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Phosphorus for stone dissolving Caution!
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Published: 19 years ago
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Phosphorus for stone dissolving Caution!

I am bringing this to the attention of this web site because I had originally heard of using phosphorus products here and felt that people needed to know the possible consequences.

I had a gallstone which I could feel ever since my 5th flush. I've just completed my 10th flush. For three consecutive days before and immediatly following my 9th flush I had gallbladder attacks. Total of 6 attacks. Prior to my first flush I had only had an attack about once every other month. There seemed to be no food trigger to the attacks. They seemed to be triggered by the type of activity I was involved in. For instance driving for a half hour on a bumpy road seemed to move the stone into a place which triggered the attack. Since my attacks had become more frequent prior to the initial flushes I knew that this would have eventually happened anyway. I became convinced that this had to be a calcified stone which was either too large to pass or too rough. While researching this online I found out that I could use malic acid tablets to help break it down and ran into several references to the use of phosphorus. The recipies for the use of the phosphorus use were each different but I don't think I ran into any that were less than 120 drops per day. I wasn't going to purchase it though because I needed something immediatly and didn't realise it could be purchased locally.

I went to the health food store and purchased the malic acid but while I was there a woman who worked there handed me a printed recipie for a gallbladder flush which used phosphorus. 45 drops taken three times per day. I purchased both products and took them home. Began taking them immediatly that day as I was desperate for relief.

The second day of this treatment I began my menstrual cycle. The bleeding seemed heavier and reder than usual but I thought nothing of it. The third day of my treatment I began to bleed so heavily that I was concerned. I am talking about two pads soaked per hour. Sometimes bleeding so fast that the blood went around the pad rather than to soak in. 3 hours later I was passing blood clots. This was quite frightening as they looked about 2 x 3 inches long in the toilet. I fished them out and baggied them thinking I would need them if I had to go to the emergency room. The bleeding was extreemly bright instead of the dark color it should have been. In the baggie these clots looked about the size of golfballs and large marbles. I passed two golfball sized ones, and 6 marble size ones. I am telling this to help you understand the seriousness of the situation. The extreemly heavy bleeding continued for 6 hours before slowing down to almost nothing. I didn't have any dizzyness or I would have gone to the hospital. I went online to look up the all the supplements I had taken within the last week. It turns out that phosphorus thins the blood. In fact it's used, in a much smaller dose to treat things like varicose veins. None of my other supplements affect the blood this way.

My caution for this is. Do not use this if you have any type of blood problems. Do not use in conjunction with other blood thinners, for instance pain killers. And never ever use it while on your menstrual cycle. Also if any accident should occur and you have to go to the hospital make sure they know you were taking something that thins your blood. I think my life was endangered. I have had dizzy spells ever since then. They are lessening daily but this could have ended with a huge hospital bill or even maybe death. I believe I'm now anemic and must treat that.

The good news is that I can no longer feel that stone. It seems to have really have been crushed and flushed out during my 10th flush. Though I'll never know if the malic acid or the phosphorus was what dissolved the stone.

I am still unavailable to send back replies to messages but I'll try and pop in two days from now to answer any questions concerning this or the low carb flush.

Take care,


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