when I take a shower or washin my face, I go ahead and sortta breath water up a lttle,just to where's it's in your nose, but not your lungs and a drown yourself ! ha
Well I best get off here and go move around some. My ankles are startin to feel like they're becoming cankles, as in your ankle and calf meet and sortta become one fat unit ?? It's one of the things I gotta be careful of to keep my edema at bay. Small price to pay compared to "There is NO cure and the swellin will never go away" diagnosis the dr's give when they finally figure out what's ailing ya. I sure hope you'll try my suggestions. I'm no expert by no means, but I've researched and cured just about , well no, every single health issue for me and my husband. He ain't never been to a doctor since we've been together, that's going on 28 years now. Other than givin birth, I ain't been but once in the last 25 years and it was for a brown recluse bite, before I discovered the healing powers of herbs. They gave me some kinda shots that made me sick and weak and Antibiotics . Which is one of leading causes of too much yeast in your system. Since then I've had another brown recluse spider get me(One of the things the Ozarks of Missouri has gots plenty of, brown recluses!)Only I treated myself the second time around with tea tree oil, echinecia, and a little Epsom Salt paste to draw out the poison quicker.Worked like a charm, not even no side effects. As a matter of fact a friend come over last night and was tellin me her mom had some kinda bite or something, they weren't sure what it was. So it sounded like a spider bite to me,so I sent my tea tree oil, and all home with her to try, and this morning her mom said the swelling had gone down and the red line that was streakin from it was gone and the center of the area had shrunk and stopped throbbin. that's all in less than 12 hours from starting on my remedies. the same friend come over with a terrible tooth ache,the gums around it was all pussed up and swollen,so I gave her some Epsom Salt told her to mix it with very warm water and hold it on there for 20 minutes or so. Of course ya gotta spit it out a few times and keep repeating it so it's constantly got some salt water on it.Whatever ya do DON"T swallow it !!! Make sure to spit it ALL out or you'll be swallowin your abcess poison and it'll make you really bad sick !! She tried it and the swellin is all but gone and it's back to normal!!
So I hope ya'll will try herbs !!

Sorry I got all preachy and all !:) I can get pretty windy sometimes. (Not just from gas)ha

Your Fellow CureZone Groupy,

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