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Thinks & thoughts, lessons & truths - Re: can someone plese talk me down off the ledge!!!!
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Published: 12 years ago
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Thinks & thoughts, lessons & truths - Re: can someone plese talk me down off the ledge!!!!

Pull up an extra pillow and a nice cup/pot of herbal tea, because this is going to take some time to read :)

For starters, the first thing that's necessary to address ANY 'health issue' is for anyone offering advise to find & put together as many puzzle pieces as possibly - so we start here:

(a list of your previous posts on CZ for the last 2 years).

Of course, this is NOT a complete picture, but it's FAR more than just addressing one (or a few posts) and throwing out a few suggestions/bandaids (which may or may not be 'negative' to your situation). With these puzzle pieces, a picture starts to come together, and with the addition of your answers to the questions these pieces lead to - we'll definitely be able make major headway into figuring this out.

While looking at these puzzle pieces and compiling questions, let's keep a few basic things in mind:

--Which organ is 'in charge' of processing fat? --the liver.
--Which organ is 'in charge' of creating, storing & utilizing 'energy' from the food we eat? --the liver.
--Is there any possibility that the components of IF#2 can be the cause weight/fat gain? -- no.
--Is there any possibility that taking IF#2 could trigger something that is already wrong with your body to temporarily be exacerbated, and cause weight gain? yes/absolutely. (especially since another "non weight/fat gaining product"/Humacleanse) produced similar results.

Also, while looking at these puzzle pieces, please know/remember: I am 5'1" tall, and I have weighed up to 265 pounds...what weight I have left to lose is simply waiting upon me to 'apply myself' - and even though I carry more than some people would deem healthy, 'applying myself' is currently NOT at the top of my priority list. No matter how "bluntly" I happen to state whatever I state, I DO empathize & sympathize completely - I know the horror & frustration of "unexplainable" weight gain or inability to lose, and it's enough to drive the sanest person 'over the edge'(and for those people reading this that have never experienced this issue personally, you likely have NO IDEA what it's like). Onward:

(from past posts)
------>>>7/07 Master Cleanse Forum - I had my gall bladder out over 10 years ago. (biggest mistake of my life.. ) anyway.. since then, because of the surgery... I have had explosive diarhea 2-5 times a day EVERY SINGLE DAY... nothing but water, and mostly undigested food. You would think that I would be about 80 pounds by now.. but,I'm not... I'm about 75 pounds over weight<<<

--If you had your gallbladder removed (now) 12 years ago, you likely had fairly severe liver compromise even then - so it's likely your liver is extremely compromised now. The diarrhea is very typical when the gallbladder is gone, because bile (that creates peristalsis) drips constantly from the liver.

------>>>7/07 Master Cleanse Forum - I've been on meds for years... and have developed a caffeine addiction so, I know i'm going to have a few bad days <<<

--Long term stimulant use plays HAVOC with future weight/loss issues.

----->>>12/07 Oil Pulling/Dental -...including using sensadyne tooth paste, and also rincing with a floride rinse -- I'm having alot of swollen lymph nodes in my neck.. will oil pulling help that? <<<

--fluoride is a very toxic poison (as you most likely know) - swollen lymph indicate a 'lack of flow' throughout the lymphatic system...see "QUESTIONS"

----->>>1/09 Humaworm - about a week ago, I started to feel some mild discomfort in my back... (just below my last rib, to the hip bone, on the right side)... it has progressively gotten worse... and now, it has progressed into abdominal pain as well.. (from my diaphram to my belly button)... it's is accompanied by a general feeling of ill ease... nausea.. loss of appetite.. but the worst of it is the back ache... I don't know enough about anatomy to know if there is an organ involved... but, the pain is in the same general area that my gall bladder attacks were centered before I had my GB out... ...I always have a drink near me.. coffee, water, juice, soda.... tea... I drink pretty much all day... ... and I've also done a castor oil pack.. (felt lovely, but I don't feel like it cleared anything up)...<<<<

--'sounds exactly like extreme liver congestion, possibly worsened by liver flukes dying and clogging the biliary network.

--of course, caffeine/coffee/tea & soda (diet or normal - both horrible), and if the juices were made with fluoridated/chorinated water and pasteurized, they're not that much better...and all are dehdyrating, not to mention the stimulants playing havoc with your metabolism and blood glucose. Diet sodas & stimulants (stimulants always raise blood sugar) can cause insulin resistance - which makes it even harder to lose weight for most.

------>>>1/09 Humaworm - I took my last dose of Humaworm last wednesday... I had little to NO die off symptoms at all while taking it.. two days after I stopped though, I started feeling my stomache is just off... lots of gas.. lots of acid... stomache pain... loss of appetite.. definately not a flu, or anything... is this typical AFTER the parasite cleanse is done<<<

--these are all typical symptoms of liver congestion. Rotting parasites in the liver could be very responsible - although so could many other things

------>>>2/09 Humaworm - . I had my gallbladder out about 13 years ago... since then, I have had explosive diarrhea up to 10 times a day, every single day.... ...So, in a nutshell... where other's make "poop"... I make "soup"... I haven't had anything resembling a normal, firm bowel movement in over a dozen years. ...Then, on a desperate whim.. around Thanksgiving, I ordered Humaworm... I took it as directed.... and then in my last week of taking the capsules, I started getting terrible discomfort in my liver region, that lasted for about 3 weeks.. (btw.. I think the humaworm was very tough for my liver to process.. ) ...I've been off of it now for about a month.. and let me tell you... I have 1 or 2 bowel movements a day.. and they are firm.. ropelike.. NOT explosive.. NOT soupy... it is nothing short of miraculous in my book. the only thing is, they are very thin.. like finger width.. I think after years and years of nothing but watery soup, my colon is just not toned.. so, I'm going to try humaworms colon cleanser...

--the most logical explanation here is that the diarrhea was caused by the gallbladder removal (what you experienced was typical, because when the gallbladder isn't there, the bile drips out constantly causing continuous diarrhea)...and that you killed off a scads of liver flukes, which clogged your gallbladder, so now you have an even more inadequate flow of bile - which would logically stop the diarrhea. The stools being thin indicates there is still colon cleansing/healing to attend to.

------>>>2/09 - Humaworm - I do have other health issues, but I haven't seen any improvement in them since humaworm.. (I have PCOS, and issues with my weight... also chronic acne.. those have not improved.. )'s hard to figure out what to try next... it would make absolute sense if I had an inflamed digestive track.. I mean, there's been nothing but bile flowing through it constantly for a dozen years... I'm sure that causes inflamation.. I'm hoping alot of that repairs itself now that the D is gone... I think the Colon Cleanse will help too, as it should tone, and clean the digestive tract... if that doesn't work.. I'm seriously considering the aloe vera juice<<<<

--As you likely now know, a thorough Colon Cleanse should always we done first (or at least concurrently) with other cleanses - and yes, your digestive tract is likely 'inflamed' (although a better description would likely be 'highly compromised', as 'inflamed' is likely FAR too simplistic of a description).

----->>>2/24/09 Sutter -
I obviously have well over 100 pounds to lose... I've been on every diet on the planet.. and I mean that... anything that has been "balanced" (such as weight watchers, or any calorie counting diet, etc)... has not allowed me to lose any weight. I had minimal success with atkins.. I lost 60 pounds in 3 years with atkins... but then I stalled out.. and couldn't lose any more. I finally went on a protein only diet (stillmans) and lost quite alot of weight.. very fast... but, it was soo difficult, and I got very nauseus on it.. and eventually caved.. and the minute I ate carbs, I went crazy, and gained back all of my weight.. the heck can I get this weight off.. and what is a healthy Diet that I can follow, that will heal me, and allow the weight to finally come off... can anyone help me? btw.. I've been on the Diet Forum , and haven't really found much help there.

--Other than chemicals/poisons, there's likely nothing that will negatively impact health worse than high protein dieting :::sigh::: and of course, yo-yo dieting/scenarios are devastating to health & emotions.

----->>>3/1/09 Humaworm - I've been on humacleanse for 12 days... and I've gained 6 pounds while on it. and suprisingly, I'm eating LESS while on it!!! what the heck s going on?!? ...I'd love to have lost weight on this. I thought about the water weight thing, and honestly, if anything I feel dehydrated, definately NOT bloated.. it's like the humacleanse is sucking all the moisture out of my body. I'm drinking tons of water, and can't seem to keep up with the dehydration... I'm suprised I'm not constapated, in fact, my diarhea has returned

----->>>3/1/09 Sutter -
- explosive diarhea 2-10 times a day, everyday.
- food passes through my system completely undigested.
- my digestion time line is about 20 minutes to an hour (I know, because since my food passes through undigested.. I see what i ate coming out the other end.. )
- despite my digestive issues, I'm over 100 pounds overweight, and no matter what I do, I can't seem to get the weight off..
- I've develeped a very bad case of acid reflux that many times keeps me up at night.
- I am completely carb addicted.. in fact, I have severe withdrawal symptoms if I don't get my carbs, just like a drug addict..
- I'm infertile, rarely if ever have a period, and doctor says I have PCOS.
- I have adult acne.. as well as tiny blisters that appear on my face.. (doctor says I have rosacea)
- i had my gallbladder out 12-15 years ago, due to severe gallbladder attacks
- I have massive fatigue, all the time.. I sleep minimu 10 hours a day.. and am still tired.
- I have severe depression, and have been suicidal at times
- I have massive mood swings, and am a very angry resentful person
- I have a terrible time with relationships, and don't really have any friends.
- I have a very bad swayback, which causes extreme pain in my lower back, and has severely limited what I am able to do. (I have a great chiropractor, who has been helping with this issue.. and has given me some relief)
- I've been struggling with touth/mouth/jaw pain for over a year now, and all the efforts of my dentist have not been able to aliviate the problem

------>>>3/7/09 Humaworm - I did my first parasite cleanse ever in december... as some of you have read. 30 days... I got a few (maybe 5) flukes out.. a few sesame seed type things.. and one thing that looked like a 2 inch earthworm.. that's it. I did feel better afterwords, and my diarhea problems cleared up.

I then took a month off... and then started Humacleanse.. to work on the bowel next. well.. long story short there are TONS of parasites coming out.. I have lots of "corn kernals" (I think this is tape worm egg saks).. I also passed what looked to be about an 8 inch worm... and also some very firm, rubbery clumps of something... no idea what that is.

I am assuming that the humaworm that I took in december was only about 10% effective. What I think happened is that since I had such explosive diarhea.. the humaworm passed through my system so fast that it never reached most of the parasites... I would be due to start my next humaworm round at the beginning of april.. //

>>>>This is the very first Colon Cleanse I have ever done, so this may be just normal for any colon cleanse. but, I have to say that I've been miserable. I've had extreme exhaustion. Just taking the dog outside, and I need to sit down and rest for an hour to regain my energy, and catch my breath. I've gained over 5 pounds a week on this, even though my actual food consumption has dropped considerably (I'm always full so I don't eat much) and while I've been having regular bowel movements, I feel like I have about 20 pounds of humacleanse backed up in my system. My stomach looks like I'm about to give birth... and even pure water causes me to have severe acid reflux... it's like there is so much blocked up in my system that it has no where to go but back up.<<<<

---As much as I would like to, I can't continue any more of this copying/pasting posts for you/everyone to learn 'in a nutshell' -- since March you've done several liver flushes, getting out mostly parasites initially ; you gained a total of 17 pounds from a month on the Humacleanse/colon cleanse capsules; you've experienced dark urine; you were drinking 1/2 pot of coffee & diet coke (definitely worsens insulin resistance/pcos issues, making it very difficult to lose weight - takes a long time to reverse, but will happen); started another round of Humaworm in April; you revealed a massive liver fluke infestation in your liver cleanses; you've done the Coke/Ultraphos flush (mostly or always, I didn't see if you've ever switched flush protocols).

QUESTIONS (none of these have much bearing on your current condition, but they came to mind as I was copying/pasting - so don't hurry to answer them):

--Did you ever end up doing the Master Cleanse? If so, what was the results?

--Did you end up getting off the caffeine/coffee? completely? when? elaborate to current time please

--Past/current 'med list' please

--For how long did you use the fluoride rinse on your teeth?

--Have you had recurring issues with swollen lymph glands in the neck? or anywhere else? what about lingering infections of any kind?

--Did you follow through with the oil pulling? if you did, what were the results?

--Did the ear issues resolve?

Thinks n' thoughts

--When it comes to "metabolism types", "blood types", etc., most all the information we have in these fields is from authors that sell lots of books and make public appearances but have little to NO clinical experience...and I can think of none that consistently "cured the incurables". On this forum we subscribe to the works of healers that have massive amounts of clinical experience and consistent success. Even if Dr. Schulze didn't disagree with the whole "blood/metabolism typing" (which he strongly did/does), it still doesn't make logical sense. Oh sure, there are Ferraris and there are VW bugs, and they require slightly different maintenance, operation and fuel...but every oil filter filters oil; every exhaust pipe removes exhaust, every carburetor works the same way; every transmission runs on the same principal.

Ranchers & zookeepers don't individualize diets or protocols for each different sheep, elephant, lion, or snake...and even amongst the varying breeds of certain animals (cows, pigs, horses, etc) there's very little variance in diet. OF COURSE, all of us are at different states at different times in our life. 10 years ago to go from my meat loving toxic diet to a strict vegan protocol would have resulted in me saying: "I'm not 'naturally' a vegan" - but now I feel totally different. My blood type certainly didn't change.

Willowwisp (all), I realize completely that the majority of us have no idea how damaging having an organ carved out actually is, and I also know that very few people have any idea how incredibly harmful a 'typical' diet really is (not to mention how brutally it clogs & degrades our bodies & health). And sadly, the very things that may 'bandaid the symptoms' and give temporary relief from the horribly compromised state our body is in (in your case, coffee, diet sodas, protein diets, carb binging, etc)...generally the very thing that "bandaids" is the EXACT thing that makes it worse :(

It is my opinion that your body is in a 'full state' of compromise - I'm very surprised to see you don't have heart issues, because virtually every system you have seems to be seriously clogged and experiencing overall 'lack of flow'.

We know that you have very thin bms - this indicates blockage and constriction in your intestines (as does the acid reflux). Your liver is clogged & compromised, and your kidneys have been picking up the slack for years (so they're compromised too). You have PCOS (I had it too, once upon a time) - which is likely complete with insulin resistance (made worse by stimulants & "diet sodas"), and insulin resistance makes it VERY difficult to lose/maintain weight (and very easy to gain weight).

Do I know the specific reason that you're experiencing weight gain with IF#2 (or Humacleanse)? No. But I do know this, your reaction is NOT typical...but your body is in no state to be reacting 'typically' - so it is not reacting typically. Any simple search shows that psyllium is beneficial to weight LOSS, it helps control glucose levels & lowers cholesterol - and psyllium is the main ingredient in IF#2.

PCOS issues - at the absolutely baseline, the sigmoid colon wraps directly around the uterus and the ovaries - even a slightly enlarged colon "squeezes" off blood/oxygen flow to the uterus/ovaries, not to mention squeezing them totally out of shape. Pencil thin bms indicates your colon is more than "slightly" enlarged - and there's likely no way you'll experience healing of your female issues until your uterus/ovaries regain the shape and flow of oxygenated blood which is normal for them.

What is the solution for the colon cleanse (which you SO desperately need)?

-- a series of professional colonics (probably 2-3 weekly for a couple of months, which is likely not affordable/doable...and while they cleanse away the mucoid plaque they do virtually nothing to heal/strengthen the muscular of the lower colon - which for all of us is stretched, weak and out of shape, and has been for decades)...but certainly an option, and would definitely help with the female issues.

-- learn to do high enemas at home (daily) which will eventually get the job done, but will likely take several months. You can increase the effectiveness of high enemas by adding 1 tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide to every quart of water. Everyone doing the full IP does a high enema every other day - but few people actually ever dedicate themselves to getting the water all the way through the entire lower colon. And it would be fantastic way (as would the colonics) to get the dead/decaying parasite carcasses out of your colon.

-- home colonics - for around $300 dollars you can get a home colonic set up (I recommend this one over the more typical Colema board, as the water container is MUCH easier to use. WOW, the one I've always wanted is on sale for $235 (and free shipping).
This is something that might seriously be an least until you can get yourself 'back online' and do the fiber cleanse/herbs that will restore & restrengthen the musculature (at least you won't be poisoning your bloodstream/liver daily from all the build-up in your colon!)

-- the "oxy" products. I don't like them, nor have I ever recommended them. They do increase bowel activity (as does anything with magnesium) - most people experience diarrhea (again typical of magnesium, which floods the intestines with water, hence imbalancing electrolytes) - they certainly provide NO strengthening to the intestinal tract...and I highly doubt that the "oxygen addition" is able to dissolve mucoid plaque as they claim. Those of us that have removed mucoid plaque can attest to the fact that it is VERY "rubber-like" and hard. I've seen countless reports on CZ that people using these 'cleansers' regularly see chunks/pieces of undigested food. ??? If it can't 'dissolve' or break-down a soft piece of food, how in the WORLD can it dissolve thick, rubbery mucoid plaque? And of course, I don't subscribe to the use of isolated minerals or other substances for healing (although you will see me occasionally suggesting the use of Epsom Salts in special situations). But hey, it's your body/colon, and if you wanna give 'em a try, then do your research fully and do what you want. (And by doing 'research fully', I don't mean to ask on the Colon Cleansing forum and make a decision based on 2-3 responses. I mean, find the name of each product and do full searches on each in the Colon Cleansing forum and read dozens (if not hundreds) of past posts.

--Continue with the IF#1/IF#2 while "ramping up" your protocol (which is something -after reading all your posts and reviewing your order- that I seriously feel you need to do anyway). By the way, you've made some AWESOME changes in your diet in the last 6 months - GOOD FOR YOU! I know that has NOT been keep up the good work - and keep moving forward!

Of course, my best recommendation is for you to do the FULL IP for a few months - that would be most effective - but I sense that's not an option. So what's my second best recommendation:

First - CAYENNE and more of it. Cayenne has been proven to DECREASE insulin resistance (and cures Type 1 Diabetes in mice). It increases circulation throughout your body, and the powder increases peristalsis (the muscular action of the colon) and kills parasites. If I were you I'd be taking 2 droppersful of Cayenne Tincture 4x daily, while working my way up to a teaspoon of the powder 3x daily (starting with 1/8 teaspoon of the powder).

--Let's get that reflux knocked out and help your process of digestion. One tablespoons of raw/organic apple cider vinegar with every dose of cayenne powder (and a teaspoon/tablespoon of organic blackstrap molasses would be FANTASTIC for minerals!)

--Exercise - you MUST increase your metabolism, and while your liver is compromised (which will likely be for several more months), it's even more important to SWEAT! I've been worse than where you are in the weight category, so I know it likely won't take very much effort to work up a sweat 3x daily (likely less than 5 minutes). If that's the case, then 5 minutes at a time it is! (and yes, just that much WILL help immensely!) Marching in place while moving your arms like jumping-jacks is GREAT for increasing heart rate, flow, circulation and working up a sweat...if you do that after each dose of cayenne (4x a day), you'll likely see vast improvements with the weight issue.

--Hot/Cold showers - every day, no exceptions. 2 minutes hot, then one minute of cold, one minute of hot...until you've done 7 cycles of hot/cold. This is NOT just for "physical flow" (which you need - you HAVE to get that oxygenated blood pumping through your organs, especially your liver!)...but it's also for emotional flow (and from what you report about depression, mood swings & anger) you NEED to get some serious emotional flow going - and there's no better/easier way than hot/cold showers! I tell you what, the first time you turn that hot water totally off and that cold water hits you, you WILL have emotional flow...and you should SCREAM and CUSS and LET IT OUT! Willowwisp, for the most part, everything that is wrong with you happened to you was not actually your fault (although technically everything was your responsibility)- but "they" lied to you (and to us all)...and that's the main reason you made bad choices. Doesn't that make you MAD? Aren't you FURIOUS that you have to spend all this money and do all this to heal yourself?! (I know I am!!!) LET IT ***OUT!!!*** Scream! Cry! Sob! Rage! PURGE! when the cold hits you. And then let that glorious hot water wash all that POISON down the drain.

Did you know, the liver is the seat of your emotions? HEAL YOUR LIVER! LET IT OUT!

Speaking of emotions, give yourself a real treat (which you WELL deserve for all your effort) and get yourself a 4oz bottle of St. John's Wort tincture. It is WONDERFUL for 'all things emotional' AND it assists your liver in detoxification of the blood (how awesome is that?!)

Speaking of your liver? HIT IT HARD! Castor oil packs EVERY night! coffee enemas EVERY DAY! Foot Reflexology everytime you take your shoes on/off (even 3 minutes is GREAT! You should hear what happens in your liver with 3 minutes of foot reflexology - it sounds like a Liver Flush is happening through the stethoscope!) Liver Flushes once a week (for at least a few weeks). Start that 5 day liver cleanse tomorrow! And if I were you, I'd be adding 1-3 tablespoons of ground milk thistle seed to your morning Superfood smoothie every day (I've done that for almost two years!)

SUPERFOOD! You're asking to your body to do MORE than sustain you through the day, you're asking your body to sustain you AND somehow have the energy/fuel to UNDO past damage...and you're asking your body to do that in a state of compromise. Superfood (fuel) is NOT an option - I've taken 4T daily for almost 5 years...and you can ask ANYbody that WILL feel the difference, and you'll know your body loves it.

As soon as you've done the 5 day liver cleanse (complete with the 3 day juice fast in the middle) and done a flush right afterwards, then do a 5 day kidney cleanse the next week (but keep doing the daily coffee enemas and nightly castor oil packs for your liver).

Is this DOable? HECK YEAH!

--Cayenne powder/ACV/BSM doses 3x daily, followed by just 5 minutes of sweating - 15-20 minutes.

--St. John's Wort 3-4x daily 3-4 minutes

--Hot/Cold Shower (you're taking one anyway, but you'll need to allot an extra 30 minutes)

--6 minutes of foot reflexology

-- coffee enema 30 minutes

--Slapping on a castor oil pack at night - 3 minutes

--Making morning liver cleanse drink and chugging it down - 7 minutes

--Making morning Superfood drink and chugging it down 7 - 15 minutes (or less). My cousin mixes her morning Superfood with 1/2 cup of WATER (ack!) but hey, she gets it in!

--Making Liver/Digestive tea (throw some herbs in water and soak, then simmer before you go to bed - warm up the next morning, have a cup after your morning liver drink/tinctures, and throw the rest in a thermos and take it to work - 5-7 minutes). Add more water/herbs to the kettle before you leave for work or after you get home.

That's adding up to about an hour and a half....that is do-able (but doesn't count the full Liver Flush on the weekend). We ALL can squeeze out an hour & a half a day - and you can too. And (the even better news) the combination of Cayenne, Exercise, Hot/Cold Showers and Superfood will GIVE you more energy and speed up your metabolism...and the St. John's will soothe AND brighten your emotions (especially if you purge out the anger, disappointment, rage and "ylech" during the hot/cold showers).

Your body DOES have the infinite capacity to heal itself! You ARE on the right track!

If you can (whenever you can), take an hour a night to watch these videos: //
(they're for sale in the Storefront if you want copies to watch on TV).
If you have more KNOWLEDGE, you'll heal so much faster AND you'll feel so much more confident!

3 letters: E.F.T
It will give you help wherever/whenever you need it. Check out the videos on YouTube (I like the one by Aila)

PLEASE, believe me. I really do know you how you feel!!! You do NOT have to be fat, pimply, exhausted, frustrated and depressed/angry forever ...I was on Prozac/Trazodone for FIFTEEN YEARS (here comes the tears) - I tried SO D*MNED HARD to get off those drugs and I failed SO miserably - I tried SO LONG to lose weight - I had HORRIBLE oozing boils on top of it, and I was SO morbidly ashamed. At one point I drank a CASE of diet pepsi AND a pot a coffee+ PER DAY!

I know you CAN heal yourself -- you CAN.



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