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Low Carb Flush Instructions
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Published: 19 years ago

Low Carb Flush Instructions

Low Carb Flush

I've completed two low carb flushes and wanted to share them with those of us who are watching our carbs for health purposes.

These flushes are based on the Atkins diet. Though they are probably adjustable to fit other low carb diets. The goal is to stay in ketosis, not to lose weight during the flush. I had previously done 8 of the flushes and although I benefited greatly health wise I found that If I wanted to stay on my diet I would have to go through three days of cravings once I was done with the flush. This low carb flush will keep you in ketosis thereby circumventing the cravings and keeping your Sugar levels where they should be.

Basically, just as in the regular low carb diet you will need to keep your carbs low enough for you to stay in ketosis. For most everyone 20 carbs is plenty low enough. But if you have been on the low carb diet long enough to be aware of the amount of carbs you can have and stay in ketosis I'd recommend that you use that amount as your goal for the day.

In order to keep it at 20 carbs you would need to only have two grapefruits for the entire day. This left me feeling tired and sleepy but it's doable if you are desperate enough. One grapefruit is reserved for the flush. The other one is eaten as slowly as possible throughout the day instead of the fruits and veggies other folks would be eating. I did have some hunger with this method.

A far more satisfactory flush can be done with a goal of 30 carbs. This would involve reserving one grapefruit for the oil. The other two can be eaten throughout the day up to two hours before the Epsom Salts . It could be made even more comfortable with the inclusion of another 10 carbs worth of fruit or veggies but this might not be possible for some people.

The middle ground low carb flush......30 carbs total

Malic acid tablets (up to 2000 mg per day)
extra virgin olive oil, 1/2 cup
4 grapefruits
1 atkins shake in the flavor of your choice
one bag of "carbolite" jelly beans, (0 carbs, 0 fat) (may cause some gas or act as a laxative)
Epsom Salts 1-2 tablespoons
two cups of icy cold water
one straw
4-6 ornthine capsules (sleep and digestive aid)

Take up to 2000 mg of malic acid per day for 5-7 days prior to the flush. This serves the same purpose of drinking one quart of apple juice a day without the carbs. It should help to soften and break down any calcified stones. For some reason our bodies don't like to expell rough stones.

Portion two of the grapefruits into 4 servings. These will be your meals throughout the day. You can eat these up to 2 hours before taking the Epsom Salts . If you can handle 40 carbs you might want to add another 10 carbs worth of fruits or veggies to these meals.

The jelly beans may be eaten any time during the day you feel a need to chew on something. They are not necessary but might make the day go easier. They can also give the epsom salts a head start.

Before taking your first dose of epsom salts. Prejuice and mix one grapefruit with 1/2 cup of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. Open 4-6 ornthine capsules and add the contents to the mixture. Shake well for one minute. You will be glad you preped this later. You may refridgerate this mixture (to minimize the taste) but I find it goes down faster if it's room temperature. (The ornthine makes the mixture slightly salty which might make the mixture taste worse to some people)

2-3 hours before bed time mix one tablespoon of epsom salts with one cup of the ice water. Drink as quickly as possible with a straw. If you place the straw past the middle of the tongue the taste is more tolerable. Wait one hour. Drink as much water as you want. I would recommend one glass. This not only prevents dehydration but facilitates the epsom salts laxative effect.

If after one hour you aren't haveing a lot of runs to the bathroom then it may be necessary to take another dose of epsom salts. I found that with eating the jelly beans early in the day one tablespoon was more than enough. Just repeat the previous step if needed.

Stop drinking water 1-2 hours before taking the oil cocktail.

Drink your oil cocktail 2 hours after taking your last epsom salts or when you have made it at least 20 minutes since the last bathroom run. Immediatly go to bed. If you added the ornthine then you will probably feel very sleepy within 15-20 minutes. I have found this really helps me to sleep through the night. You may want to read a book or watch tv while waiting for sleep. If you experience any nausea find a comfortable position which alleviates this and try to stay motionless in that position. For me that means sleeping in a semi reclined position for the first few hours. Some people immediatly lie on thier right sides but I only move to the right side if I'm not nauseaus.

You may or may not awaken to pass stones throughout the night.

The next morning drink one glass of water. Follow with your morning breakfast beverage as long as it contains no oil or protien.

If you don't start passing stones and have loose stools then another dose of the epsom salts drink may be necessary. I can't make myself do this first thing in the morning, but if you want, you can have the epsom salts right away.

Two hours after this dose of epsom salts eat the last grapefruit. Two hours later you may have either a 10 carb salad or the atkins shake. That evening you will probably be able to handle your normal evening meat. I have found that I am able to handle oily foods the day following the flush but nothing with too many spices. You will need to experiment to find out what your level of comfort is. The atkins shake isn't necessary but I think it's a good way to begin to get back to the high protien, low carb, moderate fat diet.

Take care,

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