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Big Advancements In BO control everyone read this
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Published: 13 years ago

Big Advancements In BO control everyone read this

Hey everyone I wanted to post my most recent advancements I have had in controlling my Bo as well as my gastritis which I recently found out I had when I went to the GI doctor and they checked my stomach with a camera. Well I have suffered from BO and stomach problems probably ever since puberty and it had gotten worse through out the years. I first started thinking I had TMAU then Candidas and then leaky gut. Even at this point I am not completly sure because the doctor said "its probably just the food you were eating" and since I have completly stopped eating all those "bad" foods It's really hard to tell. What I wanted to share with you all is my basic diet which I recently started probably a month ago and its by far the greatest diet I have tried in my trial and error quest in controlling my BO and digestive spasms. One thing I want to say is that even though this diet is really helping me out it might not work for everyone but its really easy on the digestive and even if its not gonna cure you completly (Im not sure if im completly cured but I have probably doubled or tripled my advancments and lessened my odor by the half) this is a great diet and if you have the willpower to do so go for this. Here it is for you guys to read, try and comment to me as I will do my best to reply to everyone who asks me a question, I eat lean bonless chicken breasts, vegetables (excluding high sulfur ones like broccoli), fruits, almonds and peanut butter (sometimes with apples) on a weekly basis. I know this diet sucks but its the best dang diet I have had in a long time in controlling not only my BO but gastritis as well. On this diet all stomach pains have gone away and I think my gastritis has been healing itself a lot! LIke I told you guys I would respond to you after I went to the doctor and I went today, bascially the doctor told me I have *No fungus* or virus's in my body and that my gastritis will basically be fine and to take it easy on food that gives me a hard time. I asked him about my BO problem and he couldnt give me any real answer other than *it was probably the food I was eating* Well I have gone through a lot of trial and errors with the diets in trying to controll my BO problem as well as gastritis and so far the one I mentioned above is probably the best diet I have ever done. Also I take a lot of probiotics on a daily basis, at least 1million count and if you can buy yourself some *Yakult* (its really good stuff and they sell it at most stores, its also dairy but its really small so it does more good than harm)and btw the chicken I buy is safeway brand (which is actually very good high quality chicken, but try to buy it when its on sell because it can be expensive) and grill it somehow. Also if you wanna try this diet try to start all liquids for at least 3 days and then go on this diet. Try for like 2 weeks only eating the foods I mentioned above and your stomach should stop hurting as mine has. Also because the diet is very clean you are constantly detoxing your body, and if you can do exercise (maybe jogging outside? if you dont have a gym or dont want to go there for bo reasons) go for it. 1 more thing if you like tea drink some daily but im not talking about the nestle Sugar tea you get at the vending machine, IM talking about tea bags and *all natural* tea which you can sweeten with stevia or maybe a little sugar. Try this diet for a while see the results and try your hardest to stay away from spicy food, high sulfur foods, dairy (except the yakult) and basically...well bascially anything I didnt mention up here. Well I hope you guys get better and ask me about anything else if you have anymore questions. But Good luck and God bless

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