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What could cause my digestive problems?
helgih88 Views: 2,276
Published: 13 years ago

What could cause my digestive problems?

Hi, I'm a 21 years old male,

I'm not sure what could be wrong with me but I'll try to write down what I know so far in detail so bear with me. Even if you don't know exactly any, advice would be wonderful.

So my symptoms are: lots of recurrent dandruff, itchy nose and sometimes eyes if I start to scratch. Nose usually congested, sleep a lot but still tired, bad short time memory, bad concentration, get drunk really quickly, I have bowel movements every 3 days if my stomach doesn't get upset, caffeine and seeds cause diarrhea (ruled out allergy to seeds), raised bumps that itch and go away after a few minutes (probably histamine related), mood swings (and irritability), poor motivation, sometimes get really dizzy when standing up (depends on days), light headaches that last for hours (some days), can eat a lot for my size (maybe irrelevant), often gas after dinner, poor results from working out (had enough protein and blood results say I have enough vitamins and minerals), have put on weight but no muscle mass (hard to put on weight). I've been constipated since I was a little boy and I often had ear infections (I've asked my mom and she says I didn't get any anti-biotics). I don't get sick often, just the yearly flu (when I have to rest in bed).

It may sound pretty bad but I've had most of these symptoms for as long as I remember. A few years back I noticed I'd gotten a lot more sleepy and I was poorly motivated. What pushed me into going to doctors is my difficulty in college, I just didn't feel I would ever be able to finish it if I stayed like this. I also do a lot of stupid things at work that I know I shouldn't have done (usually caused by my bad memory). I always thought I was a good student until I realized I was compensating slow results with a lot of time studying. I also fended off any thoughts about digestive problems (blaming lack of vegetables). All of those problems seemed so small by themselves and only recently I thought to myself: ''What If these are all related?''. If I keep on with these symptoms then my life is going nowhere, it's so easy to be passive in high school, but in college that's where you really have to work hard.

Okay, I got my blood results today. They showed everything fine, including vitamins and minerals but somehow my hemoglobin was a little low (but within normal levels) and my iron was strong. I would have thought my hemoglobin would therefore be very good especially since I take B vitamin and work out regularly. Well anyway, that's not the most interesting part... The doctor said I had a bit of white blood cells (must mean a specific type I think) that points to a viral infection in the body. She asked me If I had been feeling ill recently and obviously I had to say no because I've not been feeling more ill than usual (feeling always this way). But she said I could go for another blood test to find out more, so I'll make an appointment soon. My body temperature seems normal and the blood results points to normal thyroid function. Another blood result came in negative for gluten intolerance and I had no allergies of the foods that I usually eat. I've yet to receive results from my GI doctor but I fear they will show nothing (he really wants to slap that IBS stamp on me - I can feel it).

Now I'm going to remove all doubt that It's all in my head. A few days ago I did a little experiment. I literally emptied my intestine by drinking a lot of energy drinks (caffeine of death, laxative for me) and ate nothing while I did this. This went on for not so long actually, about 24 hours and then I started to notice incredible amount of energy (I've never gotten so much energy from an energy drink so I don't believe that's the case). I felt great, I was happy, I could think a lot more clearly, I felt stronger and I was very alert, I was so awake that I had trouble sleeping the next night and I still was energetic the next day. Unfortunatelly this energy ended shortly after I woke up and no matter how much caffeine I had it did nothing (same old me). I continued fasting this day and the next but I couldn't achieve my former state. At that point I saw no point in continuing so I started eating only to have the worst diarrhea I've had in years. I recovered the next day but this was still pretty disturbing. Okay, I've done this experiment once before by accident (drinking energy drinks for an exam and not eating much) and had a similar effect but I never realized I could manipulate my body in this way until now. Obviously this is not healthy and the effects are short so I want to find out what's wrong with me.

I've tried some stuff for candida, like grapefruit seed extract, coconut oil, low carbohydrate diet (for a short while), cutting out milk, but I don't think I ever experienced any die off so I'm not sure If I have candida. I don't have fever and there's no thrush. I do seem to be positive on the spit test but that is inconclusive.

My mom has crohn's disease and my cousin also has it but I don't get any fever after dinner and my doctor saw nothing in particular in my colon (hasn't checked out the small intestine yet). I'm thinking, if my mom had intestinal dysbiosis (bad ratio of good and bad bacteria) it may have caused her crohn's disease (I could be wrong). From what I understand, babies get their good bacteria from they mothers when they are breast fed and if the mother has poor bacteria then the baby will not reap the benefits. My mom has been dealing with crohn's for at least 10 years and maybe dysbiosis lead to that. That would mean I could also have too much of bad bacteria that is causing infection in my small intestine (and by bad diet). I'm not really sure of this diagnosis since I'm making a lot of speculations but please help me out here. I hear dysbiosis makes you nauseous after dinner but I haven't felt that. I've tried taking in digestive enzymes, probiotics (two bottles), vitamins and minerals (including magnesium) with little difference.

I've read so far a lot of material about crohn's disease, candida, celiac disease, congested liver, intolerances and so forth and it seems to make me even more confused. It makes perfect sense that doctors just do tests and don't rely too much on symptoms. I feel like my food is getting into my bloodstream through my intestine (leaky gut) for some reason and that is causing my allergic reactions. The problem is, I don't know why and if that's even the correct conclusion.

This has been a long one, I hope you know anything that could contribute to this matter, thank you very much.

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