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Kill The Bill....Not Grandma
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Published: 12 years ago

Kill The Bill....Not Grandma

I gave reasons the OBAMA healthcare (US House) Bill was flawed as well as the "end of life' counseling provisions that I found disturbing. Additionally, I pointed out the relationship between Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel & President Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. I hope you took the time to Google Ezekiel Emanuel and check out his background and his "way of thinking".

In the past few days, I have done more research and troubled at the facts & concerns that will influence medical care of those 65 and older. Since Medicare was basically started in 1965, access to care has enabled older Americans to avoid becoming disabled and pushed off into a nursing home environment. BUT NOW-HR.3200 that is being PUSHED through Congress will be detrimental to all "Senior Citizens" sixty- five and older.

The majority in Congress wants to pay for its $1 trillion to 1.6 trillion health bills with new taxes and a $ 500 billion cut to Medicare. The initial assault on seniors actually started in the stimulus package in February 2009. Slipped into that bill (THAT WAS NOT read by most legislators) was substantial financing for "comparative effectiveness research" which is a code for limiting care based on a patients age. As a schooled student/teacher with advanced degrees in Economics, I am familiar with what Economist
terms - Quality-adjusted life years (QALY's) mean. In sum, it is the cost of treatment divided by the numbers of years that patient is likely to benefit.Or put another way, the older you are the less likely you are to benefit society.

In a letter this week to Speaker Pelosi,White House budget chief, Peter Orsaz, urged congress to delegate its authority over Medicare to a newly created body within the executive branch!!! This measure would circumvent the democratic process and avoid accountability to the public for cuts in benefits. (THIS is a way Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel & President Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel can "cut off" information and access to circumvent congressional oversight)!!!!!

Now I must address the Lies with health Bills Vs. POTUS words. I recall that President Obama promised" if you like your health plan, you can keep it".The bills before congress would force you to switch to a managed- care plan with limits on your access to specialist and tests. Currently, two bills are being rushed through Congress with the goal of combining them into a finished product by August 2009. Under either, a new government bureaucracy will select health plans that it considers in your best interest,and you will have to enroll in one of these "qualified plans". If you get your plans through work, your employer has a five year "grace period" to switch you to a "qualified plan". If you buy your own plan, you have less time to switch. If anything changes in your plan, you'll have to move into a "qualified plan" (H.B. pgs. 16-17). When you file your taxes,if you can't PROVE to the IRS that you are in a "qualified plan" you will be fined thousands of dollars-- as much as the average costs of a health plan for your family size and then automatically enrolled in a random selected plan.( H.B. pgs. 167-168). It is one thing to require that people getting government assistance tolerate managed care, but the legislation limits you to a managed-care plan even you and your employer are footing the bill.(Senate bill.pgs. 57-58).

Nowhere does the legislation say how much health plans costs will cost, but a family of four is eligible for some government assistance until their income reaches $88,000.00 (H.B. p.137). The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates the cost to be a HUGE $1.04 trillion. Half of the tab comes from taxpayers that make $280.000.00 or more and taxes will double in 2012 unless savings exceed predicted costs (H.B. p,199). THE REST OF THE COST IS PAID FOR BY CUTTING SENIOR'S HEALTH BENEFITS UNDER MEDICARE!!!!!!!

BY NOW YOU SEE WHY QALY'S and the need to put this program under White House control is so important to the Obama plan. If Congress gives control of Medicare to the White House, supervised by the two Emanuel brothers we seniors are screwed.


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