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Dariush, The WHOLE Story.
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Published: 12 years ago

Dariush, The WHOLE Story.

Hi Dariush (and anyone who wants to add any feedback),

I am going to my main doctor (Rheumatologist & Internist) as told to go back to him by the Parasitologist who said he can no longer treat me due to 2 negative fecal tests and 2 negative blood tests. I do not know what tests he took.

Ok, I am female, 38 and was diagnosed with Rhuematoid Arthritis (auto-immune disease) at age 17. At age 19, I was diagnosed with Hoshitmotos Thyroiditis (an auto-immune thyroid disease). I have also been treated for years for severe acid reflux disease and tons of other little problems. I have had surgery on my right eyes for RA problems 3 times, surgery on my hand, wrist, feet, etc.

At age 15 or 16, I had tons of pets and traveled lots with my family on vacations. After one trip to Mexico, I ate fresh fish and accidently swallowed water when I was swimming in the fresh water. Also, the house I grew up in had 8 or 9 very serious sewage back-ups where the feces would soak up the entire back yard (where I ran bare foot and my mother grew veggies) and the bottom floor of the house when I slept for years.

After Mexico, my sister and Mom got sick on that trip and was treated, I thought I was lucky and was fine but after that trip, I started having painful BM's about twice per year and would expell these fat leaf looking things (I now think they were flukes). I would expell these things maybe once or twice per year for the next 20 years. I basically ignored them, never told anyone for some reason.

My Rhuematoid has always been SEVERE, I have been on EVERY possible drug, infusion, chemo, anything you can think of for RA. Also synthroid for the Hoshitmotos.

I have also traveled to South America for a month about 10 years ago and drank and went swimming the the yucky water.

I was SICK my entire life. Then suddenly a few years ago I would noticed things moving in my body, I mentioned it to my doctor but he always said it was RA related muscle pain, etc, etc..

Then after having TONS of cysts come and go for the last 3 years, they got really bad 8-9 months ago and all my doctors had me go on and off of all kinds of anti-biotics for 5 months. Finally, they were gone again. Horrible rashes.. I have always had excema but this rash is different. I am covered in these rashes. A Derm took a biopsy of the rash and it came back as allergic dermatitis.

Now, for the last 5-6 months I had horrible Candida after anti-biotics. After a month of Difflucan, it would not go away. Then I tried natural stuff for the Candida, including Oil of Oregano. After the Oil of Oregano all these things that had been moving inmy body for years now went NUTS! Then I passed worms in BM's, through nose, and passed 2 Tapeworm segments and egg sacks things that came out at the same time as the segments. Also, I tried Humaworm for 6 days, it freaked me out, live worms in nose, passed more worms, sesame looking things in stool, and the worms all over my body went nuts again. I also passed those same fat leave looking things that I have been passing for the last 25 years. They look just like old dark flukes, but maybe I am wrong. I don't know. I almost went to the hospital.

Suddenly, as of 5 months ago I have an allergy to ALL carbs and sugar, grind my teeth, my nose has been making me nuts for years, have anal movement, etc. Also, I have brain-fog, tired all day, insomnia at night.

I even had a colonoscopy 6 months ago to look for cancer (as I have suddenly developed vaginal skin pre-cancer lesions) so they had to check inside me to make sure it was not inside as well. Why would they not see a Tapeworm then? It's all so odd to me.

Then went to Parasitologist, he is done with me and now I am here.

In between all these years, due to my bad immune system, I would pick up all kinds of other health problems.

Now these things are jumping, buzzing, moving in my body from head to toe. I even took a video of one jumping under my eyes.

I wanted to mention after I finished Vermox last week, I now have 4 new cysts that developed deep under my skin. Why is that?

I hope I am giving yo the right info Dariush, anything else I need to tell you? This is what I can think of for now.

The bottom line is I have been SICK since I was a teenager. I have NEVER had much of a life as I am always sick. Sometimes I wonder if that trip to Mexico when I was a teenager was the start of all my health problems. I guess I will never know. What I do know is that I am infested. I do NOT have a bloated belly but I feel HUGE things inside along with smaller ones from head to toe.


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