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What is the true meaning of Islam?
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Published: 12 years ago
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What is the true meaning of Islam?

Hello Chris:

Islam is the number one growing religion in the world but it is not a "Political" religion but that of love. There is a big misunderstanding about the real Islam.

Islam states that we cannot kill women, children and the elderly so jihad is only possible in cases of war against the enemy so 9-11 cannot be considered jihad. But it can be considered terrorism. Now can a terrorist be a Muslim, not so.

So if you look at England. would you consider someone who did damage to England or to America a terrorist such as the Oklahoma Bomber. He was an American who made horror but are all Americans like Terry was? Lets think about Charles Manson or the man who ate little boys, are they terrorist and yet are Americans.

So teachings of Islam is fear of Allah. Specifically, if you commit adultery you will go to hell. So in the bible it says, thou shall not commit adultery and it talks about hell but in our religion it specifically tells the exact punishment. I like this as I know the consequences of all. My husband told me, "I will never be unfaithful to you out of fear of Allah." So what we do in this life is for Allah. We are willing to die for Allah also. Saying this that if someone was to try to take our Mosque in Jerusalem, there would be a holy war and millions of brothers would fight and die with pleasure.

Now lets talk about the real Jihad. It is not suicide bombers. As if you commit suicide you go to hell. Suicide bombers in many cases kill innocent civilians, also against Islam. So in order to be jihad must be against a military target. So lets take Chechneya. They were fighting each other.

Michael Jackson and Jermaine Jackson both Muslims, why because of love. We hug, we kiss each other, women only and we give tons of charity. It is obligatory on each of us to do that. We pray 5 times a day and bow down to our lord, humbling. We make pilgrimage if we can. We devout ourself to Islam. I am in the process of learning too much and yes at times we have to isolate ourself from people who do us harm in our religion. So my article on hypocrites. Something we fear alot. As its punishments are horrible. Some people who constantly break promises are not someone we want as friends. A Muslim is as good as their word. A person cannot be true and good unless he has ethics and morals.

Today I had a family member speak awful to me. I wanted so to come back and say the same, but as my fear of Allah and knowing he takes care of all things I said nothing. Sometimes saying nothing is better. We believe that Allah punishes all in one way or another and if we seek to punish someone, Allah stops, so better to remain quiet. Fear of Allah comes in many forms. I was talking with my friend today and remembering somethings that happened to people who offended me and their life seems horrible and I shutter to be in their shoes. So we reap what we sow.

People like Cat Stevens came to Islam after the death of his child. He learned that even though Allah took his small child that Allah provided him with heaven. So if you believe that a death such as your mom and dad could cause you to know a new religion and that religion would cause you to go to heaven and bring your wife and children with you, could you not say at this point, that this awful situation caused good.

I feel that millions will see Michael and Jermaine Jackson turning to Islam not for Jihad but for love of Allah and they will seek and become Muslim. So thru an awful event, millions will be saved.

Why would I spend tons of hours on the internet, not for friends, as no close friends, but to repay Allah back for what he has given me. Ok, so the dementia is in high gear at times, but overall I am in good health and I must give back or pay forward my blessings. I was told once by Allah, that I would save 70,000 people. So when the hits on my forum got to 70,000 I thought that was my vision. Well now we are close to 400.000 not multiply that times 20 years that a person would be searching the internet for and you can see the blessings that I will achieve by some simple crazy acts.

That is why I don't bother to go to forums and defend my name or attack people who hurt me, as it is not my job. I use to debate alot but I found it absolute waste of time. People want to believe what they believe.

Some people told my sister not to give me any charity as I gave it all to Osama Bin Laden. Ludicrous thoughts. All my money goes for food and rent. So I remained quiet as I struggled each month to survive. My life is hard and some days I don't know how I will make it but I don't ask anyone for help. As you know, you did offer also. Then two years later, she wrote to me and begged for my forgiveness as Allah showed her the real truth. I could of argued with her but you had decided to believe a stranger, but better I trust Allah as he would indeed show her the truth. There is much debate on curezone about Islam but 90 percent of it is bull. It is not Islam but the culture of many countries such as mutilation of women in Africa. This has nothing to do with Islam. But there are a few on curezone who search news to look for anything in a Muslim country and label it Islam. So can I label raping children as American? well no, then all things in all Muslim countries cannot be labeled Islam.

So here is what we believe.

1. There is one God. Jesus is a prophet and not God.
2. We believe in Angels, every single day.
3. We believe in his books, the quran, bible and torah
4. We give 2 percent of our money in charity to the poor
5. to make pilgrimage if we can afford it.

Our Prophet, showed us thru mannerism how to act, work and live. So by his example of love we learn what we must do.

Do we make mistakes, yes, do we cry yes, but do we have hope yes. Islam is a religion of hope and love and not political. If you come to take my country, I will fight you and if you speak bad about my Lord and my prophet I will fight you and the punishment of all will come from Allah.

Some days I have so many problems, I just don't care anymore. I am tired. Some days I am too tired to care. But I know that Allah takes care of all things. When I am so tired of just existing, my lord, says go one more day. Then I see questions like this and I hope that maybe just one person will see the light and love Allah the way I do.

Many will become Muslim on this day Chris, will you be the first? I would be the happiest person in the world if you and your wife joined the millions who take the shahada (declaration of belief) and become one of those who go before Allah clean. When someone becomes Muslim all their prior sins are forgiven. So you are as a newborn.

If you die an unbeliever you cannot go to heaven. So that is why I am happy Allah saved Michael Jackson before his death. Many tell me he was bad, but Allah knew better. Maybe he did one thing to save him from the hellfire and maybe he is there today, it is up to Allah.

So we work for going to the next life as this is only a trial. I prefer to have a forum with 4 people who come here that are true lovers of humanity than to have a forum with 100 who want to debate the color of the moon. For one person can create 1000 good deeds. I watch all the debates on curezone and they make me sad. I see all the lies on curezone and they make me sad. I want to see happiness, love and truth. For a person who is a liar cannot go to heaven. So better I stay strange but be truthful. I write about the days I am sad and I write about worms and I write about harm but I pray everyday that at least one person hears my message.

I have 2 religious forums and those are about Allah strictly. This is a forum of craziness and happiness and a bit of religion. YOu see the difference. Islam can be both craziness and devoutness. So by getting to know me, maybe just one will say I want to know more. If you studied for 10 years, you would not know all of Islam. I know I am Muslim 16 years now. I know that sometimes we are given test to have our sins cleansed and sometimes we have problems to test our faith. But in the end all come from Allah.

I hope this long, long message has opened your eyes a bit and I hope you understand why we want to be close to Allah which is Arabic for God. So the Christian God and our God is the same.

God Bless you all my friends at Sara's Soup Kitchen. Hey where are my Michael Jackson tickets. Man, no tickets, heheheh, foiled again.


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