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Re: Dariush, The WHOLE Story.
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Dariush, The WHOLE Story.

Hi Dariush,

false negatives are standard. Trust yourself. What you feel in your body is real. It is the doctors tests which are primitive. Ask them to test you for bacterias and viruses. Meanwhile continue cleansing with HW.

**I am going to ask my doctor tomorrow for exact what you said.. to test for bacterias and viruses.

rhematism is a sign of infection, and so is ALSO ALL "auto-immune" diseases. The human body is the most sophisticated organic entity on earth, its not STUPID and dosent attack itself for no reason, there is ALWAYS something fundamentally wrong with the body when these diseases emerge, which are merely signs and symptoms of something else.

**I agree totally. That's why I said it makes me wonder why after I started passing the fat leaves, a few years later I was diagnosed with 2 auto-immune diseases. I don't believe in coincidences.

acid reflux and esophagitis are ALSO signs of infections.

**I didn't realize that, good to know.

OK first thing, think HYGIENE. Wash your hand thoroughly with soap every time your in the WC. Wash the crane handle, where the water comes out and where you touched sometimes. Buy flipflops and use them in the WC. Avoid pork. Sell your pets if you have any. Keep your home CLEAN. If the water in your home is bad, buy a filterer.

**I have been very careful with hygiene ever since this all started. What is WC? The good thing is I hate and rarely ever ate pork so I will gladly give it up. As for my dog, many won't relate to this but he is my child. I have had him for 12 years and I would never give him up, I love him. He is currently on dewormer and sees a Vet on a regular basis. I used to sleep with him in the bed but I STOPPED sleeping with him a month ago. Now he sleeps in his own bed.

next time you see these cysts, preserve them in alcohol and take them to your doctor. STOP taking Antibiotics as they will weaken you specially now when you already are so weakened.

**The cysts I passed with Tapeworm I will collect if I see them again but I also now have cysts, IN my body, deep under the skin. I press hard and I can feel them, now worse after Vermox.

-rashes are a symptom of bacteria, yeast or parasite infection.

**I thought so, my doctors claimed otherwise but I believe exactly what you said.

How do you know its candida?

**Chronic yeasts infections, thrush, foot fungus. GYN doctor took tests positive for yeast overgrowth and other doctor took blood tests and was positive for candida overgrowth.

candida is a fad IMO, unless you are VERY weakened by cancer or HIV you dont have it. You must continue HW and take it every 3 months, you MUST endure the die-off if you want to get better. IF you can, combine it with olive leaf oil, oregano oil and other such products as the SYNERGESTIC effect will kill many more pathogens.

**I tried this and LIVE worms came out of my nose, I had sever panic attacks and became suicidal. I don't want to do that again until my load it lighter. That's why I want to get on Albenza first. Then eventually work in the other stuff.

Sesame seeds are dog Tapeworm which I know through experience no drug can cure. Ozonated olive oil is the way to go. Next time you pass the leaf things, preserve them in alcohol and look online to identify what it is, and take them to your doctor.

**No drug can cure dog tapeworm? Why can they cure other types of Tapeworm but not dog? I onlu saw sesame seeds once while taking herbs. I saw the actual tapeworm segments and cysts many weeks later. I will preserve the leaf things next time I see them. Sadly, I only see them once a year or less.

Its not "allergy", its the infections. It means your level of infection is VERY high. Carbs and Sugar are the optimal food for these pathogens and thats why you feel bad. AVOID all sugars from now on. You can use stevia if you need anything sweet. Doing this ASAP will in a matter of days lessen your symptoms.

**I again agree with you. I stopped all Sugar and carbs like 3 months ago. Every once in a while I binge on Sugar (I have done that 2x in the last 3 months due to severe cravings) but I usually don't touch the stuff. I live on very well cooked organic chicken and broccoli these days. When I eat sugar, the parasites go NUTS! and my hand and feet tingle like crazy for at least a full 24 hours.

Get a GOOD liquid multivitamin and mineral ASAP and take together with meals.

**I will do that.

start supplementing with Iodine ASAP as it will both help your thyroid AND kill bacterias, viruses and parasites. Work your way to a high dose.

**Does this make live worms come out?

Follow my advice and you will be better in a matter of weeks to months depending on how sick you are. I will help you as much as I can.

**Thank you SO much for saying that, I REALLY appreciate it!!

**I plan on ordering Albenza, Prazi, and maybe something else. Any other suggestions on the medications?

Thank you!!

ps- I live alone and am trying all this alone and I am very scared but am trying the best I can.


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